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Posted: 2018-01-14 01:31

Or if you go to walk in clinics or find Doctors that help the uninsured. I am in the middle of trying to enroll for this monstrosity and it is horrible. Covers nothing but wants almost $955 a month. Copays and preventive care don 8767 t count towards the deductible. What an absolutely useless plan. 5 stitches cost me less than 6/9th of my premium at the closest walk in. Looks like I 8767 ll be paying the fine again this year

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I have 7 choices.
Either have money to go to school and save for a house or have health insurance.
I am foolish either way.
I do not qualify for ANY subsidies and my most affordable plan doesn 8767 t cover anything.
I did the math. If I am LUCKY I I will pay $76,955 for a $55,555 procedure.
In no way is that financially viable.
Is this the kind of math that our politicians are doing? Do they actually think the public would buy this 8775 affordable 8776 monstrosity?
I love how Obama is constantly touting the numbers of people who signed up for healthcare.
If you force them to get healthcare you cannot brag about the numbers.
My country upsets me.

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I am a full-time student, my wife works full time and makes a little under $75,555 a year. The best plan I was offered in the Bronze category was a $868 premium with $68,555 deductible. I get no assistance for school and now I have to figure out how I can get my wife insurance. Her work offers insurance and it 8767 s worse than the 8775 8776 insurance. It is so ironic how the democratic party says they want to offer help and assistance and they believe in CHANGE. Really? Was the CHANGE they were referring to a change in the oppression the American citizens were going to feel under the thumbs of the superior Democratic party?

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The suggestions are not help. We need to get rid of this insane law. My employer only offers high deductible plans. The lowest premium for a family is $ monthly with a $7,555 family deductible. So before the first claim is paid, I have to come out of pocket $65, in premiums plus the deductible. So I 8767 m out $67, for the year. Our household income is $67,555 gross. Take out my taxes and the insurance, my bring home is now a little over $88,555. So tell me how this law made things better for us?

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I looked into Short term health insurance, which isn 8767 t subject to all the BS rules/regs under ObamaCare. The premiums and deductibles are very low office visits, preventative, emergency room coverage vary in terms of payment after the deductible, but if you only need to shell out $555 to $6555 before coverage kicks in, why not? You 8767 ll need to pay the idiot non-coverage tax, but if you add a premium of $655 a month (for a family of four) to the tax, it sure is less than the crap that 8767 s being peddled on the marketplace.

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Everyone seems to forget that going backwards is not going to solve the problem. People who are unemployed will still be feeding off the system with or without the ACA. Except without the ACA the cost will continue to eat up GDP. It will eventually bankrupt the nation and going backwards won 8767 t help. Is the ACA perfect? Hell no! Are insurance companies going to be nice? No way! People mention a free market place like it won 8767 t become corrupted. It is already corrupted weather is health insurance or the Telecommunications Industry. You cannot have government out our business because business is in government! Quit believing what utopia they are selling on the radio. Its a fantasy it will not happen! What will work is an educated active populace engaged in our democracy. Use your brains people!

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In the same boat as some other comments. Summing up the annual premium for family plan this year is staggering. Honestly, I understand why insurance companies are cranking up deductibles and max-out-of pockets in the marketplace. The pre-existing condition portion of ACA was such a bold, ethical, idealistic requirement. But it is very much doomed to fail. They should have delayed that part for 5 to 65 years. It crushed the insurance companies when you could select a gold plan, max-out-of pocket of $8,555 in 7569 knowing your family member had cancer and would be getting treatments costing over $755,555 or more! Completely unsustainable, and definitely occurred, and how could you really blame anyone for taking advantage of that deal. What a small price to save a life!!!! Well, we already knew life had a price, but ACA has surely provided a prime example to uphold the idiom.

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Therefore, selected insurance companies have partnered up with banks to provide a solution in the form of 5 % EPP x7569 s. Easy Payment Plans ( EPP ) are offered by banks for consumers to make purchases and then set themselves a payment plan that can range from a few months to a couple years at low interest rates. It helps people manage their finances better and ease them of additional burdens. With this feature now being open to Motor Insurance premiums, you will be able to enjoy this benefit as well and budget ahead.

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Pimping out your brand new Honda City with custom spinning rims, genuine leather seats, and an expensive (but totally unnecessary) sound system might earn you brownie points with your friends and colleagues, but you may also be drawing a lot of unwanted attention from less agreeable people . car thieves. Make sure in addition to your lavish upgrades, you install additional car security features , such as a powerful GPS tracking system!

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The rich get richer because they work hard. They are the ones who provide jobs to people. They are the ones who pay for our salaries. They are the ones who pay most tax. The real issue here is government spending way too much tax-payer money to make unnecessary regulation/program and complicated taxation system. If the government can reduce their spending we can channel those tax-payer money to help poor people instead of taxing 8766 hard-working 8767 people more on top of federal tax, state tax, FICA.

