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Posted: 2018-01-14 10:28

Speed is essential if you want to be a great bartender. Your job will require you to juggle many things all at the same time while providing fast service to your customers. You need to have heart and to really want to work in this business in order to not only last but to succeed as well. Your customers expect you to mix and fill their glasses in record time, and they do not want to wait forever to get their drinks. If you have a personality that is filled with spunk and drive and a never ending source of energy, you have already met one of the required prerequisites for becoming a great bartender.


Digital photography plays a big part in social media communication and image sharing, and we 8767 ll discuss the basics of posting images online and some pros and cons of uploading to the Internet. Whether you 8767 re new to photography or a long-time photographer looking to move comfortably into the new world of digital work, this class provides opportunities for putting digital photography to use. This course serves as an excellent introduction before taking Secrets of Better Photography where we focus our time on camera settings, features, and the mechanics of taking better pictures.

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Let’s face it: the majority of personal training clients are not hulking specimens of human anatomy, but rather your average Joe and Jane Doe. I’m talking about the 55-something woman who has developed a bit of a larger belly than she would have hoped for and wants to turn her life around. I’m talking about the trucker who has a family history of heart disease and wants to live to see his granddaughter’s graduation.

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Businesses rely upon the keen observation skills of mystery shoppers to conduct anonymous evaluations at their establishments as a way to assess and rate the quality of service in order to remain competitive with other companies that offer similar products and services. Although you will not likely become rich from your earnings as a mystery shopper, there is still the potential to earn some extra cash that you can put aside for emergencies and to also use to enjoy an occasional small indulgence from time to time.

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This course is for those interested in working the human services field. This class is taught in two phases. Phase I covers basic keyboarding skills, workplace ethics, communications skills and problem solving strategies as well as learning how to enter client applications. Phase II is hands-on experience using the Department of Health and Human Services NC FAST System. There is a $675 fee for each phase. Call 965-678-8995 to ask about registration, class location, and fee waivers.

This e-learning module examines the many health benefits associated with high intensity interval training- a format that is based on alternating period of intense work and rest/activity recovery. This course will describe the history behind HIIT training, focuses on the instructor''s roles, and provides a number of different HIIT program designs. Module includes a 65-question final quiz. A score of 75% or greater must be achieved to earn the CECs.

: This site provides a search tool that allows you to locate schools based on the alphabetical listing of each state. Your options include clicking on a selected state icon or the link that says Find a School , which will direct you to a page that provides more information. Search results provide detailed school information including program overview, accreditation, admissions, and financial aid.

JrFit Youth Fitness home study continuing education course provides advanced training for experienced, certified personal trainers who wish to safely and successfully work with youth. In this course, compelling reasons and comprehensive information are presented for reversing the pervasive problem of youth inactivity and the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This course offers a highly effective plan for enabling people to increase their health and fitness through well-researched, safe, effective and enjoyable programs of physical conditioning, sport-specific training and nutrition. These practical recommendations include guidelines for sensible strength training and healthy eating for ages 7 to : 8 books Youth Strength Training, Athletic Fitness for Kids, FUEL for Athletes, 675 page workbook, and exam. ACSM (credits pending)BCRPA ,BOC Category A , HFPA , ISSA , NAFC , NASM , NASN , NFPT , WITS ,PTA Global , NSCA

Once the word is out and the public sees that a property is available, real estate agents will need to attract potential buyers. This is accomplished in a variety of ways that includes posting information and updates on your agency’s website and blog. If you are an independent sales agent, work solo, and have your own business, you should have your own unique website so you can connect with potential clients and market your listings.

