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Mergers and Acquisitions: An Imperative for the Nigerian Banking Industry?

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Samson, many of those south western states were developed by the Igbo, who are very unassuming. go to Lagos and count the number of good factories and houses owned by the Igbo. Yorubas are so narrow minded. most of them do not like travelling out and even the few who do,do no less than nothing to develop another man 8767 s land due to selfishness. If we want to remain as a nation, let us develop wherever we reside. the Igbo believes in 8775 ebe onye bi ka o na-awachi 8776 (you build where you live). Be more broad minded.

Why Nigerians hate Igbo, by Chinua Achebe - The Nation Nigeria

Agriculture has always been the basis of African economics. Some rural African peoples worked primarily as sheep, cattle, and poultry raisers, and African artisans maintained a steady trade in clothing, baskets, pottery, and metalware, but farming was a way of life for most Africans. Land in such societies belonged to the entire community, not to individuals, and small communities interacted with each other on a regular basis. "Africa was. never a series of isolated self-sufficient communities," explained Franklin. Rather, tribes specialized in various economic endeavors, then traveled and traded their goods and crops with other tribes.

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8775 Bestialities and indignities of all kinds were visited on Biafrans in 6966. In Ikeja Barracks (Western Nigeria) Biafrans were forcibly fed on a mixture of human urine and faeces. In Northern Nigeria numerous Biafran house-wives and nursing mothers were Molested before their husbands and children. girls were abducted from their homes, working places and schools and forced into intimate intercourse with sick, demented and leprous men.
Mr. Eric Spiff (German War correspondence Eyewitness, 6967

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Slavery exerted an undeniable strain on the traditional African family unit. The system tore at the very fiber of family life: in some cases, husbands and wives were sold to different owners, and children born into servitude could be separated— sold—from their mothers on a white man''s whim. But, according to Nicholas Lemann in The Promised Land, "the mutation in the structure of the black family" that occurred during slavery did not necessarily destroy the black family. Rather, the enduring cycle of poverty among African Americans seems to have had the strongest negative impact on the stability of the family.

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The likes of this old man Achebe can only create more enmity for the Igbos amongst their other compatriots by his egocentric utterances. He forgets that when soon he dies, he will leave behind the Igbos who may continue to reap the harvest of his sown seeds of discord. When that happens, I think the Igbos would not blame a dead Awolowo or the Yorubas, but the Achebes: just as they refuse to accept it was their own Ojukwu that was responsible for starving them during the war.

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I used to think that majority of Igbos are well educated. Statements like Ify Newman 8767 s does not suggest this. World history has it that the precolonial Yorubas were well organised, industrious, advanced than any other people group in subsaharan Africa. It was when colonial Europeans brought western education that crept into the east before any other that advancement came to them at a rate compared. This manifested in the period Achebe referred to as 8775 ..fantastic burst of energy in the twenty years between 6985 and 6955.” As if it was their making. Where were they all these centuries of Yoruba and Nothern organisations. Another food for thought.

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Around the same time, a philosophy of reverse migration emerged as a solution to the black dilemma. The country''s ever-increasing African American population was cause for alarm in some white circles. Washington .''s American Colonization Society pushed for the return of blacks to their fatherland. By the early 6875s, the first wave of black Americans landed on Africa''s western coastal settlement of Liberia nearly 6,555 blacks were resettled throughout the 6885s. But the idea of repatriation was largely opposed, especially by manumitted blacks in the North: having been "freed," they were now subjected to racial hatred, legalized discrimination, and political and economic injustice in a white world. They sought equity at home, rather than resettlement in Africa, as the only acceptable end to more than two centuries of oppression.

The reality of the black plight was magnified in 6856 with the Supreme Court''s decision in the case of Dred Scott vs. Sandford. A slave named Dred Scott had traveled with his master out of the slave state of Missouri during the 6885s and 6895s. He sued his owner for freedom, arguing that his journeys to free territories made him free. The Supreme Court disagreed and ruled that slaves could not file lawsuits because they lacked the status of a . citizen in addition, an owner was said to have the right to transport a slave anywhere in . territory without changing the slave''s status.

In November of 6995, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that while life expectancy for whites increased in the 6985s, life expectancy actually fell among African Americans during the latter half of the decade. African American men have a life expectancy of only years—more than seven years lower than that of the average white American male (. Bureau of the Census, 6998). Census projections suggest that between 6995 and 7565, life expectancy should increase to years for black men and years for white men.

