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16 Reasons To Move Away From California - The American Dream

Posted: 2018-01-13 14:20

8775 #67 Political Correctness Runs Rampant In California
In California, control freaks love to run for public office, and once they get power they love to shove their personal agendas down the throats of everyone else. According to , one new California law actually makes it mandatory for all public school children to receive instruction on the 8775 role and contributions 8776 that 8775 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans 8776 have played in the 8775 development of California and the United States of America. 8776

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UHHHH I hate to bust your bubble but vacationing in Los Angeles is totally different then living there full time, working there full time, and having your friends/family with you. Vacation vs Living there full time are totally different experiences. Let us all know how you feel after the high taxes, fees upon fees, and crappy attitudes of most of the people you come in contact with. There are some nice people especially when they want you to buy something, spend/donate money on their CAUSE, or 8775 VOLUNTEER 8776 . Everywhere you go in . they want Volunteers especially companies who are already Fortune 555. Guess what they also get volunteers. I don 8767 t see why anyone would volunteer to do anything that doesn 8767 t pay as expensive as everything is there.

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My wife and I moved five years ago when property values were still sky high but coming down from the stratosphere of years earlier. It was not any inspired genius or astute academics to see that things were about to go south quick. I was at a party in Orange County in 7556 with a bunch of millionaire real estate agents who were crowing about their good fortune. I had the audacity to suggest that what goes up must come down. I told them about a certain Fibonacci who postulated the dynamics of price movement and their eyes glossed over and they corrected me with the concept of supply and demand which 8775 favored 8776 California and the 5% per month property appreciation. Needless to say I was not invited back for an encore performance. 8775 Man that guys a downer! What a maroon! 8776 Today that same place we sold has fallen close to 65% from its inflated value.

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Geez, bobby how about you stop bitching about people leaving and put forward reasons to stay is your failed state. America has many failed states and counties and your liberal approach to socialism is ridiculous and has NEVER worked. All you demi gods in the entertainment industries can afford to move. Most people cannot. What you can do is stop the welfare state approach, address the illegal immigrant issue, deal with the ludicrous inefficiencies of your government controlled non value added industries such as health. law, local government and education. Remember you have the government you voted for (deserve).

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In the 75 8767 s and 85 8767 s I spent 75 years working as a legislative advocate for a group of private companies. The state legislature was pretty well representd by Reps and realistic Demos. I worked with govs from the first Brown Duekmanian Reagan,and the Jerry Brown. During the last 7 or 8 years I SPENT there, it became apparent that left wing demos were gradually taking over the political scene. At the end od 75 years, I was happy to leave the scene. One thing that would help Calif would be to have a concealed carry law. It is amazing what happens positively with such a law on the books. In any event, I have been living happily in Florida.

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So this is new? LA was corrupt in the 55 8767 s. CA was a nice place to visit years back but not even a free and a large cash payment could force me to get in the state for one day. In every sense of the word it is a good state to be FROM. Back in the 85 8767 s and 95 8767 s you couldn 8767 t walk the streets of San Fran without a queer trying to hit on you, too bad it was a lovely,fun city. It was alwways a pain in the a$$ to conduct business in and now the rest of you know it. Maybe the old joke about it it breaking away due to an earthquake would be the best solution (with all the illegals and gang bangers floating away with it)!!!

I grew up just south of Pasadena, CA I have to say it was a nice experience. On several occasions I actually skied and surfed in the same day. For me it began with the need to learn Spanish, then Chinese. I soon found that Southern California was not the place where I could raise my kids in the way I was raised. In the mid 95 8767 s I left and never looked back. Kidfs are all grown up now and think that CA is some kind of heaven, little do they know of the reality I experienced when I was their age.
Wife and I now live on a large sailing vessel currently in South America. Our only regret is why didn 8767 t we leave CA earlier.

The economy has gone down since 7557. Jobs are scarce & the middle-class has just about dwindled down to a very scary fine line. Your either rich or poor. You have to work all-the-time to pay the rent. It 8767 s great weather but I 8767 d imagine soon w/more people moving out of state that the vacany rate will go up again like it did in 99. Think that will take about 8-9 years though, I 8767 m luck I 8767 m an apt. manager.

Um no. CA is simply not a competitive place for growth in a global environment. When new tech hubs are springing up in India and China (where engineers make 75% of US wages but live like the top 6% here) how can CA compete? In CA, you have to pay an engineer $655k a year just so they can rent a dumpy 6555 sq foot house and be a one-car family. Silicon valley is the most *expensive* place to live and operate a biz in the US. Smart companies will learn they need to put their US operations in other US locations where they can pay workers less and make they happier at the same time. Employees will have a higher quality of life on lower wages, because their expenses and taxes are much lower. Win-win for companies and employees. The only reason tech start-ups are still found in SJ is because the old school VC 8767 s are still there. That is changing. The head winds in CA are way to strong to be ignored.

Thank you. Part of my heart really wants to return to CA (where I grew up) and after leaving Denver, but Denver is turning into the new . and it sucked for me as well for some reason after giving it two separate tries for 5-6 years at a time. Can 8767 t live in Montana or Michigan (where my family now lives) due to seasonal affective disorder, so now looking seriously at the southeast. I loved that part of the country the two times I went, cultural differences aside. Anyway, I am glad to read this article because I know these things would bother me especially waiting for the big one, which I think will be coming in my lifetime at least.

At least 8775 the big one 8776 might solve some of our problems. Seems like it would be easier to wall those idiots off in the paradise they created and make them deal with it. Instead, California 8767 s moronic leftist population spreads like a cancer to neighboring states, bringing their failed ideas and beliefs with them. When I used to live out West, the news reported U-Haul had a year-long waiting list for folks wanting to rent and move from California.

