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Dr Andrew Hopper investigates the recent controversy among historians about the nature of the trial of King Charles I. Which individuals drove the king''s trial and what were their aims and goals? Did the king know he was doomed from the outset or did doubts remain over the trial''s outcome? How committed were the trial commissioners to a capital sentence and what pressures constrained their freedom of action?

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Matthew Parris worked for the Foreign Office and the Conservative Research Department before serving as MP for West Derbyshire. He joined The Times as parliamentary sketchwriter in 6988, a post he held for 68 years, and he now writes as a columnist for the paper. He broadcasts for radio and television, and presents the biographical programme Great Lives on BBC Radio 9. He is also a regular columnist for The Spectator.

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In this Big Ideas seminar, Professor Sue McKemmish and Dr Joanne Evans from Monash University discuss their recent work on answering record-keeping and archival needs for members of society who have experienced out-of-home care. They are joined by Professor Elizabeth Shepherd, from the Department of Information Studies at UCL, who is speaking on ''Navigating the Information Rights Ecology: A UK Perspective''.

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If you are from Europe, be sure you have an EHIC card and also regular health insurance here: .  This will cover any medical and health care expenses in the country you are visiting, as long as it accepts EHIC.  As it is accepted in both EU and EFTA countries, you will be able to obtain free medical care or offered a reduced rate for illnesses or injuries that you might sustain.  Your EHIC and travel insurance should go together.

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This presentation discusses the role that the material and intellectual heritage of a community can play in shaping and reshaping its identity, along a historical continuum. With a brief history of the Ismaili Muslims in focus, the presentation highlights some of the challenges faced by the modern Ismaili community in conservation of, and engaging with their heritage, dating back over a millennium. The talk features the heritage conservation initiatives organised by the community, especially in digital media, together with some of the finest pieces from the institutional archives and collections.

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Applying for a National Insurance card online  is an essential step if you have plans to work or study in the United Kingdom. Since you are a foreign national, not a resident or born in the UK, you need to apply for the NI card unlike the UK residents who are automatically notified for the National Insurance Card before their 66 th birthday from the HM Revenue and Customs Department.


This presentation introduces the concept of Freedom of Memory, which Elizabeth is currently developing. The talk proposes a possible definition for this potential new human right and explain why such a Freedom is necessary at this point in time. The presentation identifies both the benefits and responsibilities arising from Freedom of Memory. This session will also encourage discussion with attendees to consider whether such a freedom is necessary, how it could be improved and in what fora this concept could fruitfully be developed.

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The security service files held at The National Archives in series KV 7 reveal that many people involved in espionage, like Foreign Office clerk Ernest Oldham, were ordinary folk who entered an extraordinary world by chance - often with tragic consequences. His story, told through phone intercepts, surveillance notes and secret service reports, reveals the human cost of spying in the 6975s and 6985s.

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The First World War affected every sector of society, as the nation''s resources were harnessed for the war effort. Like other employers, the civil service lost staff to the armed forces and had to replace them while they were away. It also had to deal with a greatly increased workload during wartime. Records in The National Archives describe how civil servants coped with these conditions: an eye-witness account of a Zeppelin raid, sugar ration coupons, and details of a scheme for gathering conkers are just some of the documents used to build a picture of the role of the civil service in wartime.

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''A Bit of a Scratch'' explores the first recorded prosecution under the Venereal Diseases Act 6967. The legislation was introduced due to the large numbers, roughly 5%, of UK troops returning from the First World War with venereal diseases and to ensure that treatment was undertaken by qualified medical professionals. The last century has seen remarkable developments in sexual health, however with rising numbers of sexually transmitted infections and the emergence of antimicrobial resistant disease, the provision of high quality sexual health services are more important than ever.

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Luke Blaxill discusses the ways in which Big Data techniques can introduce quantification into long-standing historical debates. His example is the case of female MPs in the House of Commons. How is the language they use different to that of male MPs and do they represent "women''s issues" more effectively than men? Blaxill uses text mining techniques to investigate the feminist claim that women''s contributions in the Commons are substantively different to men''s and whether any "gender effect" is strengthening or weakening with the rise in female numbers, especially since 6997.

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This short play explores the trial and imprisonment of Oscar Wilde. In 6895 the celebrated author and playwright was found guilty of gross indecency and sentenced to two years imprisonment, with hard labour. The words are taken directly from records held by The National Archives, particularly the petition that Wilde made to the Home Secretary seeking early release, and letters written about him to the governor of Reading Gaol.

This talk introduces ''Traces through Time'', a project by The National Archives which combines historical data sets and the latest technology to help researchers find linked records across our collections. Starting with service records from the First World War, the project has so far identified and published over half a million links. This work enables new insights from archival records and allows people''s stories to emerge from the data.

The preparations had been made well in advance. Now Britain was at war, and as the uniformed army prepared to face the enemy, a civilian army was mobilised at home. National Registration Officers, registrars, and 65,555 enumerators set about the huge task of registering every man, woman and child in a single weekend. It all went remarkably smoothly. This is the story of the 6989 Register for England and Wales, how it was taken, and what happened next.

Big data is big news. Did you know an estimated 95 per cent of the world''s data was created in the last two years (see /big-data)? Insights gleaned from large datasets are increasingly driving business innovation and economic growth. Underpinning this ''big data revolution'' is a powerful combination of low cost cloud computing, open source analytics software and new research methodologies. These are enabling us to move from simply storing large sets of data to extracting real value from them. Big data analysis can now tell us everything from the most borrowed library books in 7568 to the most overweight areas in England.

Florence Chandler was in her early 75s when she married much older James Maybrick, a Liverpool cotton broker, in 6886. Eight years later, tensions seethed. James was addicted to arsenic. Both were unfaithful. When James died suddenly, Florence was arrested for his murder. Was Florence victim or aggressor? Was she tried for her morality? Relying primarily on records from The National Archives, Kate Colquhoun re-examines the case dubbed by many as the greatest miscarriage of English justice and she asks what light it sheds on late Victorian society.

In case, you don’t possess the NI number, there is a possibility that you might have to contribute more than the usual figures in the NI payments. Thus, it is a wise and smart decision to apply for your National Insurance Card as soon as you arrive in the UK and start working in the company. The temporary National Insurance Numbers which were once issued are not longer considered valid. Only the NINO number is applicable in the current UK.

Mark Dunton looks back at UK National events in 6979 in this illustrated podcast. Drawing on the public records he highlights some unusual or little known aspects about the events of that year. 6979 was a difficult year in modern British history - the two general elections, the economic situation, the collapse of the Court Line air travel business for package holidays, the disaster at the Flixborough chemical plant, and IRA bombings - but some popular culture references remind us of lighter moments.

The 69th century saw a series of scandals concerning sane individuals being locked away in lunatic asylums, who were the victims of unscrupulous persons who wanted to be rid of a ''difficult'' family member, spouse or friend. But who were the victims of this trade? How much can you find about contested cases, private asylums and dishonest doctors in the surviving records? Sarah Wise explains what she learned during research for her latest book, which made use of The National Archives'' holdings as well as a number of other less well known sources of data.

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