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2017 National Coastal Conference: Abstracts and Bios

Posted: 2018-01-13 22:46

The southern shoreline of Lake Michigan is highly developed and the presence of harbor structures and shoreline armoring interrupts the natural littoral movement of sand. Remaining undeveloped areas contain valuable natural resources and provide protection for residential structures. To support the shoreline management goals of the State of Indiana, the National Park Service, and local communities, USACE regularly places sand dredged from Burns Waterway Harbor in the nearshore area along reaches that are threatened by erosion and coastal storm damages. Dredged sediments are primarily coarse sand suitable for beach nourishment, and the material is placed in a designated nearshore area that is directly accessible by the dredging scows. While this method of beneficial use of dredged material is lower cost than placement directly on the beach or closer to the shoreline, the effectiveness of these nearshore placements for shoreline protection and littoral nourishment has not been established.

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Details will be shared regarding: the results of the storm surge modeling and their comparison with the effective data erosion methods and delineation of the primary frontal dunes application of wave runup on intact and failed slopes, and mapping applications such as the Limit of the Moderate Wave Action (LiMWA).The presentation will also touch upon the planned outreach activities and status of the project 8767 s schedule.

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The analysis looks at the economic costs and benefits of coastal climate adaptation approaches, comparing engineering-based with nature-based approaches, and factoring in detailed, ecological impacts.  The purpose of the study is to provide decision makers in the region with the tools they need to compare a suite of possible adaptation strategies to combat accelerating coastal erosion for their coastline. The physical process modeling projects how the coast would change in response to the implementation of each of the stakeholder-selected strategies, considering different rates of coastal erosion and flood hazards as well as sea level rise under several different sea level rise projections. The study also analyzes the economic costs and benefits of each adaptation approach, allowing decision makers to compare how the different management strategies will impact their jurisdiction economically and environmentally, as well as physically.


To help ensure revised sediment placement practices at Pascagoula are consistent with maintaining the sediment transport of the barrier island system at the least cost a sand transport study utilizing tracers that mimic the physical properties of sand from the navigation channel are being used to validate existing models and supplement longer term monitoring and adaptive management decisions being made from bathymetric change studies.

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It''s a bit like that case where a driver was prosecuted for eating an apple my cynical nature assumed that they were actually using a hand-held mobile phone when driving, but tried to bluff their way out of it when stopped - "my hand was at my head because I was eating an apple, honest" - then decided to double down on the lie when charged for driving without due care and attention. By the time it hits the news, it''s too late to back down.

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What I''d like is a DT/TM/NK/Right-wing/et al antidote. More fear, cynicism and name-calling isn''t going to cut it. Well-documented, trustworthy data presented in plain language with real-life personal accounts showing what these gov''ts'' policies actually result in - including just how far they miss the mark on the promises they were supposed to fulfill - are needed. Maybe even toss a lifeline to DT/TM supporters that have also had enough.

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Measured current meter data were used to evaluate the effect of storms on sediment erosion and accretion near Sand Point at four sites where sediment grain size distribution was also measured.  Calculated bedload and suspended load transport will be presented that show significant bedload and suspended load transport occurred during the November 67 to 78 storm event calculated using USACE SPM method.

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The integrity of the estuarine environments in coastal Texas, including various coastal landscape features that make up those environments, is critical to the ecological health and social and economic welfare of the coastal Texas area. BIS include barrier shorelines, islands, and headlands barrier beach, dune and back marsh and other associated barrier geomorphic features and habitats including: adjacent bird rookery islands, oyster reefs, and seagrass beds. On the bay side, BIS bay shorelines include other associated bay geomorphic features and estuarine habitats including bird rookery islands, estuarine marsh, oyster reefs, and seagrass beds.

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Right, that''s the kind of context I was figuring gasdive''s comments must be referring to. We''ve had that sort of thing for years - "Economy 7" is a cheap night-time rate (but it''s more expensive in the daytime), mainly intended for use with storage heaters there are also one or two others with a more complicated schedule, mainly intended for people who have to use electric heating but don''t use storage heaters because they''re crap, although most people don''t seem to know these exist.

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The cynical person would suggest that this is what won''t happen would call the person who expects large scale construction of flow batteries to happen instead of smart meters a terminally hopeless optimist. Because the spirit of the age dictates that enforcing some crappy "solution" that cannot actually work but does maximally fuck people around, while bleating that anything that would work is "too expensive", wins every time over just biting the bullet and doing what needs to be done to solve it properly. If they weren''t thinking on doing this, smart meters wouldn''t exist in the first place.

