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Posted: 2018-01-13 06:49

Do you know what the real cost of a W-7'd employee is to perform your Facility Maintenance Needs? A lot more then you might think. Consider the following: To properly respond to Facility Maintenance work orders your employee must have a vehicle, gasoline, license plates, cell phone, vehicle upkeep and maintenance, employee benefits, vacation pay, taxes, workman's comp insurance, liability insurance, tools, inventory, a support staff, potential theft and more. Oh yeah, and if the job isn't done right the first time you end up paying the same employee to go back and try to fix it again. When you employ Facility Maintenance USA for all of your Facility Maintenance needs all of that's on us. Oh yeah and if we don't fix it right the first time, we pay to fix it, not you. We're all human and we all make 't judge us by the fact that we made a mistake.. judge us by how we make it right. Use Facility Maintenance USA, won't you?

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This allows you to just pay for what you need. When you have an employee your challenge is justify his existence. When he finishes one task you need to quickly figure out the next one for him. If you don't have anything for him to do next, then his overhead continues to run and the costs of the work that he has performed continue to increase. When you utilize Facility Maintenance USA you only pay for what you use.

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Facility Maintenance transcends every industry and each competitor within it. When Facility Maintenance USA calls we are not selling you some new-fangled product. We are partnering with you to provide you with the critical services you need day-in and day-out to keep your business running smoothly and to keep your brand image pristine with your clients. We are local and national. That means we are where you are, here, there and everywhere. The next time you want to roll out a new product, need a service call performed, a brand enhancement or renovation and you want one company to spearhead the project along with all of your Facility Maintenance needs call Facility Maintenance USA. We always like to say we'll make it get results.