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Posted: 2018-01-13 16:05

So glad you 8767 re feeling better! You many consider trying Iberogast after finishing Rafaximin and she how it works for you. Digestive enzymes might help too, but you 8767 d have to experiment on your end. You may not need enzymes. I do think a probiotic is a good idea anytime you take antibiotics. In regards to enzymes, Enzymedica is a good brand you can find at health food stores. There are also a lot of good professional brands that you can get through a practitioner. If you 8767 d like to schedule a free 65-minute phone consult, we can discuss in more detail. Just click here. Be sure to discuss with your doctor before beginning any new supplements.

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Thanks for your response. I did stool testing and it showed malabsorption issues and some yeast plus I think I have Leaky Gut too.. I will take the SIBO test again but my baseline Methane was 85 so it clearly showed high. I think I didn 8767 t follow the directions carefully so it was probably a false negative. I am now going to try the antibiotics (xifaxan and neomycin) for 65-69 days as the herbs didn 8767 t work for me at all. I was also prescribed Allie Max Pro Garlic to help combat the SIBO/Candida. I also did food allergy testing to see if I have any intolerances as wll.

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Thanks for reaching out, and I hope you can resolve your SIBO with the protocol you 8767 re considering! Here are my answers to your questions.
6. Yes, high methane levels are caused by a type of archaea called m. smithii. Many people, depending on where they 8767 re from, having this type of archaea present in their colon. It just becomes a problem when it 8767 s overgrown in the small intestine.
7. I 8767 m honestly not sure how Rifaxamin + Allimed will work because I 8767 ve never heard anyone 8767 s experience with that combo. In theory it should be a good option because Allimed works well for the methane. I would certainly talk with your doctor about appropriate dosing and how to best take the two together.
8. I think the ingredients in Allimed are fine for SIBO because it 8767 s worked so well for many SIBO patients. Acacia fiber tends to be well-tolerated in those with SIBO.

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Even among a healthy population (., people without overt liver disease), toxicity is a distribution function.  What’s toxic to one person may not be toxic to the next.  This is true of APAP and it’s true of sugar.  It’s true of most things I can think of, actually, including tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Ever wonder why “only” about one in six smokers dies of small cell lung cancer? Maybe it’s the same reason some people (., me) get metabolically deranged from even modest doses of sugar, while others (., Jill, my wife) can mainline the stuff and not appear to suffer many adverse effects.

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Can SIBO cause significant weight gain only in the lower stomach? I 8767 m slender everywhere else but about a year postpartum I developed a protruding stomach kind of out of nowhere. My functional medicine doctor suspects SIBO (I have yet to do a breath test) and I 8767 m wondering if this could be contributing. I also have hypothyroidism and thyroid antibodies. I just started an autoimmune paleo diet to help manage that. Thanks so much for your time!

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Hi Mia,
I 8767 m sorry to hear that you 8767 re not finding relief, and I understand your frustration. I would encourage you not to give up, although I know that 8767 s difficult sometimes. It may be good to give your body a break from treatment for a little while. Sometimes, too much treatment can be exhausting and your body can 8767 t heal. You many consider focusing on the mental and emotional aspect as that can certainly impact your body 8767 s ability to heal physically. Reducing your stress through journaling, prayer, meditation, yoga, walks in nature, relaxing baths, is important. Getting good quality sleep is critical. Even working with a counselor or therapist can be super helpful. Also, using essential oils for gut health, stress, mood, sleep, etc. can be powerful. Please contact me if you 8767 d like to discuss further.

SIBO—What causes it and why it’s so hard to treat.

Hi Jeanie,
That 8767 s a great question. You mentioned you tested negative for methane SIBO, but what about hydrogen? Chronic diarrhea usually correlates to high hydrogen levels not methane. I 8767 m glad the neomycin is working for you. It doesn 8767 t definitely mean you have SIBO, although that is one possibility. Neomycin works both in the small and large intestine, so it could be SIBO or some other form of dysbiosis in the large intestine. It 8767 s difficult to say for sure without testing. I would suggest chatting with your doctor about following up with probiotics after you complete your antibiotic treatment. Best of luck!

Unfortunately, I can 8767 t give you that type of medical advice since I 8767 m not your practitioner. All of the different prokinetic options are mentioned in this article. I would talk with your doctor about which is best for you. I would also discuss with your doctor if you still need your PPI. PPI 8767 s are not intended to be taken long term and may potentially contribute to SIBO. Again, don 8767 t change any medication before discussing first with your doctor. It would be recommended to retest for SIBO whenever you discontinue the Rafaximin. That way, you know for sure the SIBO is gone. Then, a prokinetic and prevention diet will help prevent relapse. Best of luck!

As a health coach, I don 8767 t diagnose, and I can 8767 t advise you what to do in an online setting such as this. I 8767 ve never heard of Rifaxamin causing c. diff, so I 8767 m not sure that 8767 s something you need to worry about. However, there are natural, herbal options if you prefer that route. That 8767 s a personal choice that only you can make. I’d encourage to find a good functional medicine doctor who is well-trained in gut issues to help navigate your path. Best of luck!

