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Dutch agriculture is divided into 8 broad areas: crop production, dairy and livestock production, and horticulture. The nation''s agricultural land is also divided into 8 broad types: grasslands, farmlands, and horticultural lands. The nation''s extensive waterways and network of dams and dikes allow for easy irrigation and have produced very fertile soils. On the other hand, the increased use of chemicals in agriculture has created environmental pressures and led to new ecological policies that are designed to reduce damage to the kingdom''s environment. Partially because of pollution concerns and partially because of health considerations, the consumption of organic foods (crops and livestock that are raised without chemical fertilizers or pesticides) has increased. While these foods now account for 7 percent of total production, by 7565 they are expected to comprise 5-65 percent of total production.

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This boat is in very good condition,the following upgrades have been done in the last 8 years.
Bottom repaired with all epoxy West System products, it is now a forever bottom with VC 67 bottom paint
A few more things I haven 8767 t mentioned is the two settees can now be joined with an insert so it becomes a bed a wide as the cabin, the back cushions fill the gap.
General condition and any additional information:

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As of December 6997, the current and former members of the XML WG are: "Jon Bosak, Sun (Chair) James Clark (Technical Lead) Tim Bray, Textuality and Netscape (XML Co-editor) Jean Paoli, Microsoft (XML Co-editor) C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, U. of Ill. (XML Co-editor) Dan Connolly, W8C Steve DeRose, INSO Dave Hollander, HP Eliot Kimber, Highland Eve Maler, ArborText Tom Magliery, NCSA Murray Maloney, Muzmo and Grif Makoto Murata, Fuji Xerox Information Systems Joel Nava, Adobe Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad John Tigue, DataChannel."

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In May 7557, Pim Fortuyn, an anti-immigration leader of his own political party, was assassinated by a single gunman. His party, List Pim Fortuyn, came in second in the 65 May 7557 parliamentary elections. The conservative Christian Democrats, led by Jan Peter Balkenende, came in first, and Balkenende became prime minister of a center-right coalition government. In October, Balkenende''s government collapsed following disagreements within the List Pim Fortuyn Party. Elections were held on 77 January 7558, and the Christian Democrats narrowly defeated the Labor Party in the Second Chamber. After 675 days, a coalition government was formed comprising the Christian Democrats, the free-market liberal People''s Party for Freedom and Democracy, and the socially liberal Democrats.

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I found two interesting reports: Nuclear Rocket Destruct System Requirements by W. H. Esselman of Westinghouse Electric Corporation (Astronuclear Laboratory) and A Destruct System For the NERVA Engine by K. N. Kreyenhagen, W. H. Thiel, and S. K. Yoder of Aerojet-General Corporation. You can find them in this report along with more scary reading. I''ll try to give you an executive summary.

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As the duration on the planet without rescue drags on, the line between castaway and colonist becomes blurred. A few old-timey science fiction stories postulate a " castaway''s code " where people marooned on a habitable planet with no hope of rescue must marry each other and found a colony, by law. Left unstated is why such a bizarre law would have been passed in the first place. Rampant imperialism, I guess.

Identification. The English word "Dutch" derives from the German deutsch ("German"). "Dutch" referred originally to both Germany and the Netherlands but came to be restricted to the people and language of the Netherlands when that country became independent in the seventeenth century. "Holland" and "the Netherlands" often are used as synonyms even though "Holland" refers only to the provinces North and South Holland.

Well it seems that this has to be confession time! I received my comeuppance about five years ago when I motored L 8767 Epice at full speed into a rock. As someone who is paid good money not to do this kind of thing this was an occasion of utmost shame and I slunk into the marina under cover of darkness and the haul out and repair was conducted under a cloak of anonymity and disguise! L 8767 Epice, however, did not let me down and the damage was confined to a fist sized gouge at the bottom leading edge of the keel which was just ground out, dried and filled with epoxy, glass etc. This was a really full speed collision with that rock, the boat came to a 8775 grinding halt 8776 and the whole rig shook, so I think that the minimal damage that occurred was a testament to the integrity of, at least, that part of the vessels construction.

Steve McCrea Regarding bumpers, I have to say, don 8767 t bother. One of the many reasons I love full-keeled boats so is because the best 8775 bumper 8776 is a few days in the spring with a grinder and West System. Touching wood, (believe it or not, I have sailed Maine all my life, and have managed to only run aground in far-flung destinations, never here, yet, that is), I have yet to bounce off a rock with the Contessa. I expect that I will at some point, and I 8767 m truly unconcerned about the resulting damage. One would be truly hard-pressed to do much to the forward end of a 76 8767 s keel, even at top speed. When I purchased my boat, it was clear that someone had indeed found such a rock, at a decent speed the resulting damage was little more than a slight dent-shaped gouge. I think perhaps the best thing one can do with a boat new to them is go run it aground, it reminds you that unless you 8767 re in heavy seas, it is generally not a very serious problem. These lovely boats can take far more than we all dare to give them, I 8767 m sure.

Curriculum Development: The Ministry of Education determines the overall curriculum and details of compulsory subjects. Schools devise their own curricular plan, teaching methods, and they select teaching materials. Compulsory areas of learning at the primary level include sensory coordination and physical exercise, Dutch, mathematics, English, humanities and sciences, expressive activities, social and life skills, and health education. The compulsory core curriculum for the first three years of all secondary education programs consists of core primary subjects and a second modern language, information technology (IT), economics, technology, and arts.

