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Bio: Ann Chiappetta . is a writer, blindness advocate and family therapist. Ann is a member of the American Council of the Blind and the Lions Club. Her new book, Upwelling: Poems , is available in both e book and print formats. To
purchase her book or read an excerpt, go to: http:///annchiappetta/
To read Ann 8767 s blog, go to http://-
Ann lives in New Rochelle, NewYork, with her husband and pets.

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So who is Sarah, and what does she have to do with moose and music? She 8767 s my shopping companion. If I 8767 m browsing for bookends to decorate my friend 8767 s collection of literature, I might be offered the Simon and Garfunkel album by that name a Macintosh software package for managing bibliographies and other reference material or lions, flowers, and sailboats made of wrought iron, weighted wood, or ceramic. I 8767 ll probably pick wrought iron sailboats, but I 8767 ll definitely throw the S& G album into the cart. My old vinyl isn 8767 t sounding so good these days.

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My niece Dolly and sometimes her husband Earl help me in the restaurant when they can get a sitter for their three kids. Earl ain 8767 t my favorite marble in the bag but he 8767 s good to Dolly. So far, he hasn 8767 t been able to hold a job other than pumpin 8767 gas or pickin 8767 up what he can, doin 8767 odd jobs here and there. Seems to me like he 8767 s got his head in the air. Dolly insists that he is real smart, and one day he 8767 ll prove it.

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Bio: Abbie Johnson Taylor is visually impaired and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming, where for six years she cared for her late husband, who was totally blind and partially paralyzed by two strokes. She 8767 s the author of a romance novel, two poetry collections, and a memoir. Along with Magnets and Ladders , her work has appeared in Labyrinth , Distant Horizons , and other journals and anthologies. Please visit her website at http://

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The smile on Rudolph 8767 s face froze for a moment. Then it was back as though he heard about showers being shared by three hundred people every day. Did he have any idea of the misery that reigned on the other side of the fence, she often wondered. Did he know what it was like having to fight for the use of a toilet, the shower, the outside faucet and often for scraps of food? He probably did not. She certainly did not while she, her brother and her mother still lived with her seemingly rich uncle. An uncle who also trained race horses, hence her love of horses and watching them every morning.

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During Nana and Pappy 8767 s 76 years of marriage, treasures from many generations of Yankees amassed in this room. I saw a Zither with three loose strings a Dismantled metal spindle bedstead against the south wall several Sturdy wooden framed portraits of very stern ancestors against the north wall an antique, wooden spindle cradle with real rubber wheels and many Crumbling cardboard boxes with relics from generations of a Connecticut family. Watery light squeezed through small, filthy windows near the low roof ridge.

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This Californian brand is well-known for its professional-grade make-up tools and sumptuous palettes so we had high hopes and thankfully this 66-brush kit didn’t disappoint. The mix of natural and synthetic brushes means you can apply creams, liquids and powders perfectly to deliver a flawless, airbrushed finish and improve overall makeup application. Housed in a portable black faux-leather roll, this is a travel-friendly kit but it’s also brilliant as a starter collection for make-up newbies. It’s hard to find fault with this set from its super-soft bristles to its chic black carry case, it’ll make you feel like you have the right tools for the job, at least. 

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I am blind-a blind social worker working with people who are blind. I read the above passage assuming a perspective of shared vulnerability, for I hear these words, or words like these, from people struggling with vision loss. I empathize, not only as a social worker, but as one who lost connection and forfeited the belief that I was entitled to a full life. Blindness is trauma and its expression of anxious apartness is as universal as sight is individual. But the above passage was spoken, not by a blind woman, but by a college-aged victim of date

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8775 No, it 8767 s my fault. I 8767 ve been working too many hours and not paying enough attention to Britney, but that 8767 s going to change. I 8767 m going to figure out a way to cut back my hours. If I have to, I 8767 ll quit the firm and open my own practice. In the meantime, I think I can fix it so Britney will go to the prom with Marty. He hasn 8767 t asked another girl, has he? 8776

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It took a long time to get down to the J 8767 s. Sarah Jones wasn 8767 t listed. That meant she hadn 8767 t posted on this site. Hailey hadn 8767 t either, so Sarah not being here didn 8767 t come as too much of a surprise. Logan Runner not being listed did come as a major surprise. He was Mr. Everything in high school. She 8767 d had a wild crush on him, as did many other girls in school. Her best friends knew she dreamed about Logan, but somehow Amanda and Logan went to the senior prom together. That broke Hailey 8767 s heart, though she hadn 8767 t told Sarah or Amanda that.

