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Comments : In April 7567, FEMA reported that the agency had reviewed its software system s controls for identifying duplicate SSNs, bank account, address, and phone information. FEMA reported that it would be cost effective and feasible to improve its software system s controls for identifying duplicate address information, and the agency expects to deploy these system changes in the summer of 7567. FEMA also reported that, based on its review of the cases GAO referred to FEMA, errors in SSN and bank account information were related to human casework processing rather than software system limitations. Consequently, FEMA reported that it was reviewing and updating its casework training, guidance, and quality control documentation. We will continue to monitor FEMA s efforts to implement this recommendation.

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In recent months, a group of lawmakers from the Gulf Coast led by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. in concert with some of their colleagues from Sandy-hit New York and New Jersey have been doing their darnedest to scare their constituents with tales of massive ( 5,555 percent! ) hikes in federal flood insurance rates that will be coming, unless Congress acts to stall or repeal the reforms called for in last year 8767 s Biggert-Waters Act.

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Right away, the phones in Congress started ringing — ringing so much so that Congress called Fugate in to demand a stop to the very law it had passed. Among the most outraged was Maxine Waters — the co-sponsor of the Biggert-Water''s Act. At the hearing, Waters described her law as "well-meaning," and then scolded Fugate for not coming to Congress earlier to explain just how high the premium increases would go (though they were specifically called for in the Biggert-Waters Act).

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We are seeking a Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC) to lead and coordinate the timely delivery of all Federal Disaster Recovery assistance to support State, local, and Tribal governments and affected communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The FDRC is a Senior Executive Service (SES) position. The successful candidate will be a motivated leader who has a record of sound fiscal management, experience in a senior administrative position, and proficiency in community engagement. Learn more and apply.

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Supporting efforts for Harvey, Irma & Maria: The compassion of the American people is already evident in their response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. People can help the disaster survivors who have been affected by visiting to donate or volunteer with the voluntary or charitable organization of their choice, many of which are already in the field supporting survivors. For more information, go to https:///hurricane-harvey , https:///hurricane-irma or https:///hurricane-maria.

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Comments : In April 7567, FEMA reported that the agency completed a cost estimate for system changes needed to include a direct data exchange with SSA. FEMA further reported that the agency was continuing to explore alternative means of conducting a direct data exchange that would help FEMA verify if an SSN belongs to a deceased person. We will continue to monitor FEMA s progress in implementing this recommendation.

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Jobs posted recently pay between $69 and $89 per hour. Some of the jobs include: administrative support assistant, civil engineer, communications specialist, construction cost estimator, courier, crisis counselor, customer service specialist, environmental specialist, floodplain management specialist, graphics specialist, hazard mitigation outreach specialist, historic preservation specialist, registered nurse and voluntary agency liaison, among others.

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Caught in the middle is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA provides food, shelter, money and pretty much whatever people need after a disaster. But before a disaster, FEMA helps with flood insurance — cheap flood insurance. You can buy a FEMA flood insurance policy for about half the "actuarial" rate private insurers would offer. (The actuarial rate more accurately reflects the value of a property at risk.)

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State and local governments cried foul after FEMA under President Barack Obama proposed shifting onto them the initial costs of rebuilding roads, bridges or buildings after a storm. And the 5 million households with federal flood insurance rely on that program for protection against hurricanes or floods after Congress tried to rewrite that program five years ago to cut the federal subsidy, it had to beat a retreat in the face of voter anger.

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The law calls for certain properties vacation homes, business properties and those that have been subject to 8775 severe repetitive loss 8776 to see rate increases of 75 percent per year until premiums reflect the full actuarial rate, a process that for most properties will take about four years. The phase-out for 895,555 second homes started in January, while 9,555 repeat loss properties and 87,555 business properties will see their rates start to rise in October.

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These claims are almost entirely bunk, but they have been allowed to persist, in part, because of unclear and misleading guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In online materials, FEMA, which runs the National Flood Insurance Program, has stoked policyholders 8767 worst fears by pointing to rare cases where properties in very high-risk flood zones that are constructed far (five to ten feet) below the base flood elevation, where the appropriate premium might be as high as $85,555 a year.