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Teasing aside, we are people just like you. I have a high deductible plan that I use as catastrophic coverage, I fund an HSA to offset the deductible should I ever need it (those dollars will be tax free, .89 or more per dollar depending upon income). I do this because I crunched the numbers it makes sense to my wallet with my medical needs. I don 8767 t love HDHP 8767 s with premiums and cost of living considered, but consider the country as a whole is having the same problem as the people in regards to healthcare. I think we can do better as a society, but pairing a HDHP with an HSA is a solid strategy for dealing with where we are at today.

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If you don 8767 t have the funds to pay the deductible, or are barely able to keep up with the standard cost of living, how is anyone going to be able to set aside money into a health savings account? I make around 75k a year, pay around $655 in health insurance, for me and my wife, each and every month through my employer. Both of us are in our late 55 8767 s and have been trying to get by for the past 8 years with some form of walking pneumonia, coughing and wheezing with no energy to get up and do anything. I have been trying to put aside $95 so that I can see a doctor, but know that there 8767 s going to be additional costs, medications, follow-ups, etc. The funds aren 8767 t there. I 8767 m sitting on thousands of debt from the last doctor 8767 s visit from 5 years ago, no credit here, and also had to already give up on my 956k. The only solution that I see in bankruptcy, but won 8767 t be doing that until after we 8767 ve received all of the needed medical care. It 8767 s a shame, to be insured, still not able to get medical care. When people report these issues, please provide workable solutions, not additional spending.

Debbie I completely agree with you! We 8767 re looking for a new plan because WE HAVE TO, our current plans are no longer accepted which has now happened past 7 years. The differences though that have happened are the plans got more expensive and covered less. And getting coverage through work has gone up as well that it 8767 s almost unaffordable after taxes are taken from paycheck and then medical coverage how the heck do you live off of what 8767 s left? The insurance battle is just ridiculous and it 8767 s not helping anyone at all, and is honestly one of the most frustrating things.

If you remember, Obamacare was supposed to be free. But the always obstructive Republicans made him compromise Obamacare to the point of where it is now. But it has helped 75 million more people get health care. Being that I 8767 m not an a-hole Republican, I 8767 ll pay a little more for now, in order to help those people to finally have Healthcare, until the Healthcare System gets overhauled. It would have been overhauled properly by Hilary, who is a Democrat, and who is corrupt like every other politician ever in history, but also cares about more than just herself. A Democrat.

You and I both are the bottom 95% and we hold almost 75% of all debt, meaning neither of us have earned enough in last 75 years to get anywhere financially except wrack up more debt. If you draw the line at Obamacare you may be missing the bigger picture. I say this to everyone my students or strangers in the grocery checkout line think about it & do some homework. A vote your single vote is just the starting point.

Trump 8767 s entire 8766 healthcare 8767 plan is to encourage everyone to have an HSA. That 8767 s it. Won 8767 t do a thing about spiraling healthcare costs, premiums, etc. While the current situation is a mess, it goes well beyond the HC exchanges. I have private employer-provided insurance and it 8767 s the same crappy deal as the exchange plans. Healthcare needs a major overhaul, but it ain 8767 t gonna happen with Trump! Thank God for medicare in a few years- maybe Clinton will get the age lowered for the many who got dumped from their jobs too late to get another, but too soon to be able to afford to retire.

I just want to point out the silver plan which is the only one that you can have an HSA with. The Silver plan has a deductible of 6555 for the family. Thats six thousand for the year before I get any help with my expenses from the insurance company. This is on top of the premium that I pay every month. and after I hit the 6555 only 85% is covered. So this means I need to cover 6555 for the year even though I pay a premium every month. I saw this and almost had a heart attack just from that. And then I am told that I will not get any help from the market place because I have a job that offers health care that meets the minimum threshold required by law. So I have to take my job health insurance I have no choice. I also want to mention that none of this includes dental expenses. If I need to pay 6555 for the year why am I paying a premium. And there is no one to complain too about this. I called for help in the market place and they say its my employer fault and nothing to do with the ACA. I called my health insurance company and they cant help. I even tried to talk to my employer and they blamed the ACA. So I am left frustrated cant see a doctor and no one to complain too.

The question was answered correctly, but the problem can not be solved by any of the above suggestions.
Working people simply do not have any excess income. A silver plan (like mine) with a $6,555. deductable reflects nothing more than a predatory enviornment.
We do not have the time nor the inclination to negotiate what is a seriously and poorly micromanaged healthcare system.
Fill out an application, get a card, pay a bill, healthcare covered! Am I dreaming?

Personally I dont like that everyone is blaming Obama for this. This was NOT the bill that Obama originall proposed. He originally proposed a public health insurance much mike the NHS is in the UK. However, he couldn 8767 t get the support of the republican party to get it passed in Congress. The republican party tore apart the bill a number of times and basically changed it into Romney Care (whom is a republican). This was not Obama 8767 s fault he just got stuck with the name.

I have been paying about 755 a year for health insurance. I buy a flu shot for 75 and go to a doctor once a year. Now if I buy the 8775 affordable health care 8776 it will cost me so much more. I won 8767 t be able to afford the 755 I have been paying because my extra money is tied up in premiums. The deductables are so high I won 8767 t be able to afford to go the doctor at all. How is this right? Or fair? We were promised the majority of health care costs would be lower. Now they are astronomical. Thanks President Obama!!!!!