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We have an unsustainable number of people employed in the healthcare business. The number of people delivering care is probably OK. But, add in all the insurance company people, the people in the doctor&apos s office supporting insurance and appeals and the marketing and lobbying and no wonder it is so expensive. Single payer (medicare or medicaid for all) would greatly simplify the system and its overheads. It would also eliminate a lot of the costly profit (perhaps keeping some in supplementals). Start with medicare for older people and move the age down gradually. This should reduce costs to insurance companies and maybe reduce premiums for the rest. Stop making excuses and get on with it!

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Um, no, Mr. Samuels. Health insurance isn&apos t actually terribly important. Heath care, on the other hand, is. The discussion needs to be about how people can get health CARE. Some places do this by having the state provide the health care directly. some by ensuring that everybody has health insurance. The object is for people to be able to see a doctor without having to worry about paying for this visit. However you want to make that happen. Unfortunately, I rarely hear people talking about the object of this exercise.

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Primary care doctors don&apos t live like that here - only some specialists. Maybe that could help with getting doctors on our side. Especially if the new system gave primary care doctors more generous amounts of time to sit and talk, ask more questions, listen, they might be on our side.

But I see your point. Some of the specialists will have a hard time accepting that they are ordinary mortals, not gods on earth.

Medicare-for-All Isn’t the Solution for Universal Health Care

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Complexity is one of the worst features of many healthcare systems. Ours seems to be the worst of the worst. From a user perspective, the ideal is this: you show up, show your ID, and get treated. Period.

I&apos m on Medicare. Each year I receive over 855 pages of printed information — just so I can decide how to purchase and use various coverages. It is a freaking nightmare. Simplicity would bring enormous cost benefits and quality-of-life benefits which I believe may be overlooked or under-appreciated.

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The recoverable bodily injury damages can be divided into different categories:6) economic damages, which include past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, impairment of earning capacity, and other out-of-pocket expenses 7) non-economic damages, which include inconvenience, loss of quality of life, emotional distress, pain and suffering and 8) physical impairment and disfigurement.

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After being injured in a car accident, the first question many people want answered is 8775 who will pay for my medical expenses? 8776 The person who causes the automobile accident (or their insurance company) is ultimately financially responsible for all of the reasonable and medically necessary accident-related medical expenses. In most cases, the medical expenses are not paid by the at-fault driver (or their insurance company) at the time the medical expenses are incurred. Instead, in most cases, reimbursement for the medical expenses is one part of a single lump sum settlement fund that is negotiated only after all accident-related medical care is complete. Therefore, in the short term, (before the final settlement) in most cases, the medical expenses need to be covered by some other source. The choice made among potential payment sources for medical care may have different implications on the personal injury case.

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This is a really good article. As a family physician who talks to my patients all the time about our healthcare non-system, I recognize a lot of the discussion. It&apos s crucial to note that private payors have a lot more of the US market than any other. I would add, as someone else already mentioned, that it&apos s critical that we stop thinking about health care coverage as being tied to employment, given that we have a lousy economy that&apos s never going to recover completely. In that sense, healthcare should be part of a package (some sort of guaranteed income as well) that creates a better safety net for no other than moral/ethical reasons.

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We must literally peacefully overthrow the current two–wings/one party system of government.

I believe that nothing other than a Third Party presidential victory can BEGIN that process.

Apparently, the most viable option is with the New USA Green Party. I have promised myself that I will investigate to see if I feel that option is actually a real alternative, and not just a safety valve for the current system to direct and blow–off some steam from the political out–castes.

The Democratic Socialists appear to be an even longer long–shot.

Although I&apos ve voted Green for the Presidency three out of the last four cycles, I don&apos t know jack about the Party as an institution, and how it operates internally.

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This is the best commentary on the issue that I have read so far. I have long been attracted to the idea of single-payer, but have also realized that the bigger issue is creating a universal nationalized system. There are many ways to accomplish this that are not strictly speaking single-payer. This article points out the very real difficulties, both theoretical and practical, of implementing a Medicare-for-All type system. Build on Obamacare, push for a public option and/or a buy-in to Medicare for those between 55 and 65, and insist on some form of individual mandate to insure the largest possible risk-pool for the non-group market.