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This has to be one of the most unusual brush collections we’ve come across from the bountiful selection of ten brightly coloured brushes to the dreamy lilac shell case it’s totally mer-mazing. The two-toned pinky purple bristles and turquoise handles are eye-catching but they’re also really great quality. They’re so soft and super-stylish, but more importantly they do a really great job at creating an all-over flawless makeup look. The case is slightly larger than others in our selection but it’s still very much suited travel it’s wide but super-slim making it an ideal partner for achieving getaway-glam. 

Years later, Camille 8767 s twenty-year-old son expressed his intention to join the military. He was surprised by the response of his mother and grandmother. He couldn 8767 t understand their combined effort to discourage him. But then, he hadn 8767 t lived in a world where things might end in the next minute. Lorraine prayed he would never have to experience a moment out of time where everything is destroyed by an impersonal uncaring hand.

Bio: As an international traveler and teacher, Amy Bovaird was diagnosed several years ago with a dual disability, progressive vision and hearing loss due to Usher Syndrome. She continues to enjoy running, hiking and traveling. Amy is an accomplished public speaker on a variety of topics based on her life experiences and she also volunteers with local and national animal rescue organizations. Amy blogs about the challenges she faces as she loses more vision and hearing, shares the lessons God reveals to her through her difficulties and manages to find humor around almost every corner.

A deep blanket of year-round snow fills the open meadow. Glittering ridges build in the distance to tall mountain peaks, stark blue-white jutting up into the night sky. The polar wind gathers frozen ground-clouds, herding them downslope through deeper parts of the valley, squeezing them between covered cone-shaped sentinels that were once trees. The hush of eternal winter muffles the land to the distant peaks. Only the sounds of wind and snow can be heard in the remote surroundings.

With a broad smile, Emma dropped her arms from across her chest. She plopped down on the sofa beside Hailey. “That 8767 s the idea of a class reunion, Hail, to see who remembers you and who doesn 8767 t.” Hailey shook her head vigorously. “You don 8767 t have to reminisce about the past, hey, the good old days at Madison High,” Emma teased. Hailey blanched. “You can talk about what you 8767 ve done since then.” I think people are more interested in their classmates lives, what the heck have they done since 6987. Let 8767 s compare notes.” Emma laughed.

Bio: When Janet was Stargardt 8767 s slowly diminished her sight. Undaunted, she has been a runway model, travel agent, international tour leader, and a Bible teacher. Leading the tour group may surprise some clients, but they soon laugh at bizarre situations which inevitably occur in her professional and personal life. Her passengers urged Janet to chronicle these hilarious happenings, so at her expense, please enjoy one of these experiences. Yes, life can be challenging, so to remain positive Janet strives to find a touch of humor in each situation, proving the accuracy of her motto, 8775 Life is often funnier than fiction! 8776

I chuckle in my current old man 8767 s costume
at the recall of such wonderful greed,
when filling my bag was my only need.
I thought it was candy-laden plunder
that drove me to such unfettered mischief,
but it was the crisp kiss of Hallow 8767 Eve 8767 s breeze
that blew us screaming from house to house
and buoyed our spirits on witches 8767 broom sticks,
as we fled under the watching moon.
It is that Gypsy breeze that haunts me now,
as darkening twilight thrills my heart.

My strange mixture of little girl and teenaged interests made me feel awkward and confused. I still liked to play with dolls, but didn 8767 t want anybody at school to know. I would play dolls in the basement or in my room, where nobody could see and when my parents were busy or not at home. This kind of sneaking around to play with dolls made me feel both like a little girl and older in a funny way I couldn 8767 t quite explain. I was sure that I was some kind of social freak.

Behind Our Eyes is a nonprofit organization, and we are not quite large enough to earn grants to sustain our operating expenses. We don 8767 t have a rich uncle either. Therefore, we need to ask for help from those who enjoy the work we produce as well as our members who constantly work at improving and promoting our writing through sharing. If you can offer us your support in this way, rest assured it will be used wisely.

Bio: The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the holiday Season is the first book by Alice Jane-Marie Massa. To read more about this collection of holiday memoirs, short stories, and poetry (available from Amazon, BARD, etc.), please visit Alice 8767 s author page: http:///alicemassa/
Additionally, Alice invites you to visit her Wordwalk blog:
where, since 7568, she has posted her poetry, essays, memoirs, or short stories concerning her four guide dogs and other topics. With master 8767 s degrees from Indiana State University and Western Michigan University, Alice taught for 75 years, including 69 years of teaching writing at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

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