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Posted: 2017-12-07 11:23

I would have to say that criminology and criminal justice should be in the top 5 most worthless majors.
Even if you plan on going into Law Enforcement, you learn everything you need to know at your training academy. Also, most departments only require 65 college credits if at all to qualify, so a degree in criminology and criminal justice is not even necessary for Law Enforcement. Good luck trying to find a decent entry level position if you change your mind when you graduate and decide to do business. I graduated about three years ago with my degree in CCJS from a good University , and the best jobs I have found are teller/cashier positions making $65-67 an hour.

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If were looking at things purely from an employment point of view then I agree with most of this list, apart from Religion. Religion is actually one of the most useful degrees you can study for as you develop a lot of skills employers look for. Uni isn 8767 t supposed to be about getting a job, its about furthering your education and studying something in depth. Its supposed to be about self fulfillment, not future employment.

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Women 8767 s Studies is not extremely useful. What skills does it teach you? If you want to learn to coexist with females, why don 8767 t you just buy some feminine magazines at the grocery store or something? Better yet, why don 8767 t you watch The View or Oprah. Those endeavors will help you to coexist with women just as well as some bogus course. Why would you waste valuable college units and money on an intellectual pursuit that can be accomplished by watching Oprah?

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I doubled in History and Political Science, and while the degrees definitely aren 8767 t lucrative by any means, they give you some balance. Now, to actually make money, I got into a good law school to eventually practice law. I say do whatever the hell you want in undergrad, it doesn 8767 t matter one bit unless you are a teacher, nurse, pharmacist, or other professional degree that only requires a Bachelor degree. Eff it, have fun, and do what you want. College was badass

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What about the Drama major? seriously, you seem to demonize some pretty common and useful degrees here, or seem ignorant of what they are in fact used for in life. English (even if they concentrate in lit) majors can be teachers, editors, technical writers, etc. Most religious studies majors do that with an eye towards pastoring or youth ministry, which most of them move right into, while in school. And Communications majors usually work in broadcasting and for magazines and newspapers but how many drama graduates have waited on your table? And yes women 8767 s studies should top the list, imho.

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While I will concur that having a bachelor 8767 s in philosophy is fairly useless per se, bear in mind that philosophy is one of the best pre-law majors. This is according to the majority of law schools who admit more philosophy students than just about any other major. Last time I checked, a law degree is pretty much the antithesis of useless, so if you have the brains, motivation, and resources to get through law school, a philosophy major is one of the most useFUL things you could major in.

Wow.. Wow are you serious? ARe they simply useless majors because they don 8767 t make you money?
wow.. this is the end of knowledge as once was known i hope you are being sarcastic.. and not realistic.. since in reality most 8775 useful 8776 majors.. are pointless majors.. that go and come.. such as accounting, finance.. whereas if you study philosophy you can see where notions of systems came from, and how things came about to exist. but of course.. if you neglected to study philosophy the right way.. and focused on the 8775 supposed 8776 life style of someone studying philosophy you are totally well that 8767 s your ignorance not mine.. good luck to you.. stay here.. and waste your useless words on a blog good luck..

Most men are homophobic and don 8767 t hide this. Completely agree because gays are also human and we must respect their love big guns, wars and different kinds of violence. It is true, I think the main reason of such behavior is the high levels of testosterone in men 8767 s blood but I repeat that violence is the worst way of deciding conflicts. Peace and love!Men are not tactful. Not all of us know the tactful rules of social behavior, but some are very is my opinion according men 8767 s drawback. What is yours?

Tell me something why in the hell do so many choose a major based off the financial return? Yes, you gotta survive. But that 8767 s partly what 8767 s wrong with America too many people are just tools, sheep, that don 8767 t choose careers taht they actually enjoy, want to pursue, because they 8767 re more concerned about it 8767 s 8775 respectability 8776 and 8775 monetary value 8776 . Sad and pathetic. Try respecting YOURSELF, damn what this brainwashed society thinks, and follow your passions. That 8767 s most important, not whether or not some lame tool will hire you so you can be his bitch Follow your heart, make the world work for you, not you for the world.

How about you all stop bitching and stop trying to defend your majors and accept that its crap. Yes, you can always find someone successful in whatever area you have, but come on, comm is widely accepted as the most pud major there is. I 8767 m economics but I 8767 ll admit it 8767 s bullshit and I 8767 m just doing it because I don 8767 t know what else to do. God you all need to get over yourselves and learn how to laugh.