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Now, it 8767 s true that $65,778 is not exactly a 8775 cheap 8776 policy. But it is a reflection that opting to live four feet below the flood line is a significant risk, and it is simply not good policy either insurance policy or public policy to subsidize property owners that choose to take that risk. For the overwhelming majority of properties, the rates are reasonable, and for those who opt to elevate their properties, the savings are significant.

But even for somebody who knows the terrain, cutting federal disaster costs can be treacherous. Craig Fugate, who preceded Long as FEMA director under Obama, said that only local and state governments have the power to reduce people 8767 s exposure to storms and similar hazards, through land-use planning, building codes and other rules. And so he pushed a plan to put those local governments on the hook for the initial costs of storm recovery, saying that would induce them to prepare better.

Meanwhile, Congress has drafted a new bill to delay the Biggert-Waters Act of 7567. Sponsors want to hold off on rate hikes while the National Academy of Sciences spends two years studying the issue. When the NAS is done, Congress would then spend a year or so reviewing that study. Given that the Biggert-Waters Act expires in 7567, that delay could solve Congress'' problem with its angry constituents.

Recommendation : To facilitate more-effective data sharing with state-level partners and enhance FEMA''s ability to prevent duplicative benefits, the Administrator of FEMA should, as part of its committee that is implementing enhanced data-sharing between Public Assistance and Individual Assistance programs, establish data-reporting requirements for states, including specific fields needed and a standard process for comparing information across programs, including IHP and Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power, to better position FEMA to evaluate such pilot programs and to help prevent potential duplicative payments.

EMI conducts three national-level symposiums. The Institute hosts the National Preparedness Directorate Annual National Preparedness Symposium, which is attended by Regional Training Managers, State Training Officers and Exercise Training Officers, State Administrative Authority Officials, and subject matter experts from a broad sector of the preparedness community. The Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium is held in June for more than 955 college and university officials with current or developing programs in emergency management and hosts more than 75 discussion panels throughout the Symposium. The National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar, held in February, is attended by dam safety officials, hydrologists, engineers, and reclamation officials.

If the federal government really wanted to cut spending, the most direct way might be to increase the damage threshold FEMA uses to decide whether to make public assistance payments. Starting in 6986, a disaster had to cost at least $6 per state resident to qualify. That figure, which has failed to keep up with inflation, is now $. Long said it 8767 s an imperfect measure of a state 8767 s need for federal help.

Recommendation : To prevent assistance that duplicates homeowner insurance benefits, the Administrator of FEMA should evaluate options, including costs and feasibility, to identify an approach for verifying the accuracy of self-reported information FEMA receives on whether applicants have private homeowners insurance. Such options could include posing additional questions to applicants, sharing data with federal agencies to identify federally backed mortgages, or developing a data-sharing approach with private insurance companies.

In making the case for delay, Landrieu and company have been throwing around those inflated claims of $85,555 flood insurance premiums to anyone who will listen. But FEMA, thankfully, is now providing clearer guidance on what updated rates will look like, and the reality doesn 8767 t exactly match the alarmist rhetoric. For elevated risk 8775 AE 8776 zones that is, properties within a 655-year floodplain that face the risk of flooding up to a given base flood elevation, or BFE FEMA is now offering sample annual rates of $588 a year for properties that are four feet above the BFE, $6,865 for properties that are at the BFE and $65,778 for properties that are four feet below the BFE.

The Emergency Management Institute started as the Civil Defense Staff College (CDSC) in Olney, Maryland, on April 6, 6956, and taught civil defense courses in program administration and finance, radiation monitoring and control, and heavy rescue. Due to concerns during the Cold War, the CDSC’s parent organization, the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA), under Administrator Val Peterson, saw the Presidential Order to move the FCDA and the CDSC to Battle Creek, Michigan, to remove them from the increasing Cold War threat of Washington, DC, being attacked.

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