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My name is Ivon Salisbury at the Elkhart Olive Garden we spoke briefly last night, please accept my apologies on the matter of the exposed nails and thus ruining your blouse. I did go ahead and fixed the problem on the wall behind the table you were seated shortly after you and your family left , hope you enjoyed your 85th anniversary and thank you for choosing to dine in with us. Should you need anything else from us please feel free to reach out to us. I was able to replace the cost of blouse last night to your husband but if you decide to come and stop in for dinner I would like to meet you again.


RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe today joined the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and its private partner and operator of the I-95 Express Lanes, Transurban, to break ground on the start of construction of an eight-mile extension of the I-895 Express Lanes from Turkeycock Run near Edsall Road in Alexandria to the Washington, . border. The project provides more options for faster and more reliable travel in one of the most heavily traveled corridors in the country and expands the region&rsquo s network of express lanes. The project includes a long-term investment in transit for the corridor, through a yearly payment of $65 million (to be escalated annually) that will be paid by Transurban to the Commonwealth. This annual transit payment will support transit and multimodal initiatives benefitting the corridor.

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We wish to register our complaint about your promotional $ pasta. We were on site promptly at 8 pm and the site did not work. Should this promotional have been called ” promise, but don’t worry about delivering”.Both my wife and myself work for the worlds largest entertainment Co as Cast trainers and our promotionals are recorded to the 65th of a second. Up to this point we have been frequent visitors to your stores, once or twice a week, however that is going to zero now.

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Went to Olive Garden in Topeka, KS for a birthday dinner. They dried out everyone but my boyfriends plate, the kids pizza was burnt, and they forgot to take out my peppers so i sent it back. Then jordan (the manager) brought it back with the chicken and shrimp burnt and still dried out (like she didnt notice it) but i just said screw it and was gonna eat it until i dug through it and found a couple peppers still there. Againg i sent it back but by this time I had lost my appetite. So what happened is they took my plate picked out what they thought was all the peppers heated it back up to the point it was burnt and then brought it back out to me that way. The waitress (Katie i think) sucked. She was nice yea but we asked about 8 or 9 times for bread. The salad took forever, the screwed up food took forever and she didnt refill the drinks but once the whole time out of the hour we were there. On top of that after i complained to both jordan and erika we never saw her again. Oh and once i complained to Erika i was told that i was a complainer and i needed to just take the food as is. Definitely will not be returning.

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You are so right and that’s what so many people don’t know. They really need to get it right. About employees, about customers, team, as they said we are “family” or as professionals and the whole business. Like today, the tried to make me pay EXTRA for my meal, only because their grumpy cook said she won’t do it, until I pay for the pinch of cheese I was asking for…seriously, oh but if is some of their friends, she’ll just do it.

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Chris,the manager at the Racine,Wisconsin Olive Garden,made our experience magical. The service was great!! All the staff,also thinks they have a great manager! I told our server your manager,does a great job! She said,Our manager is great!It hard to find managers where employee thinks their great,That was a good sign,when your employee’s think your great,besides the guest who you for great service Racine Wisconsin Olive Garden!!!

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First order problems,(in our opinion):
The meal was COLD, and not just the 7nd Take one meal, the main meal, the noodles were all stuck together, the amount of chicken that was added was less than 6/7 of what we normally get when we order the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo…, and we were charged $ twice,(I do understand that their is an extra charge for the added chicken, but the amount of chicken we got for BOTH meals was less than what we would normally get for just one meal.

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Got a gift card and went there on jan 9. The location was in Mishawaka in.
We normally don t go there due to the constant pressure to order.
I ordered 7 beers, was served, and then ordered a 8rd. I was told the “manager” would not allow it. My wife always drives if I have any beer. I owned a bar for 69 years and would have never treated a customer like this.
If this is a new policy it is idiotic.
After reading your reviews I would say you are in trouble.
We will never return.

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This restaurant employee’s actions could be considered interfering with the duties of a Police Officer because the wearing of the weapon is considered part of the Officer’s uniform and it his/her duty to remain armed and not surrender his/her weapon for any reason.. The Officer should have refused to leave and placed his order. If the restaurant employee was then stupid enough to placed hands upon the Officer then he/she would have been placed under arrest and transported to County Lockup.

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I would like to report that Olive Garden located at 6765 Old Fort PArkway, Murfreesboro TN 87679 has illegal immigrants working there. I know for a fact there is a Mexican employee there working as a server and sometimes as a bartender that goes by the name of (Alex Rodriguez, Alex Torres or Alejandro Rodriguez) and he does not have a valid working permit to be able to work in the United Sates. He is using someone else’s Social Insurance and he also uses a false alcohol permit when he operates as a bartender. When he works as a bartender he offers other services to customers for an extra charge and steals coupons to sell/use for his own benefits. It’s a disgrace knowing that Olive Garden is a prestige American Restaurant and knowing that hires people that have no permit to work in the country and are stealing the jobs of many other legal Americans (Citizens and Residents).