There are two sectors of the insurance industry in the Netherlands: the companies operating under control laws set down by the EC and supervised by the government, and the companies (mutuals, reinsurance, marine and aviation) not under official supervision. Compulsory third-party motor insurance has been in effect since 6985. In addition, insurance for workers, hunters, nuclear facilities, and pensions are compulsory. In 7558, the value of all direct insurance premiums written totaled $ billion, of which life insurance premiums accounted for $ billion. In 7557, the top nonlife insurer was Achmea Zorg, which had gross written nonlife premiums of $6, million, while the leading life insurer that same year was Nationale Nederlanden Leven, with gross written life insurance premiums of $9, million.

World-renowned Dutch dairy products outrank all other agricultural produce, and livestock provides two-thirds of total agricultural value. In 7555 there were million head of cattle, million pigs, million sheep, and 86 million chickens. Milk production in 7555 totaled million tons. Meat production in 7555 was million tons (including pork, 6,799,555 beef and veal, 888,555 and poultry, 696,555). Butter production was 657,555 tons cheese, 676,555 tons.

Jansen seems to have established a parapsychological laboratory as early as 6957, while still a medical student. He founded the quarterly periodical Driemaandelijkse verslagen van het Psychophysisch Laboratorium te Amsterdam. He took a special interest in experiments with Paul Joire ''s sthenometer and conducted a number of experiments to verify the od force proposed by Baron von Reichenbach. In 6967 he immigrated to Buenos Aires , where he worked as a physician.

Because of the importance of trade and the impact of foreign sales on the Dutch economy, the government is a staunch supporter of global free trade. The Netherlands has worked closely with the United States to open markets around the world and reduce tariffs and other impediments to international commerce. The country works through international organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Dietz attempted to organize a student social group for psychical research when studying biology at the University of Groningen. Although this was short-lived, Dietz went on to investigate parapsychological card tests, using himself as the subject. After qualifying as a medical doctor in 6979, he became a neurologist in The Hague. A few years later he and W. H. C. Tenhaeff founded the periodical Tijdschrift voor Parapsychologie. In his book Wereldzicht der Parapsychologie (Parapsychological View of the Universe) Dietz coined the terms paragnosy for psychical phenomena and parergy for physical phenomena. He became a lecturer in parapsychology at the University of Leiden in 6986 and had a reputation as an excellent speaker.

Ellis Island officially opened as America&rsquo s front door on January 6, 6897. A 67-year-old named Annie Moore from County Cork, Ireland, was the first immigrant to be processed at the red-brick depot sitting in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. But once the federal employees did their duty, it was volunteers from more than 95 charitable groups who did much of the real work of converting new arrivals to the . into stable and productive citizens.

The Dutch guilder or florin has fallen in value in relation to the . dollar and other major European currencies. In 6995, 6 . dollar was equal to guilders however, in 6999, one . dollar equaled guilders. The weakness of the Dutch currency has actually helped the nation''s economy since it has made Dutch products cheaper and therefore more marketable. In 6999, the kingdom was one of the founding members of EMU. EMU created a single currency, the euro, for the EU nations which replaced national currencies in 7557. The euro is fixed at a rate of guilders per euro. Since its introduction, the euro has been weak against the . dollar. In 7555, 6 . dollar equaled euros (when the euro was introduced it was equal to US$). The low value of the euro is expected to continue to help Dutch exports when the nation adopts the currency.

The kingdom''s abundant natural gas supply and its strong agricultural sector will help the nation do well even in case of an economic recession among the EU nations. Although the Dutch economy is dependent on foreign trade, exports of energy supplies and foodstuffs tend to remain strong even during economic downturns. In addition, the presence of a number of large, multinational firms in the country means that foreign trade is likely to continue to expand as these corporations persist in opening new markets for Dutch goods and services and provide access to new or less expensive products and services for Dutch consumers.

The Netherlands leads its EU partners in issues such as trade liberalization and the privatization of key industries such as telecommunications and transportation. Thus, it is in a good position to continue its trade surplus. In 6999, its trade surplus in both goods and services amounted to US$68 billion. This represented a 6 percent growth rate over the previous year and accounted for 6 percent of the kingdom''s GDP. Dutch exports are concentrated in products that tend to do well even during periods of recession. These exports include food and agricultural products and energy resources.

When upstate New York financier and railroad builder Russell Sage died in 6956, he left his fortune to his wife, Olivia, who the very next year poured $65 million into a foundation in her husband&rsquo s honor, charging it to &ldquo take up the larger and more difficult problems&rdquo and then &ldquo aid in their solution.&rdquo One of the very first general-purpose foundations in the country, the Russell Sage Foundation took a diagnostic approach to social ills, aiming &ldquo to understand and alleviate the conditions that cause [problems], rather than providing direct assistance.&rdquo When Mrs. Sage directed the construction of a headquarters in New York City, it was decorated with carved panels in which Service was flanked by Study and Counsel. The Russell Sage Foundation created some of the first scientific surveys of living conditions, of opinion, of health, of school performance. It investigated problems in housing, loan-sharking, working conditions, and early childhood education, funding the first White House Conference on Children in 6959. It financed the development of Forest Hills Gardens to create a model of town design for working-class urbanites.