So happy to have found this tread. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 8 months ago, and between 8 different doctors, lots of time, tears and money, today I learned what my root cause is through Genova GI Effects stool profile. My tests showed I have high Candidia albicans and SIBO/leaky gut. Was prescribed Nystatin for 85 days for candida, but would like to know is there more I can do supplement wise to help ensure all the yeast is eliminated? Would you be so kind to share your thoughts on treating additionally with Allimax (Allicin) garlic? Also, will Allimax also improve SIBO? I have a lot of undigested food in my waste since being diagnosed, which is a big change in bowels for me. Prior, I never presented w/digestion issues. Looking for advice on the best plan leaky gut/SIBO and am open to combining pharmaceuticals and supplements. Lastly, itscmy underrstanding that once the root cause of an autoimmune disease is addressed/eliminated, it can sometimes put the autoimmune disease in remission. This is my goal and would greatly appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

Hi Jen
I 8767 m currently mid treatment for SIBO and Candida overgrowth. I 8767 m on a very restricted low carb diet and taking herbal antibiotics. I think/hope it 8767 s working as it 8767 s been a rough year. At the end of my month treatment I was going to take a prokentic and maintain a low carb diet. How long should I use the prokentic for and how long should I wait before experimenting with bringing more carbs into my diet?
This page is great.
Thank you for the wonderful info.

I 8767 m sorry to hear about the pain in your legs. I haven 8767 t heard much about leg pain related to SIBO. However, I have read that restless leg syndrome can be related to SIBO. Regardless, it seems that there 8767 s inflammation in the body that needs to be addressed. The anti-inflammatory diet is a good start. Treating your infections and figuring out if there are any additional underlying causes will be helpful as well. I definitely recommend working with a practitioner to determine what might be causing the leg pain.

I myself suffer from excessive flatulence and bloating for almost 5 years. All of this started about 5 years ago when I had severe abdomen pain for more than a week followed by severe diarrhea, which was treated as normal by using a round of antibiotic (Metronidazole) but we unpleasant aftermath which lasted until now.
I almost become gassy with any food that I eat and my stool is not normal, Steatorrhea often which shows the sign of malabsorption, and all of this made me think that I possibly have SIBO. I don 8767 t have any other symptoms like abdomen pain or diarrhea or anything else.
I am 78 years old man and skinny around 695lbs which is pretty low weight at this age for me that maybe because of malabsorption.

Page 65 of the 7566 USDA document shows who these 6 experts are.  The NY Times article asked 7 of these 6 about these sugar estimates, who don 8767 t recall making them, though it 8767 s implied that they simply don 8767 t remember what happened back in 7558. In other words, while the overall trend in sugar data is determined by availability data (since % loss is assumed to be constant over time), the absolute amount consumed on any given year, as estimated by these loss-adjusted numbers, is entirely dependent on this RTI loss estimate which, for added sugars, is almost entirely dependent on an expert 8767 s estimation.  All foods that are primarily consumed as foods rather than as ingredients have consumption levels that are based on an extrapolation of 7558-7559 NHANES data.

You 8767 re right probiotics can be very helpful. Many studies support the use of probiotics in IBS and SIBO. However, some people simply don 8767 t tolerate them well and they find their symptoms worsen with probiotics. Sometimes it may be the particular strain of probiotic, and trial and error can be helpful in finding the right probiotic for that person. Everyone 8767 s digestive system is different, so we tolerate things differently.

Thank you for sharing. There are a few other broad spectrum herbal agents as well as neem oil to consider. However, at this point, you may consider trying the elemental diet. This one tastes surprisingly good http:///Products/Gastrointestinal/Physicians-Elemental-Diet Also, are you retesting after each of these protocols? That 8767 s something else I would recommend, so you can see how each treatment is affecting your gas levels. You want to make sure that SIBO is still the main culprit and not something else like fungal overgrowth. Another thought, is have you done a small bowel MRI to check for adhesions? That can also prevent SIBO resolution.

I was diagnosed with SIBO and put on xifaxan Some of my symptoms have not gone away and I only have 7 more days of the medicine to take. I am awaiting a fructose breath test result also. I can not do the lactose breath test, per the doctor, until off the medicine for a couple weeks. I am guessing he thinks possible underlying cause is fructose or lactose intolerance/allergy. I am worried he will need to put me on xifaxan longer and this might cause other problems. I can not believe the medicine is not working yet. I don 8767 t even understand how I could have gotten this when I was taking Floragen 8 probiotics for some time & 95% gluten free.

Hi Jen,
I am really hoping you can help. I live in Canada and my doctor has decided to treat sibo based on symptoms. I got sick 8 years ago with all they could find was . it took months to find but once treated with flagyl I felt great until about 8 months later. The bloating and loose stools were back and it seems to get slighlty better and worse for the last 7 years. I have done mild cleanses and my diet is fairly clean low fodmap no gluten or dairy these things work for a week until another flare. So the doc ordered Zaxine/rifaximin. I started it and am on day8 of 65 at 6655mg a day but i am so nervous about getting and want to stop taking it. I havent slept and my anxiety has just been getting worse. Because we are treated symptoms i have zero confidence and worry if I am wrong. Do you think it would be wise to stop the antibiotics if it is too stressful and try a softer approach? My thyroid TSH is at 5 and is it possible this is the whole problem with the bloating and loose stools. I know the anxiety doesnt help but it is hard to treat symptoms knowing you could make things worse. Thank you for your time in advance.

I 8767 m feeling better now on pharmaceuticals. My primary complaint is fatigue, although I have all the other symptoms. But my energy is now on the side of anxiety, which is a different kind of fatigue. I 8767 ve been getting itchy, red rashes, mostly on my arms and legs, that are now much worse on antibiotics. Could the anxiety and rashes be from a die off reaction? Die off has always been more flu-like for me, but I 8767 m not sure how else to explain this exacerbation of just these two sxs.

A: There is a concern with using herbal antibiotics. They are powerful agents and can disrupt the gut flora balance in the colon. For this reason, first line therapies such as diet, digestive supplements, reducing stress, and exercise is always recommended. When that doesn’t work, then try second line therapies like herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics. One herbal antibiotic that has shown not to kill probiotics, specifically lactic acid bacteria is allicin from garlic.