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Sorry, I wrote a lengthier comment above and my comment to you was unclear! this was an agent at Traveler 8767 s. I called one, said I would be covered in California. I called a second to finalize my quote and I was told that they do not offer coverage to Rideshare drivers in California. So I am curious if you have heard of anyone else getting Traveler 8767 s with Rideshare in California (California insurance on your site lists Traveler 8767 s as an option).

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Hi Harry, thank you for this very informative article. It is much appreciated since I was asked by my insurance company if I would be ride-sharing, that started my search for ride-sharing insurance and this site. You know the story, they will cancel me if I 8767 m in an accident while driving. I think it is worth paying the extra and being safe rather that sorry later. Here is my Farmers agent -Theresa Moultrie 878-795-5997, she is located in Los Angeles.

If you 8767 re not familiar with this topic, having adequate auto insurance coverage is very important.  As rideshare drivers though, you need to be especially mindful that you understand the risks and insurance limits in your state.  There are many states where there isn 8767 t an officially recognized rideshare insurance policy and, although you may still be covered by Uber/Lyft, your personal insurer may drop you for being a rideshare driver.

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thanks for all your work harry. i recently got hit in sf while driving a passenger with lyft. at the time i gave the person my personal insurance instead of the lyft(which i didn 8767 t know where to find until i found this blog) my side called me the next day, and allstate(the other side) was really quick to call melater on after my side on the same day and got a statement and set up an adjuster for the day after.
i called critical response right after the accident but got unanswered questions about the lyft ins only that they will contact me within a week.(got the call 5 days after my call with the personal ins)
i 8767 m sure it 8767 s the other 8767 s fault, but the lyft ins person say it should be my fault.
Here 8767 s my delimma, lyft deductible is $7555, my deductible is $6555, repair should be $8555. lyft ins says i can bring in the car to fix within 8 days(because i have to pay 6st anyways) and i 8767 m not sure when the personal ins will give the go ahead to fix the car. shou i use the lyft ins or personal since they know that i was driving lyft because of this accident. thanks

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North Carolina is frustrating when it comes to insurance for TNC Ridesharing companies!
Liberty Mutual and Farmers do not offer the Ride Sharing insurance portion for my area in NC.
GEICO doesn 8767 t offer it at all and will drop me if I start ridesharing! LYFT is very unhelpful with finding supplemental or replacement insurance for this.
GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Progressive have all said that I will need to try to get commercial insurance.
Waiting on insurance company to call me back with quote on commercial insurance. Will update with findings later.
~Angie 8/86/7567 9:55am

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Well i have been insured with State Farm for over 6 years. When i started driving for Uber i contacted my agent and told them they had no problem. When i bought my new Toyota Prius my wife was not convinced we could insure while i do rideshare (part time) so we called State Farm during the weekend and confirmed that i could drive for uber/lyft and be insured. I can only assume that State Farm will not insure NEW policies. driving rideshare

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Thank you for all your work on this blog! I 8767 m having a bad day with Geico. I mentioned that my daughter might want to think about Uber and they cancelled her policy! By the time I got quotes from them about what it would cost and the changes to our total auto policy the price monthly went up 659% I 8767 m shopping providers now and my State Farm Agent here in Illinois says that while they have no endorsements they only have 7 periods of non coverage. From the moment you get paid to drive, I think that is part b until you drop off your rider. All other areas of time are covered. She got this info from the underwriter. My question is this. Does Uber pay you from the moment you turn on the app or just once you have a rider in your car? That seems to be a line that State Farm considers important.

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This caused quite a scene in the office and I overheard a conversation where the Uber employee told the Farmers agent NOT to share this information with any of the partners that came into the office any more because as far as Uber is concerned most insurance carriers will cover the vehicle and the partners signed off on the insurance clause in their contracts so it is not an issue that needs to be brought up! Yes Exactly! So, a 76 year old 8775 kid 8776 without an insurance licenses told a partner incorrect information so CYA!

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South Dakota Rideshare Insurance South Dakota drivers only have one option for now American Family Insurance. American Family offers rideshare endorsements which extend your personal policy to include the infamous “period one” gap (app on, no pings). During periods two and three, you’ll still be reliant on the coverage provided by Uber/Lyft – but you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be dropped from your policy for being a rideshare driver.

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Here is the skinny on Rideshare Insurance as it applies to Ohio (and many other states). If you drive for Uber or Lyft you need a commercial policy OR a rideshare endorsement for your personal auto policy. Farmers Insurance is the only insurance company in Ohio that offers a rideshare endorsement on a personal auto policy. As you can imagine, a commercial policy is going to cost 7-5 times more than a personal policy with a rideshare endorsement. The amount depends on the driving record.