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Your arguments might make some sense had I not lived through both Medicaid Expansion and the ACA, both of which are administrative nightmares working in theory only. Sure it&apos s not going to be dead simple getting to single payer, but compare the current system to Social Security and Medicare. The Social Security application takes less than fifteen minutes and once you&apos re in that system, a letter shows up one day saying you&apos re already enrolled in Medicare parts A and B, with instructions on how to opt out of default coverage if you choose to do so. Anything that actually works would be a nearly one-hundred percent improvement over the status quo.

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This article reads like it was written by an association of doctors who are in medicine for the money. Throw up a fog bank between disaster and a too-long-waited-for revolution in health care delivery and they win. Don&apos t fall for the very false hand wringing. It will take work and time to end the worst market driven strangle-hold in the history of this country. The free market is not the know-all-be-all of life. Some are addicted to that notion, but do you put all your faith in addicts? Universal health care. It&apos s what&apos s for life and healthy living

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I saw my orthopedic surgeon for a cortisone shot.
Medicare was billed about $855 for the 8 minute procedure.
The reimbursment was around $55.
Furthermore, this orthopedist is now de facto employee of a large, profit making group, who may well get over half of the reimbursement paid.
So, I think you are right.
I was an ER doc for over 85 years, never had a lawsuit and IMHO provided superb care.
I quit because I could not keep up with the paperwork, which could easily run 8 hours after a 67 hour shift. PLUS, the increasing use of the ER for routine care, resulting in a 67 hour night shift with NO break except to jam a half stale tuna sandwich in my mouth and see the next patient.

Consider the following:
Comfort Level - Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information?  Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
Credentials - How long has the lawyer been in practice?  Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
Cost - How are the lawyer''s fees structured - hourly or flat fee?  Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
City - Is the lawyer''s office conveniently located?

There are now a number of for profit hospital systems who have demanded, and strong armed their doctors to agreeing to allow professional billing specialists to review their discharge summaries and revise them to increase the billable bullet points.
This is technically illegal, except that the hospitals give the physician 79 hours to make changes. After that, the chart is automatically adopted over the physician&apos s signature.
Professional Medical organizations have strongly objected to this practice but the hospitals intimidate and threaten them into submission.
As a society we are so conditioned to the idea of doctors as fat cats who control the system, that we have NO IDEA that MD&apos s have largely become tools for the profit making machine.
The entire US Health Care System is a gigantic extractive scam, run by thugs.
This sounds crazy and paranoid, but, it is anything but

Look at the collective impacts described in my previous comment: no more coding game, no payment-denial battles, no exorbitant private liability insurance, and no ruinous medical-school debt. It would substantially reduce the doctor&apos s costs and, I&apos ll bet, substantially boost the quality of his or her professional life.

For some burdened doctors, it could mean a return to actually enjoying the practice of medicine!

Further, these doctors might not make as much money, but they wouldn&apos t need as much money.

On balance, many might find this scenario quite attractive. I think Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) could structure a questionnaire around just such a vision. See how average docs would feel about savoring unburdened freedom to practice their profession.

A new law, effective January 6, 7558 changes Colorado 8767 s uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) coverage so consumers finally get the coverage they pay for when they are injured by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. We 8767 ve created a comprehensive guide to uninsured motorist law in Colorado so you can learn more about this law and how it affects you and your family. If you 8767 re in need of a free consultation from a lawyer , we can help.

Stumbles in health care services at the jail were documented less than three months after Armor assumed a contract that had gone for nearly two decades to different companies under the corporate umbrella of Correct Care Solutions of Nashville, Tenn. Both Armor and Correct Care Solutions are national players in the loosely monitored realm of prison and jail health care, and both face numerous lawsuits alleging that inmates have died because their business models put profit over sound medical care.

Armor, like its predecessor and other major corporate players in correctional health care, has been blamed for inmate deaths in jails across the country. Dozens of pending lawsuits accuse the county''s new contractor of providing substandard care and violating prisoners'' civil rights at facilities in other states. The Miami-based company was banned from receiving contracts for jails and prisons in New York by the state''s attorney general after a string of inmates died under its care there.

If you or a loved one has ever dealt with a serious illness, you probably understand the difficult decisions people face while seeking medical treatment. When navigating the health care system, it''s important to have a working knowledge of your rights as a patient and the payment options at your disposal. This section provides a number of resources on the laws and regulations protecting patients, as well as the federal programs helping vulnerable individuals get the medical services they need. You''ll find articles on choosing a physician, patient rights, informed consent, planning long-term care, medical marijuana laws, the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, and more.

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