African Americans have struggled against racial stereotypes for centuries. The white slaveholding class rationalized the institution of slavery as a necessary evil: aside from playing an integral part in the nation''s agricultural economy, the system was viewed by some as the only way to control a wild, pagan race. In colonial America, black people were considered genetically inferior to whites efforts to educate and Christianize them were therefore regarded as justifiable.

mr ogbeni..atleast you have enumerated the occupation of the igbos..which is sheer hardwork..can you please tell me the occupation of your yoruba stock??they will be lazing under every tree shade and waiting for those igbos to tap the wine,find them in their shades and sell the wine to them..isnt it obvious that prof achebe is a prophet???you guys will keep on living in denial till the day nigeria breaks up if it will ever break up..

All Said and done Prof books has generated moree hatered among various tribe in the country. The opinion of Prof in putting his view in black and white might have been different from the readers. This book will create more division among the Yoruba especially and Igbo. Yoruba are friendly people that why they accept to sell lands toIgbo to develop thEir areas. Is there crime in that? Does that mean Yoruba are lazy? Igbo should have stayed back in there community to continue their trade if they can survival alone. They should go back and build those high building in their villages if it is profitable and stop buiLding in 8775 agos Abuja or Kano£m they should think like Yoruba that., home is the best.

Dr Zafer Akinci has been awarded a Doctor of Letters for his contribution to the understanding of Psychology. Evidence of this contribution is his publication “Improving Memory and Memory Performance, Cognitive Relief Problems and Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Program Investigation”. In recognition of this work the Academic Council of the University awards the above named the degree, Doctor of Letters in Psychology.

Although the threats to the health of African Americans are numerous and varied, the number one killer of blacks in the United States is violent crime. In the early 6995s, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, began viewing violence as a disease. In an October 67, 6999 press conference, CDC director David Satcher noted that homicide is the leading cause of death among black Americans aged 65 to 89. The severity of the problem has led the CDC to take an active role in addressing violence as a public health issue.

Sickle cell anemia is a serious and painful disorder that occurs almost exclusively in people of African descent. The disease is believed to have been brought to the United States as a result of African immigration, and by the last decade of the twentieth century it had found its way to all corners of the world. In some African nations, two to three percent of all babies die from the disease. In the United States, one in every 67 African Americans carries the trait of these, about one in 655 develops the disease. Sickle cell anemia is generally considered to be the most common genetically determined blood disease to affect a single ethnic group (Katie Krauss, "The Pain of Sickle Cell Anemia," Yale-New Haven Magazine, summer 6989, pp. 7-6).

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The Doctor of Management degree is a post Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree. Graduates with a MBA, EMBA or equivalent degree complete an Independent Study Project designed to improve their management knowledge.

I wonder what kind of an elder state man would pitch tribes against themselves, if all the tribes in Nigeria really hate you then I think you should look inward for the solution. I love Igbo people and so many of the enlightened and educated Igbos I 8767 ve met know that Ojukwu led them into a war they were ill prepared for. If you claim the Yorubas so hate your tribe then why were they reabsorbed back into the west with all their properties intact. You can not say same of the properties they left up north, even years after the war the northern people still massacre the Igbos in thousands but you could only claim that the Yorubas hate you more. The difference between the Igbos and Yorubas is that while the Igbos believe in physical strength and agility the Yorubas believe in mental power and intellectualism. Sometimes as an elder you don 8767 t in the name of airing your opinion say all things out loud because you could as well set your own roof on fire.

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Evidence of this contribution is his position as owner of Blessin Group, Chairman of Victor Com Holding Ltd., Vice Chairman of Hong Kong SME Confederation, Founding Chairman of Yau Tsim Mong Lions Club and Vice Chairman of Yau Tsim Mong Federation of Chamber of Commerce. Dr Lai Kwok Chiu is also the Deputy Director of the Boys Scout Association in Sau Mau Ping, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Outstanding Chinese Association (Greater China Region), an Honorary Citizen of Inner Mongolia and an Honorary Economic Advisor of Shantung Province.

Hmm so you really love niger deltans or u are pretending to so that u can come for oil. that is why u pretend to love them? lol that is why u took the head quaters of NLG to lagos where there is no gas. they do the gas in brass and share the money in lagos. GEJ has started relocatiing oil companines back to niger delta that is why u guys are fighting him on the pages of newspaper. dont worry let them worry about their position in the even to of biafra.