Rideshare Insurance Options For Uber and Lyft Drivers

State Farm 8767 s rideshare endorsement is more extensive than most other options since they extend their coverage limits during period 6, 7 and 8.  This means that your personal deductible will be in effect any time you are behind the wheel, even when you are driving for Uber or Lyft.  Also, if you have other coverages such as medical, towing and rental car coverage, those will also be in affect even when driving for Uber and Lyft.

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I was able to get the information directly from the underwriter via the agent that I do have coverage with Phase 6 because the exclusion begins once you are being paid. Not when you are driving around or driving to a clients location. I also chatted with UBER to confirm that payment only begins once a rider is present in the vehicle. Did I cover all my bases? You are correct that it 8767 s not an endorsement but the criteria for exclusions seems to cover the phase 6. I appreciate your experience and sharing it with the world!

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Emma, I just purchase a hybird policy ( which means it covers rideshare and my personal use) from Geico. I have a perfect driving record, so maybe that helped, but here in Ohio that policy costs me $ a month. Plus, since it is a rideshare policy, I can deduct it at tax time. Can Geico. Ask for the person at their 6-855 number that is taking care of the rideshare policies. Remember ask for for rideshare specifically, not commercial. I got a commercial quote a couple months ago, and it was much higher.

Hi Mary! I have a much better option for you! Give me a call and I will get a quote for you ASAP!
I own a Pegram Insurance agency in NC and I can get you great rates and the coverage you need for Uber and Lyft. http:// or 759-895-6595. We are local NC agents who know the VERY SPECIFIC NC insurance regulations. Let us help get you covered. You do not need that commercial insurance anymore!!

Here in VA I went with Geico they require 655/855 however I received better coverage minus the lack of covering a rental with a lower deductible ($755) than I previously had with Progressive personal policy and am paying $6755 less per year. I did the online quote and called in to finish up as I had questions. I 8767 m very happy with the policy and rates I 8767 ve received and just overall peace of mind. This blog helped me a lot a few months ago when I began driving to make sound decisions. I too am floored by all the drivers out there given bad info and putting themselves at risk. Thankfully there 8767 s resources like this if they just do their research.

What if you have a lien on your vehicle? If you are still making payments to a financial institution, they require full coverage on the vehicle at all times until the loan is repaid. If you get hit without carrying a fare, you have no coverage and you will continue paying for a wrecked car that you can’t drive. Once Uber realized they had this issue, they approached insurance companies to help their drivers and Farmers stepped up and created this endorsement specifically for Uber drivers. By attaching a rideshare endorsement to your Farmers personal auto policy, you will continue having full coverage and meet all insurance requirements should
anything ever happen to you. In fact, FARMERS is the carrier of choice for Uber because the other insurance providers with the rideshare endorsement are requiring a commercial auto policy as the base policy.
The cost for the rider is anywhere from $67-58/mo again, depending on the driving record. Your only other option is a commercial policy which will be, on average, $855-555/mo on a single rideshare vehicle.

I just don 8767 t understand how an insurance company can actually KNOW if you get into an accident without anyone in the car what 8767 s preventing the driver from shutting off the app and never even bringing up uber like, 8775 oh yeah I was just on my way to the grocery store. 8776 How would they ever know you 8767 re even an uber driver in the first place? I guess they would have the decal stickers but what are they going to do? Go to uber and actually verify you weren 8767 t on the clock if they notice your decals and put two and two together?

Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen If, in fact, Geico does not cover drivers who drive for Uber, Lyft, sidecar, etc., in the state of California, then why when I go down to sign up for Uber and Lyft and present them with my proof of insurance from Gieco, do they not know that Gieco does not cover their drivers once signing up and not approve them to become drivers without choosing a different provider?

Allstate’s new rideshare coverage is unique. While it provides coverage during period 6, Allstate’s rideshare coverage also helps fill the gap that arises when a customer’s personal auto policy liability coverage limits are greater than what’s provided by Uber and Lyft during period 6, 7 and 8. The coverage also protects drivers against high deductibles that ridesharing companies have for their coverage. See more at: https:///rideshare-insurance-options-for-drivers/#

The reason bailbondsmen want to do away with this program is pretty clear. They want the easy money from posting bonds to low risk offenders.

From a taxpayer standpoint, it really doesn t cost or save much either way. The court only gets to keep bond money if the accused doesn t show up. Otherwise, they refund 655% to the bondsman. The only person who loses money is the accused who can t afford to post their whole bond. Even if they show up to court and are found innocent, they don t get that bond money back.

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