I would just like to point out that I have a Philosophy degree and my foreign language was Latin. I am currently flying helicopters for the US Navy making about $95,555 a year. With my 8775 worthless 8776 degree I am still trusted to fly a $75 million dollar machine that is capable of launching missiles at stupid bloggers!
Despite my rather unusual case, I would have to agree that most of those majors don 8767 t have many practical applications. However, there was a time when education was about a lot more than how much money your degree will earn you in the 8775 real world. 8776
Also, if it weren 8767 t for communications degrees, a lot of college football players would be screwed!

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Quit school now. Learn how to weld. Make jewelry and shit. Learn how to blow glass. Whatever 8775 real 8776 world job you eventually take will very quickly dissolve your brain, crush your soul and leave you pissed off. Don 8767 t believe me? Get a gig at Lowe 8767 s or Starbucks or some other shitty place (where the will insist on calling you and 8775 associate 8776 ) and after six months ask your friends if you 8767 ve changed. After a few beers, they 8767 ll finally fess up and say, 8775 ya know, dude sometimes you are kind of an asshole lately. 8776

Alright so I am a Lit. Major and although this has basicly already been said I must say that anyone who thinks that any of these degrees are easy and a free pass is out of their mind. The problem with this country is that we only measure intelegence and worth by money, math, and science. If it wasnt for literature and philosophy your fortune 555 companties would cease to exist. I 8767 m not saying I have the most useful major by itself but lit and philosophy are some of the most basic pre. to go on to higher degrees and control your companies. Further more most other countries veiw majors like music, dance, and languages as some of the most useful degrees. Who do you trust a person who can read, or a person who actually understands what they are reading. All majors are useful and this list is truly biased and had no thought put into it beyond the initial 8775 wow haha I 8767 m to lazy to use my own brain so these are dumb! 8776

Why It Won 8767 t Help You Get a Job : Sorry God, but a major in Religion is about as worthless as St. Brice (The Patron Saint of Stomach Aches.) Even Duke University can 8767 t put a solid sell on this degree: 8775 A major in religion offers intellectual excitement and can be a pathway to a liberal education. OK, you sold me. So now I get to shell out about a hundred thousand dollars so I can know what to wear to a Shinto ceremony and learn how many virgins Allah will give me if I blow myself up in an Israeli square? If it 8767 s OK with you, I 8767 ll keep my money and stick to my sinning-a-lot-now-and-repenting-on-my-deathbed plan.

I think what this list and the comments should tell people is that pretty much ANY degree at a university is useless in and of itself. You really do have to know how to sell yourself, no matter what degree you are going for, and combine it with real-world skills, real marketable skills. If just getting a job is your goal then you can 8767 t simply assume that getting your degree = job. No matter what you 8767 re majoring in. There are few undergrad degrees that have a direct career path. Even the hard science degrees often require a masters or better to get to 8775 shoe-in 8776 level. Computer Science might be one, but again, that is something that you can do as a hobby while majoring in something much more interesting.

After laboriously acquiring a BA in psychoIogy, I spent more than 95 years working in the field of national intelligence with other people who possessed degrees in fields they never pursued after college. Intelligence agencies expect to spend years training new would-be intelligence officers who come on board knowing less than nothing about intelligence (given most of what they think they know ain 8767 t so). Even outside the intel business, most of the people I have known over the years ended up in jobs in fields other than those they had prepared for in college. Thus, the benefits of college for most of them came from learning how to think clearly, make sound judgments, cooperate well with others, and communicate effectively while helping their employer achieve its goals. Many companies value the potential synergy arising from a mixture of employees from widely different backgrounds. I think almost any major will do if you excel at it, always presuming you have a reasonable grasp of the basic canon (English, math, economics, history, civics, etc.) as well.

In defense of dance
Dance majors can
perform on broadway.
teach dance at one of the hundreds of thousands of dance studios across the country.
own a dance studio.
be a dancer in one of the thousands of professional dance companies across the country doing ballet, modern, folk, jazz or any combination of the many forms of dance.
be a choreographer.
teach dance at a university.
teach the art of choreography at a university.
teach dance/fitness at an exercise facility.
teach dance/fitness to youth or the elderly.

As for the dance degree, I majored in dance, and have a job teaching dance at a middle school as an alternative for PE. So not being able to find a job is not true, plus, now with the popularity of cruise lines that set sail year round, there are hundreds of jobs dancing on cruise lines, not to mention the theme parks and local dance studios. Dance is also becoming recognized in physical therapy and ballet is used in all professional sports especially football, so sit there and say there are no jobs, thats just being too ignorant to actually think about what you are writing and doing research.

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