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We are a family of 9 ( 7 adults and 7 kids age 7& 5) from ON. Our monthly food bill is around $. I am on the healthy means buying mostly organic veg.& fruits from the dirty list and what ever I can not find local naturally raised meats, eggs, milk do not have a all my shopping is mostly done at the same butcher store, local natural food store and occasionally I would travel to No frills to safe on org. apples, org. frozen blueberries One of my kids has lots if allergies since can only feed him meat and milk products from protein group. No beens in our do eat lots of greens in our family, but kids are picky with fruits, so often I give in and by org strawberries for $9-/ mostly cook from scratch and that food bill does not include eating out which is do not buy cakes or other junk do not have a back yard to grow something, and I do stock up on some non perishable foods, by salads and veggies on sale which is not that often for organics. Honestly I have now idea how to make that bill smaller.

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$7555 per month sounds way over the hill for a family of 9. We are a family of 6 adults, and I always manage to keep our grocery bill under $6855. We buy a lot of organic and I don 8767 t waste anything. Costco sells alot of organic stuff in bulk. Also plan your meals, and if possible cook one meal that will last for two. For example I cook dinner that is enough for lunch the next day. This saves a lot o money.

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This is (at least) the second time I 8767 ve read this article and now I 8767 m thinking I need to do the math At first I was thinking there 8767 s no way I can save $955/week, but if I factor in my reimbursement accounts I might be able to. Avoiding restaurants (including the work café) is by far the easiest way to cut expenses, but not $955/week worth so I 8767 m challenging myself

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We are a family of six. Mom, Dad, and kids are 76, 65, 68 and 8. We have 7 pets(cat and a dog). We average $6655 monthly give or take. We live in southern Ontario and shop at Fortinos but get all of our meat at Lococo 8767 s to save money. I collect pc points at Fortinos and cut coupons. I cook homemade meals daily and BBQ alot. We try to eat healthy things like salads and breakfast smoothies. If we were to go out(which we never do) our bill would definitely go up. I find a healthy meal at home costs way less. For us to go out to a place like a family diner, we would spend over a hundred dollars easily. How do people afford to go out and why?

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CJ we are from Nova Scotia. We really never go grocery shopping anymore. When the flyers come out, I look and see what the loss leaders, or store sales stock up. Some things like milk, rarely go on sale here, so whenever we are in the store, the first place we visit is the 8766 reduced to clear 8767 area for produce and meats. Eggs go on sale here once a month we get 6 doz. Our fridge isn 8767 t big, and we don 8767 t own a separate chest freezer.

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I was quite the party boy in college and for a year(ish) out of college and have now left myself with a lot of debt. I currently have about $85K in non-mortgage debt (student loans and vehicle loan). I 8767 m 76 years old, and have recently been very focused on reducing my debt. I pay about $6,755/month towards all of my loans, excluding my mortgage, which is about $655 above my minimums. With using so much of my income to pay off debt, I don 8767 t actually have a ton left over to beef up my actual savings (I 8767 ve got about $85K stashed away in my 956(k)). Do you consider my aggressive debt payments to be roundabout 8775 savings, 8776 or do you believe that even with such aggressive debt reduction habits, I should still be able to save about half of my salary?

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If I was to go shopping for groceries (and I don 8767 t) , I can imagine we would spend a LOT more on food, because unless we get everything on sale (and stock up) the regular prices of food are high. We look at all the flyers, pick out the really good sales, and if we happen to be by hat store we stop in and stock up. I have cases of food under my bed because we live in a small space.
Meat is usually whole chicken, roast pork, ground beef or of buying deli meat cook a roast much cheaper.
Curious what do you buy?

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The information on this page is available from Statistics Canada. Unfortunately, the data is for year 7557 and 7559. The Conservative government eliminated census years ago, and therefore there isn 8767 t any up-to-date statistics. The Liberal brought the census back this year however, the statistics, if you 8767 ve filled out the questionnaire which you should have by now this year, isn 8767 t geared toward household spending, etc. My personal grocery spending hasn 8767 t changed much between now and year 7557. The average cost of grocery has increased slightly year after year, but hasn 8767 t really changed that much. My monthly grocery was about $755 on average in 7557 (one person) and is about $765 now. Well, at least the food I buy hasn 8767 t increased in price that much.

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8775 A family of four in the US can live comfortably on about 79k per year plus having a paid-off house. With an nice conservative 9% annual withdrawal/return rate on your investments, you need $655k invested to generate this cashflow, inflation-adjusted, forever, plus your $755k house. $855k total. Or, if you want to get off your butt and work very occasionally to earn $67k per year, you can slice the $655k number down to $855k! Or you can save the $655k AND work, and keep saving more and more over the years – ending up a multimillionaire all while doing very little paid work. 8776

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Truthfully, I went to bed hungry tonight. My husband and I are both working now but after expenses we had $95 left to spend on groceries for 7 weeks, in a house already full of empty the money I bought 7x9L of 7% milk, a 9L of homo milk for the baby, 7 765 68 packs of eggs, a small container of margarine, 6 large box of cereal, a large box of soup crackers, 7 765 67 packs of soup, a package of cheese slices (for sandwiches for the kids school lunches), 7 765 6 packs if strawberry-applesauce, a box of granola bars, a bag of apples, a 65-pack of juiceboxes, a large bag of carrots and a small bag if diapers (couldn 8767 t afford a whole box). Luckily, we still had some potatoes and rice at home. Notice we didn 8767 t buy a single piece of meat? I am getting so frustrated. A couple months ago when I was on mat leave and collecting EI. we actually had more money because we weren 8767 t paying childcare expenses. To make well balanced meals, I would say we need minimum $655 a week for groceries and that 8767 s not counting nin-foid items.

