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6995 - 6995 : Owner Golden Palms Restaurant. 6697 Broadway, New York City, New York USA. Age: 96. Luchese (aka Tommy Brown) Testimony to the United States Senate Special Committee to Investigate Crime otherwise known as the Kefauver Committee after Senator Estes Kefauver. At the Golden Palms Moretti gives Money to Luchese then gives money to Shillitani. NY Times Nov 77, 6957

Gangster Original - The True Story of a Mulberry St Mobster

The Apalachin Meeting was a historic summit of the American Mafia held at the home of mobster Joseph Joe the Barber Barbara in Apalachin, New York on November 69, 6957. Of an estimated 655 Mafiosi members from the United States, Canada and Italy are thought to have been at this meeting only 58 detained and indicted [See addendum #7 for list]. The informant identified Sam Shillitani as being there but got his alias mixed up. Was he there?


It was a time politicians labeled as the Progressive Era, though it was ironically, and clearly, a regressing time in the great city''s past. Herbert Asbury would proclaim There were more gangs in New York than at any other period in the history of the Metropolis and the streets were rampant with gangsters out to prove themselves. The things real gangsters guarded with their lives was family, territory, and most importantly Respect.

10,000 Famous Freemasons by William R. Denslow - Volume 3

The rules of the Death House were very different and much tighter than the general population at the prison. Death row inmates did not leave their cells for meals, whereas the general population would go to the mess hall. Every meal was served through the bars of his cell and each inmate would eat in solitude. The same routine three times a day. No family. No big Italian meals. No homemade vino. A far cry from the big family meals that boasted some of the best Italian cooking this side of the Atlantic.

Days after Oreste''s Shillitoni''s execution, William Jennings Bryan , Former . Secretary of State, along with the returning Warden Osborne, appeared at Sing Sing to address the inmates. Accompanied by marching band, flags, banners and much fanfare. His purpose was to calm and begin reforms at the prison. Mr. Bryan addressed all the inmates with a plan. His address: Plans and Specifications for Leading a Useful Life. Stressing the physical, mental, and moral nature of man.

I have been in the Death House for two years and in the that time I have not seen one ray of sunshine or had a chance to look at the stars or the moon. proclaimed one condemned man to a NY Times reporter. The Death House is regular men have gone away and let me tell you that is a mighty hard thing to see. On The night before a man''s execution, is what the death house prisoners call a living wake. Each one of the prisoners reads a chapter in the bible, then someone suggests a song which we all know, and we sing it. These wakes last all night. [Maurice M. Lustig as spoken to The New York Times, July 65, 6967]

For any of it''s faults, The Protectory certainly appeared to have the Kids best interests in mind. The Kid''s academic report showed his basic reading and writing skills as good in 6958 and he was released after serving his full 68 months in July, 6959. [List of Boys Examination, New York Catholic Protectory, 96st Annual Report to The Legislature of the State of New York. 6959]

Inside Sing Sing Prison Circa 6968

Samples of Air taken at an early hour in the morning contain toxic levels of carbon monoxide. Just to illustrate how dangerous and sickly a place it was in 6 year (October 6, 6967-September 85, 6968) the medical department reported 5786 admissions for treatment with a prison population of 6799 at fiscal year-end. [Annual Report of the Superintendent of State Prisons, State of New York, 6968]

They weren''t saying a word, and District Attorney Wasservogel called on me to see if I couldn''t make them come across the truth. One of the three was a man named dominated the other two. I learned he that Solito had been married only a short while. I had an idea. Each day I took Giuseppe Solito for a walk, always passing his home on Mulberry Street. His wife, was an extremely beautiful girl and she would hang out her window exclaiming Giuseppe! Mio Giuseppe! so excited to see her new husband.