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In the real world you wouldn''t pay 5k for a new battery. You wouldn''t buy a car with a week left in the battery either (not without a discount anyway). What''s more you wouldn''t set fire to your existing petrol car either. Nor would the petrol car get through 65 years without needing new pads (more than once) and rotors, while of course the electric would probably still be on the original set of brake pads. Timing belts, oil and air filters, transmission services. The list of things I intentionally left out goes on and on. No mention of the time spent every morning warming the car before you can drive it, a very passing mention of the two weeks you''ll spend pumping petrol. No attempt to assign a value to your time wasted dicking about with a petrol car. All to make the electric look worse and the petrol look better. Yet I *still* got people trying to poke holes in it with imaginary hacks.

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During Hurricane Joaquin, dune erosion was confined to a ~55 m alongshore region.  The dune base in this region eroded rapidly downwards, creating a scarp during the first hours of the storm. The dune base then eroded up and back during the remaining three days of the storm. Maximum dune retreat was ~65 m over the course of the storm. During Hurricane Hermine, dune erosion occurred ~655 m south of the Hurricane Joaquin erosion. The dune base eroded up and back during the storm. Maximum retreat was ~5 m.

An innovative breakwater design and construction method was used to achieve three-fold project goals of improving overall site aesthetics while mitigating shoreline erosion, providing ecological benefits to the wetland complex, and economizing shoreline restoration costs.  Variable or “undulating” breakwater crest elevations offer cost-saving benefits by reducing the cross-sectional area of the breakwaters, thereby minimizing the volume of stone needed per linear foot of breakwater construction.  The undulating breakwater crests also support bird populations by providing isolated, elevated nesting areas above mean high water levels that are also offshore and protected from inland predators.

My college room mate graduated from Kentucky with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Not a worthless degree but not an elite by any stretch. He went to GT for his masters. They kidded him while there that he was a part of their underprivileged development program. He graduated from GT and got hired by Lawreance Livermore Labs and got his PHD at UC Berkley or Davis (I think) while working at the lab. He was also told there he was a part of their underprivileged development program. LLL does have a rep for high energy physics.

Re electric car fast charging points:
I was listening to radio 9 earlier , (whilst making a crumble topping for the blackberry & apple, it''s a boring process. rub rub rub ) and there was a short segment on ''you and yours'' about them. Apparently at the moment there is a grand total of 8 of the things in the whole of Wales which (as I hardly need remind anyone familiar with the BBC) is a country roughly the size of Wales. altho'' if you smoothed it out flat it would be somewhat larger.

Don''t UK appliances come with info about average annual energy consumption? When I was reading up on passive and solar power found a few sites that provided per-use numbers on a wide range of appliances by make and model. Even tried a few scenarios on an excel spreadsheet to see low, mid and high estimates. Based on my last appliance purchase almost 7 years back, the more bells and whistles, the more energy used.

Much confusion here
I also am a cyclist - I learnt when I was just coming up to 66 years old & I''m now rapidly-approaching 77 & still cycling.
But, there is the aforementioned "Lout" group" & then there''s the professional cycling camaigners. the latter actually don''t want to improve cycling, they just want to shit on motorists.
Which doesn''t help anyone, in any group, of course..

Yes. One thing that people often miss is that the loads that really knack are the long-duration heating loads - electric fires and other room heaters, electric water heaters (the plumbing type, not kettles), cooking (oh gosh, cooking), things like that. Since those loads are also the simplest devices technologically, they have been around for a very long time, and the supply capacity has pretty much evolved along with them. Things like TVs and computers and other electronics seem to get all the attention, but they don''t actually use all that much juice, plus their waste heat means that less output is required from space heaters.

Use of gears.
About a year ago I had to take a speed awareness course. Fort those outside the UK that means I had been caught by a speed camera and chose the course as an alternative to prosecution.
At the end of the course the tutor gave us a taster of the economy driving course he taught - mainly to users of leased fleet said that too many urban gear changes wasted fuel and advised using first to start but sticking to third and sixth for the rest of the urban drive.

but in a quick scan I don''t see data on numbers of insects or species.
Wondered about that too, but no, just mass per day is reported. Perhaps species identification was too hard. They do cite other studies reporting similar downward trends, some of which involved species. (. refs 7,76)[6] Also, "In order to optimally preserve samples for future species determination, the insects were weighed in an alcohol-wet state." (Betcha some samples were lost in 77 years.)
Blame the person or group who/that designed the study in 6989/95.