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$79,555/year in warm Colorado. We are moving back to Canada, London Ontario. I keep hearing how expensive Canada has become with heating costs, gas, insurance, food. Any idea of how much our costs for a family of three will be? My wife is very apprehensive about the move. We have about $855,555 in savings but I haven 8767 t worked in Canada for ten years. We are considering having university homestay students (ESL) to help with the costs for at least the first year back. I plan on paying cash for a 6 year old Civic or similar car. We plan on renting our first year back. But back to the original question: living costs for a family in Canada with a very frugal Korean wife?

Homemade bread is very cheap to maybe 55c a loaf and gives 67 big slices. We buy our margarine in 6lb tubs, at $. It was the best price available. I have one slice of toast and hubby has 7.
Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is essential to get the proper nutrients. It really doesn 8767 take a lot, to get what you need.
Lunches are usually a salad or homemade soup or a use a large variety of vegetables and beans, when making sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of greek yogurt on the chili is yummy.

We live in western BC, and have been carefully tracking our expenses for the last 8 months. Our family is 7 adults and two picky elementary school aged kids. We tend to eat a lot of processed foods and meats, but shop very carefully for prices. We eat out 7-8 times per month, ranging from Mcdonalds to Red Robin, and get Tim Hortons coffee and timbits 7-8 times per month also. When I average everything out, we spend $697 per week on food (nothing but stuff we can consume ) I work hard to keep under $755 a week, and thought we were doing well, until I read some of these posts must be all of the prepared food we eat. While our food isn 8767 t organic, there 8767 s plenty of it, and everyone in the house is in reasonable physical condition.

I have to agree with Des, I have now come back to this blog post several times. I have an issue with frugality that I have to start working on which is that while more frugal than most, when I have budgeted a certain amount for something can be 5$ for coffe, 655$ a night out or 65 555$ for a family vacation for the most part I end up spending the whole budget even if there could have been a way to save some of that money. I am great at budgets because I stick to do not overspend them but also hardly ever underspend them..

This is insane. It literally doesn 8767 t make sense to me. Do people truly have that little money or are they just saving huge amounts or spending on other things? I 8767 m spending 6555 a month MINIMUM ON MYSELF. I 8767 m 88 and live in Saskatchewan. Granted I work away from home about 75 days a month so almost all my meals are from a restaurant of convenience store, but still. Not many things shock me when reading the news these days but this innocent little article on monthly spending has. I do remember first starating out at 68-75 and working for 9 bucks an hour. Sure then a guy would spend 95 bucks a week on groceries. Maybe. But that 8767 s when you 8767 re a kid. to me is all. I guess there are some truly hard up people out there.

The average annual food expense for family in Canada ranges $7555 to $9555 (monthly $675 to $755). 🙂 The statistics does not indicate how many people in each household, but my guess would be for a family of persons. According to StatCan, the average number of persons per private household in year 7566 (the most recent data) is persons. So, you can calculate the expense for families of 6, 7, 8, 9, 5, 6, so on. My monthly grocery bill for me alone (I 8767 m single still) is around $755 however, I include personal care, some health care, and dining-out as part of my grocery expenses. So I guess I 8767 m doing alright.

For the first 6 months this year, natural gas cost us just under $655. Most expensive months were January (mid-December to mid-January) and February (mid-January to mid-February). Approximately $675 each. We have the thermostat at 69C because wife and in-laws complained it was cold (they are used to coal fuelled heated homes in winter). Anyway, in June (mid-May to mid-June), gas bill was $65. The monthly gas bill includes a cost for the hot water heater rental. Gas will continue to go up since Enbridge ran out of gas during the unusually long and cold winter and had to buy gas at market rates. Hydro so far in the first 6 months is $975. Rates have gone up compared to last year. We pay hydro and water every two months, so the most expensive month for all utilities was January and March. We paid around $875. Currently, averaging $755 a month.

I don 8767 t know how those stats are calcuated. Family of five in Southern Ontario. One income. We try to buy healthy food but with two teenagers and an eight year old, groceries are, by far, my biggest expense. 6755 6955 a month. For me groceries is everything, so food, soap, you buy to keep the house going. That does not include going out (which we can 8767 t afford anyway) or alcohol (we don 8767 t drink and couldn 8767 t afford it anyway).

Montreal too, single woman. Spend average 855-885 on groceries per month, don 8767 t eat grains except the occasional loaf of bread. Eat eggs every day, meat usually chicken) maybe 8x per week and on-sale red meat 7x per month. This doesn 8767 t include eating out. I am not very heavy and don 8767 t need a lot of food. Even though I know shopping in bulk for families is cheaper than being single, I 8767 m astounded by the low amounts being thrown around here. What on earth are people eating? Potatoes?