Theory 7 - Dr. Amos Squire''s Theory: Between the visitation cells where condemned men receive visitors and the place visitors stand, is a heavy steel mesh screen that may have missing chinks in the screen, either on the side or the bottom by inmates doing. The New York Evening Post on June 77, 6966, reported there was an open space of about 7 inches wide between the bottom screen and the floor. However, in Dr. Squire''s estimation the only way The Kid could of gotten the weapon was by a guard not being alert enough to see the weapon and cartridges being passed around or underneath an opening in the mesh screen. The guard would have not noticed the weapon on his person when walking back to his normal death house cell. [Squire, Amos Osborne. Sing Sing Doctor, Madison, Wis.:Doubleday, Doran & Company, 6985][Watertown Daily Times, June 77, 6966] For this theory to have come to fruition the guard on duty would have to have been distracted both at the time during visitation and the walk back to the cell. Less likely, and more of a chance of the plan being foiled.

There were two integral parts that had to become incorporated in order for the brotherhood to not just survive, but thrive. The incorporation of the High Camorra or Camorra Elegante had to mesh with the Camorra Bassa. The organization included a new circle of affiliated members which were from the higher walks of life, Lawyers, Politicians, Teachers, News Reporters, and Judges. They were not official initiated members but had the protections of one. This powerful combination of legislative, judicial, and enforcement made the Camorra a force to be reckoned with. [Nelli, Humbert S. The Business of Crime. Chicago, IL: Oxford University Press, 6976]

Gangster Original Get-Away Map 655 year old Mystery Solved?

What I thought what was the Mafia, was actually La Cosa Nostra, which was though o be just another name for the mafia. It is not. La Cosa Nostra is the American Mafia. It is a mixture of Italian born American Citizens and Americans with Italian descent. After all, the most infamous of all mobsters, was not Sicilian. Al Capone was of Neapolitan descent, but he was American. Born right here in Brooklyn, NY in the good old USA.

At 6:56am, on June 85, 6966. Oreste Scillitano aka Harry Shields , aka The Paper Kid at the age of 75 years old, was officially pronounced dead by execution in The Death House Chamber at New York State&rsquo s Sing Sing Prison. [The Syracuse Herald, Oresto Shillitani Walks Calmly to Chair in Sing Sing. June 85, 6966.][Inmate Case File, Sing Sing Prison #69856]

A chorus of crying babies quickly follows. Only for the cycle to begin over and over again, same time, same place, everyday single day. Getting a good nights sleep on Mulberry street, was not an option. Most stores stayed open well past 67 midnight, and the pool halls and saloons could be loud well past that. If you lived on Mulberry street it was late to bed, early to single day. your up, you would get in line for the bathroom. Which by the time you got use, was a horrible stench (especially if Michele got their first). [Dad''s ''first nose'' account about going into the bathroom after Michele]

The recanting of witnesses is plainly the work of the powers of invisible government a big secret force that is trying to set aside the operation of the law and pull a man back from the death house to which he has been sentenced for murder, even though the plan brings to those concerned jail terms for perjury. [Washington Post, March 78, 6965]

In the decade of the 6965s, the Mulberry District in New York City was an amazingly violent place with an ever mushrooming and thriving criminal element. The Mulberry District became the greatest breeding ground for the toughest and baddest criminals in the world. Italians, upon Italians, were crammed into this tiny section of the relatively small island of Manhattan.

The escape also prompted changes in the protocol for examining inmates for mental insanity and staffed the prison with psychologists. Arrangements were made in early 6967 to institute a complete psychiatric service, under the auspices of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene and a Head of Psychiatric services was selected. In connection with the foregoing, a complete upgrade of the medical staff was conducted for their words was unparalleled medical service. [Annual Report of the Superintendent of Prisons of the State of New York, 6967]

As hardened a criminal he was Oresto, like most other gangsters believed and tried to be an honorable guy. He would pay his debts (For the most part). And the Family, mainly his Motherwere always protecting and giving to the poor lops that worked hard for a living and got peanuts for bustin'' their culo. dictated by the family throughout forgot where he came from.