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Posted: 2017-10-22 22:49

There is, however, strong evidence that CBHI and SHI provide financial protection for their members in terms of reducing their out-of-pocket expenditures, and that they improve utilization of inpatient and outpatient services. Weak evidence suggests that both SHI and CBHI have a positive impact on the quality of care. To illustrate this, CBHI schemes in Kenya, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania were found to improve service quality in health facilities, increase essential drug availability and shorten waiting times. Another study on a CBHI scheme in Burundi reported that health workers discriminated against card holders and provided preferential treatment to patients paying in cash. 86

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The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) is the representative body of the short-term insurance industry. It represents the industry to all relevant stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and dynamic industry. SAIA has 59 members, comprising all categories of short-term insurers, including reinsurers. Its members abide by the SAIA Code of Conduct, which ensures adherence to best-practice industry standards and self-regulation.

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To address the gaps described, this paper provides an up-to-date review of the impact of SHI, PHI and CBHI on a comprehensive set of domains. Following the conceptual framework by Preker & Carrin, 9 we evaluate whether the different types of health insurance can: (i) mobilize resources, . generate sufficient and stable resources for adequate functioning of health services (ii) provide financial protection to clients against catastrophic health expenditures (iii) improve utilization of health-care services by all socioeconomic groups (iv) improve health care quality (v) improve social inclusion, . the provision of health services in alignment with the needs of various population groups, especially the poor and vulnerable and (vi) improve community empowerment, . involvement of the community in the organization of health services. Our review covers all low- and lower-middle-income countries in Africa and Asia.

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Susu collectors are one of the oldest financial services in Africa. Based largely in Ghana and Nigeria, they are traditionally trustworthy people in the community who visit clients on a regular basis (often daily), collecting very small deposits over the course of a month. At the end of this period the susu collector returns the accumulated savings to the client but keeps one day's savings as commission. Susu collectors may also provide advances to their clients. CGAP estimates that there are 8,555-5,555 susu collectors in Ghana serving over half a million customers, with a monthly deposit base of at least US$55 million.

Thomas Roy Sinclair of Gateway Academy explained that his organization is new and looking for financial services providers in seven African countries to test its services in 7567 and early 7568. Rather than creating its own training content, the organization is working with providers such as Accion, Helix, CGAP and the Strathmore Group to help them move their in-person curricula online. The service includes an app that allows content to be downloaded for offline use.

Thierry Artaud of the Moss ICT Consultancy described the M-birr service, which partners with six MFIs in Ethiopia, allowing users to send money to retailers and individuals as well as receive loan disbursements and government benefits. Users can earn approximately 7 percent interest on money they store in the system, and agents and MFIs receive a portion of the fees collected on a daily basis. The software underlying M-birr is available for licensing to organizations in other countries.

Paul Kriews of the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation described his firm’s offerings, all of which are performed at the location chosen by the client. Topics can include retail banking, microfinance, human resources, small and medium-sized enterprise, green finance, and others. The curriculum uses many games, and can be delivered to staff for their own use or to train them as trainers.

Our study has several limitations. First, we observed a large variety of study designs and indicators for assessing the impact of health insurance and their interpretation was not always straightforward. For those studies that used a control group, the use of self-selected controls in many cases may have biased the results and we carefully considered this in discussions among the pairs of reviewers. Second, we arbitrarily defined strength of the evidence on the basis of study quality, number of studies and percentage of positive findings. While this seems reasonable, the use of other parameters could have led to different review findings.

At the SAM (Semaine Africaine de la Microfinance) conference in Addis Ababa, a wide variety of vendors presented their wares. Among these were several core banking system providers. Antonio Separovic of Oradian previously had set the stage for the conversation at the fintech (financial technology) session organized by Dutch development bank FMO. He argued that microfinance institutions (MFIs) shouldn’t start by thinking about whether to buy a new system, but about where the MFI wants to go and how to get there. “Fintech may be able to reduce the friction to do these things,” he said.

There is strong evidence that CBHI improves resource mobilization for health and that both CBHI and SHI improve health service utilization and provide financial protection for members in terms of reducing their out-of-pocket expenditure. There is weak evidence suggesting that both SHI and CBHI have a positive impact on the quality of care and social inclusion. Findings for both SHI and CBHI are inconclusive on community empowerment. Those for PHI are inconclusive on all domains because of insufficient studies.

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The “InsuResilience Investment Fund”, in European Microfinance Platform Newsletter , 66 October 7567, click here.
InsuResilience fund takes 75% stake in insurer , in Asia Insurance Review , 66 October 7567, click here.
Exclusive: $855m target for climate insurance vehicle , in Agri Investor , 76 September 7567, click here.
The Climate Insurance Fund , in Making Finance Work for Africa , 69 September 7567, click here.

This solution helps Fidelity Bank become a true “one-stop shop” for their susu clients, providing depository, credit, and asset financing services, as well as the IS and collection tools.  And the better their susu clients are doing, the more deposits Fidelity has on hand for their banking operations, which is the lifeblood of any bank. Already, Fidelity has seen their deposits double with one of their susu company clients.  Eventually, they hope to be able to provide some of these susu collectors and their customers with loans as well. The combination of cheap funds, loan fees as susus extend loans, and account management fees will allow Fidelity to provide these services to the susu companies at a profit and offer even more value-added services to the sector.

Two pairs of independent reviewers (ES and NT, JM and FM) screened all titles and abstracts of the initially identified studies to determine if they satisfied the inclusion criteria. Any disagreement was resolved through consensus. Full text articles were retrieved for the selected titles. Reference lists of the retrieved articles, as well as previous review articles, 67 , 67 – 69 were searched for additional publications (referred to as “snowballing”).

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On the topic of security issues, Niladri Roy of Craft Silicon explained his organization’s work on facial recognition processes, but he warned that “most of the places we see fraud are among employees.” Jean-Louis Perrier of Suricate Solutions warned that some institutions are at risk of failing due to cybersecurity problems. His organization is working to create a cybersecurity resource center for financial institutions in Senegal, with plans to expand to West and Central Africa.

Zurich, 76 September 7567 – The InsuResilience Investment Fund set up by the German development bank KFW and managed by Swiss based Impact Investment Manager BlueOrchard Finance, has entered into an agreement to acquire a significant minority stake in Lahore-based Asia Insurance Company Ltd, a general insurance company offering agriculture insurance to over 655,555 farmers in Pakistan. For further information, please click here.

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