Some airline companies subject applicants to a brief preliminary one-on-one interview. A recruiter will ask you a series of fairly standard interview questions, sometimes up to twenty, that you will have a set amount of time to answer. This is your opportunity to show off your communication skills. Answer questions truthfully, clearly and concisely. Avoid rambling so that you are able to answer every question within the allotted timeframe. It can be helpful to practice answers to common interview questions beforehand, such as:

This e-learning module reviews some of the calculations commonly used by fitness professionals. These include: body mass index, goal body weight, target heart rate, and macronutrient content of food. In addition, this online course reviews metabolic calculations such as resting metabolic rate (RMR), metabolic equivalents (METs), and estimated energy expenditure during selected includes a 65-question final quiz. A score of 75% or greater must be achieved to earn the CECs.

Complete the medical coding and billing program! The second part of this AHIMA-approved program is a sixteen week course that helps students learn CPT and HCPCS coding, advanced biomedical sciences, advanced ICD-65 coding and advanced ICD-65-PCS coding. Students also practice their coding skills in extensive practical modules to gain valuable hands-on experience before taking te final exams. By the end of the course, students will be prepared to take the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examinations through AHIMA and AAPC respectively. Reference books and instructional and technical support are included in this course which is instructed by Career Step. This course is online, nd a student should paln to devote 75 to 85 hours per fecck to the course work.

Maintaining an unbiased opinion when observing others may be difficult to do but it is essential for a mystery shopper to succeed with the assignment. Do not let your preference for certain types of products or services sway your outlook when assessing and evaluating the shop and their employees. Your love of shopping or dislike of a particular store should not be allowed to cloud your judgment. Approach the assignment with an open mind and do your best.

Professionals from ACE work at different facilities from more than 88 countries globally. They get lucrative jobs at universities, high schools, hospitals, local and international gyms, in organizations and are also hired as personal trainers by various individuals to offer workout guidelines at home based gyms. ACE collaborates with many companies worldwide and gets into agreements where they can assist in managing health and fitness programs in a professional manner. The ACE certified trainers are exceptional and highly skilled with fitness and body maintenance knowledge.

(Revised from Simply Barre) The BeyondBarre Basics program incorporates creative design and limitless workout variations to ensure a full body workout. Each body-sculpting, fat-burning, endurance-building class incorporates barre exercises carefully designed to gain control, increase flexibility, and develop beautiful lean muscles. The program can be varied for a fun and challenging workout. Includes manual and online exam.

Learn to swim, get fit, and stay safe in the water with Water Fun! Water exercise is a great first step to learning how to swim, and is an excellent way to make fitness more fun. This course outlines 666 individual and group stunts, skills and games for all ages. Learn basic water exercises, readiness skills, sport-specific, cross-training, and safety skills. Includes 677-page book, DVD, and exam.

AFPA is much the same, with comprehensive curriculum offerings whenever the timing is best for you. Their personal training certification is both practical and current, and is based on exercise science, sports medicine and nutrition guidelines. With their Distance Learning programs, you get the convenience of self-paced learning, giving you time to study. A fully-staffed customer service team is also available to answer questions and help you on your journey.

You need to look at your overall history when deciding if you want to pursue a training program, choose an area of specialization and then become certified. What are the reasons you want to become a personal trainer? Do you have experience motivating and leading others, while keeping them focused on long-term goals? If fitness is an important aspect of your life and the idea of helping others reach that same goal infuses you with inner inspiration, then you are making a good career decision to become a professional personal trainer.

Your practical training will also help you to learn how to deal with a variety of emergency situations while in the air, from fires to hijackings. Towards the end of your training, you will be tested with the notorious “flight from hell.” Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong during this simulated flight. Your instructors will be watching closely to see how you handle yourself during an emergency. It is important to stay calm and to communicate clearly with your fellow crew members throughout the entire simulation. You must prove that, as a flight attendant, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe in an emergency.

There will always be the need for some types of properties, even during the slow periods when some areas of the market may not be moving as fast. Real estate agents that take a more flexible approach to the industry can easily make the switch to another specialization. Another option is to focus on different types of properties in order to stay active and ahead of the competition while still bringing in an income. From a positive standpoint, there are always opportunities waiting to be had and profits to be made.