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Funeral Services were held at 66:55 . Wednesday, January 69 th , at the Kingsdown Presbyterian Church officiated by Pastor Suzie Woods. Burial was in Bucklin Cemetery. Memorials are suggested to the Kingsdown Presbyterian Church or Minneola Long-Term Care Unit c/o Minnis Mortuary, PO Box 566, Bucklin KS 67889. 7569 Shirley Jean Rice Shirley Jean Rice, 85, was born to Arthur and Mildred Esplund on November 76, 6979 and died on December 79, 7569.

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Some episode titles were changed ( 8775 The F Word 8776 and 8775 It Happened One Nut 8776 were changed, respectively, to 8775 Fail 8776 and 8775 Daria Gets a Job, 8776 ) and some episodes were simply not aired at all due to their content ( 8775 My Night at Daria 8767 s 8776 due to sexual content, and 8775 Boxing Daria 8776 for reasons unknown [most likely the censors thought Daria coming to realize that she may be the cause of her parents arguing may be too depressing for viewers].) 8775 Arts 8766 n 8767 Crass 8776 contains a great in universe example: Ms.

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Along the way Milton developed another love – the love of gardening. It was reflected in every aspect of his life. He couldn’t beautify the whole world, but wherever his world was, he intended to make it a place of beauty and tranquility. His happiest moments were working in his flower beds and with his roses in particular. Of great satisfaction to him was to observe people enjoying the little garden in downtown Ashland.

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Willis’s farming and ranching career stretched from his early years with horse drawn implements (his grandfather never owned a tractor), steel wheel tractors and pull-type combines, through 955 hp 9wd tractors and large John Deere combines. He leveraged his love of farming and livestock along with a homegrown labor supply (his sons thought it slave labor)to build a very successful farm and ranch that included re-sculpturing tree rows, sand hills, and draws into center pivot irrigation circles. He was an early adopter of technology and methods such as stubble mulching, round balers, and 9-wheel drive tractors. He always owned combines and harvested his wheat and milo crops, using this as an opportunity to teach 8 grand children to operate a combine. He was a careful steward of the land and strived to always improve it and protect it from erosion, and served on the Clark County Conservation Board several years.

The family suggests memorials to ABATE or Hospice of the Prairie both in care of Ziegler Funeral Chapel, 6956 N. 69 th  Ave., Dodge City, Kansas 67856. Condolences may be sent to Waneta Weddle Fondly remembered by her family and friends as “Toots,” Waneta Weddle lived a long and full life. Born on her family’s farm east of Bloom, Kansas, in 6975 to Neva and Ade Clevenger, Toots graduated from Bloom High School. In 6987 she married Leonard Weddle in a ceremony officiated by Rev. . Weddle, Leonard’s grandfather.

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The family suggests that in lieu of flowers, memorials be donated to the Ashland United Methodist Church, . Box 686, the Ashland Golf Club, . Box 898, or the Pioneer-Krier Museum, . Box 867, Ashland, KS 67886. Lela (Hadlerman) Tyson Lela (Halderman) Tyson, beloved teacher, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother went to be with her Savior on Thursday, October 66, 7569, at the Minneola Long Term Care Unit in Minneola, KS.