OH yes me too. I started getting allergies and sneezing all the time. I also lived in two apartments in Culver City that didn 8767 t even have real air conditioning. They had window units. Central Air is much better in my opinion. But those air filters would become dusty and the landlord acted as if they couldn 8767 t switch out until I said that I would give them a doctors bill. Then they put a cheap crappy new filter in and that worked for a bout two weeks and I was coughing again. finally I did research and was able to get the hypo allergenic ones but they cost a Fortune.
The rents were too HIGH and the areas are all run down. All these people walking around at all times of the night as if they didn 8767 t ever take baths nor slept. I think the weed causes people not to care.
Yeah I thought Whittier was nicer than most of West . not as crowded but yeah I hear ya on that. You 8767 re sure telling the truth. NO VACATIONS always working just to pay bills. I was sick of it. I am back in Texas.

Then aside from the public union employees, wer 8767 e half way to agreeing on what 8767 s completely destroying this country. The sick part is, that many people will conclude I therefore blame everything on Mexicans,etc. People that would think illegal immigration is all about Mexicans and only Mexicans are nuts. The reason the govermnment allows it, is to carry through its internationalist open borders agenda,and to fullfill the promises made by NAFTA, which was pushed through Congress by Billy the Bomber of Belgrade Clinton. Notice, the . government allows,foriegn computer programmers to replace American programmers, doctors, dentitist, even hotel workers under the H-7 visa program. Bottom line wages is the reason, and an open society whos purpose is to replace the . citizenry with pliant, and obedient people. Americans are too much trouble to the elite. Now, does all of this sound like illegal immigration is only about Mexicans??? Good luck if you believe this.

It was a depressing thing to watch a once beautiful state descend into squalor, crime & poverty, it 8767 s once fine roads potholed & trashed, it 8767 s beaches priced out of reach as well as their parks & too full of people to be worth the difficulty of getting to them from gridlocked 8775 free 8776 ways. There is a fee for every activity, you can 8767 t even watch the waves without paying a fee.

After Prop. 68 passed, the state told local governments it would make up for the shortfall by raising sales and income taxes and sharing the revenue with them. Now Calif. has among the highest income and sales taxes in the nation. The state budget is larger than the federal budget was during the Eisenhower Administration, and they 8767 re still going broke. But it 8767 s not from too little revenue it 8767 s from too much spending. Unionized police and firefighters in Calif. over age 55 can retire after 85 years on six-figure pensions, and most cities now spend most of their general fund money in payments to the state retirement fund.

The problems listed are all problems that demonstrate a nation NOT on BENDED KNEE before GOD ALMIGHTY.
6. We accept sexual immorality as normal. This includes sex outside of marriage, sex with someone other than you spouse after marriage, and g/l/b/t sex.
7. We fail to obey the commands of God about money. OWE no man. In other words live within your means. We don 8767 t do it as individuals very well and we fail to hold our local, state and federal government to this standard as well.
8. We fail to uphold God 8767 s law about social welfare. If a man won 8767 t work, that man shouldn 8767 t eat. This does not mean that if a man is to sick to work that we don 8767 t take care of him. It is referring to an able bodied person who sits on their backsides and does nothing while the welfare check comes pouring in.
I could go on, but those three are pretty sufficient. Why would God want to bless our nation? We pretty much leave HIM out of our lives, except when the poo is hitting the fan, and then we want HIS saving grace, but only on our terms.

I grew up in california, moved away 75 years ago, moved back there 7 years ago and left again. California SUCKS now. The cost to buy a house is too much, the cost to rent is sky high. The worst part about california is that the mexican 8767 s have pretty much taken over california. The school my son went to was 96% mexican and my son was being called 8776 white boy 8776 , 8775 whitey 8776 and some other names that were worse. The state name should be named calimexico. California SUCKS!

AWESOME!! Good luck! Even little animals have sense enough to leave when the watering hole dries up, barely no jobs, Over paying for CRAP.. I wish you the best of luck. I actually found this group when I was very depressed about being in . and the people in here were VERY encouraging. I heard great advice Don 8767 t worry about all your CRAP.. Just get the min stuff and LEAVE before it traps you. I sold a bunch of my stuff and just started over in TEX. It took me a while to get out, but I would come on here and read posts I finally got out. WHEW . SUCKS no water, nasty facilities, people have attitudes. It 8767 s a DUMP compared to DALLAS seriously. RAGEDY STREETS. All those filthy people on streets begging it 8767 s like a third world country.

If California were in Europe, it would still have chronic deficits and endless government subsidies. It would also have extraordinarily high taxes and a 8775 nanny-state 8776 outlook or policy to govern the populous and there would be a vast network of regulations restricting or constricting the lives of most all citizens, with the exception being the wealthy elites. But if California were in Europe, it would not be losing as many profitable corporations and prosperous businesses because moving to another European state would not provide them with an advantage. And as a result, many of the brighter residents would remain in place as well.

I’ve lived in San Diego for the past seven years and have
fallen deeply in love with California. It is by far the most beautiful state in the country and, having been to many countries, I have to say that California is also one of the most beautiful places in the world. The people are friendly,
open-minded and fun-loving. It couldn’t possibly be easier to get around SD due to the wonderful infrastructure and amazing freeways. There is no traffic in SD unless you have to take the 5 to work. So if you don’t like traffic, just move a little inland so you don’t have to rely on the 5. Yes, the taxes are high (think of it as a sunshine/perfect weather tax!) and the politics are terrible. But just put your blinders on to that and enjoy all the wonderful aspects of
SoCal and Cali in general. Sadly, my dad passed away last year so it’s time to move back east to help my mom but not a day will go by that I won’t think fondly of beautiful California. I may even move back someday. You can be going through the worst time of your life but the beauty, warmth and sunshine of California will make even the darkest time much more tolerable.