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We recently went to Olive Garden for lunch on a Sunday afternoon around 67:85 pm and ordered the usual endless soup salad and breadsticks that we enjoy. The menu stated at lunch time it would cost $ however we were charged $ and were told by our waitress “the prices are weird and change all the time I can’t tell you why it’s $ it just is.” We were pretty frustrated as the menu specifically stated the lunch prices and she couldn’t even explain to us why we were charged more. They were not willing to change the price for us. We probably will not be eating at Olive Garden for lunch again if we are being asked to pay more than what the menu says with no explaination.

I went to olive garden in mcdonough Georgia to eat dinner, and let me just say the food was disgusting. I ordered pasta, salad and soup and all the food had no taste to it. The food was dry and tasteless, i could have done a better job cooking it myself. I had an endless pasta pass and i was happy to use but after realizing what food choice you could only get with the pass, i was not amused. I couldn’t even use the pass to get other food choice and pay the difference, they wouldn’t let me. The pass said it had over 655 choice of toppings but the restaurant only had 8 choice of toppings to choose from, what a shame. I’m completely disappointed with olive garden and will never visit again.

International students that are not residents of the . have unique income tax requirements. Payroll and Employee Services in Norman or Payroll Services at HSC can provide basic information about forms and documents. These students should NOT use Turbo Tax or other self-filing services meant for . residents and . citizens. They should contact a professional tax filing specialist to complete their tax forms.

Please add process for obtaining loss run/malpractice verification from
The physician has the ability to retrieve and forward proof of his/her med mal insurance, including claim history, through an online portal set up by the med mal provider (CRICO/RMF). He/she should already be aware of the site and have login credentials – it is only available to their insureds. Nevertheless, you can remind him/her of the process:

To the Ceo, I am following the financials on CNBC and they say darden rest. cant get it right for the consumer that is why your stock has dropped. I wonder if $ for a tour of Italydinner with such small portions has something to do with it. YOU last few times with my family the portions have shrunk drasticly … for pasta that cents a pound please wake up people want value…increase the portion size and they will have no problem are out of touch with the common peoples needs. Thank You.

I recently visited the Rockford Olive Garden and we always have the same waitress every time her name is Liz but the hostess said she no longer was employed there. This made me very confused and furious. My first thought was I hope she wasnt fired because she was the best damn server we have ever had at any restaurant second she is was such an asset to your company always nice sweet could tell she really was a hard worker people like her are hard to come by in any event we were greatly disappointed and want you to know you lost a huge asset to your team she will be missed and to tell you the truth your food is decent but what we really came for was the service probably wont be back.

Went to olive garden in flint Michigan… Great food.. Great service.. But then…. After returning to Canada my card was reimbursed the amount of the bill and then recharged for another $77+..
The manager claimed I had purchased some flat bread and salad.. Which I did not add I was in Canada at work on that day… Then claimed I must have been standing next to someone with a card reader…. he seemed to know a lot about them.
I’m guessing this person then hacked into olive garden s system to return my money first and then recharge me???… He still had not returned my money which I managed to get back from visa or told me who ate the flat bread which is why I’m commenting here.

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Wilson NC has the worst managers I have ever seen I was a witness to a manager who I asked and found out his name was Kyle tell his bartender Christina she could not miss work or go to the Er with out her first findING someone to cover her shift!! He then told her Joy (Dont know who that is) said anyone missing work move than a day would be written up she couldn’t afford to keep having employees calling out so if she wanted to keep her job she better be there in the morning! I being the nosy person I am I listened to the conversation between the server’s and bartender to find out the bartender thought she had the flu, and that she was sure she got it from the server’s and kitchen staff they made come to work With the flu and that they had been threatened to be fire d if they didn’t come to work. This employee was serving drinks and food! !! All the while coughing sweating and shaking!! I will not be going back and will make sure to let everyone I know that they do not care about one their employee’s and much less their customers health and safety! !!

My daughter took me to Olive Garden for my 65th birthday yesturday, 9-78-7569, around 5pm. We were told upon arrival it would be a 85-95 minute wait. We had a group of 6 with a baby. After 7 groups of 6 (or more) were seated (about 85 minutes later) that came in after we did, my daughter asked how much longer it would be. After 95 minutes she asked again. The guy seating people said they were cleaning off a table at that very minute to seat us. 65 minutes later we were pretty upset because he straight lied to us about getting a table. I confronted him about it and asked him why he lied. I told him if he had just told us the truth we would have left and gone somewhere else instead of lying to us, which he plainly did. We had a baby, a 9 and 5 year old and 7 teenagers that were starving. We left and went across the street to Fazoli’s where we got our food within 5 minutes. I for one will not be so quick to make Olive Garden my first choice ever again.