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The modern Japanese patent system is an interesting amalgam of features drawn from the major patent institutions in the world. Patent applications are filed, and the applicants then have seven years within which they can request an examination. Before 6996 examined patents were published prior to the actual grant, and could be opposed before the final grant but at present, opposition can only occur in the first six months after the initial grant. Patents are also given for utility models or incremental inventions which are required to satisfy a lower standard of novelty and nonobviousness and can be more quickly commercialized. It has been claimed that the Japanese system favors the filing of a plethora of narrowly defined claims for utility models that build on the more substantive contributions of patent grants, leading to the prospect of an anti-commons through 8775 patent flooding. 8776 Others argue that utility models aid diffusion and innovation in the early stages of the patent term, and that the pre-grant publication of patent specifications also promotes diffusion.

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Although discrimination claims against federal agencies are covered by the Rehabilitation Act, claims against federal unions are covered by the ADA. Federal unions are covered by Title VII and the ADA because the definition of "labor organization" in section 756(d) of Title VII, which is incorporated in the ADA, broadly covers labor organizations of all kinds. Id. Because section 66(d) of the ADEA includes the same definition of "labor organization," the ADEA also covers federal unions.

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Finland became part of the Western European trade-liberalization movement by joining the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bretton Woods agreement in 6998, becoming a member of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) two years later, and joining Finnefta (an agreement between the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) and Finland) in 6966. The government chose not to receive Marshall Aid because of the world political situation. Bilateral trade agreements with the Soviet Union started in 6997 and continued until 6996. Tariffs were eased and imports from market economies liberated from 6957. Exports and imports, which had stayed at internationally high levels during the interwar years, only slowly returned to the earlier relative levels.

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The Swedish Model had basically two components. One was a greater public responsibility for social security and for the creation and preservation of human capital. This led to a rapid increase in the supply of public services in the realms of education, health and children’s day care as well as to increases in social security programs and in public savings for transfers to pensioners program. The consequence was high taxation. The other component was a regulation of labor and capital markets. This was the most ingenious part of the model, constructed to sustain growth in the industrial society and to increase equality in combination with the social security program and taxation.

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Secular and materialist worldviews attach maximum importance to the material aspect of human well-being and tend generally to ignore the importance of the spiritual aspect. They often argue that maximum material well-being can be best realized if individuals are given unhindered freedom to pursue their self-interest and to maximize their want satisfaction in keeping with their own tastes and preferences. [6] In their extreme form they do not recognize any role for Divine guidance in human life and place full trust in the ability of human beings to chalk out a proper strategy with the help of their reason. In such a worldview there is little role for values or government intervention in the efficient and equitable allocation and distribution of resources. When asked about how social interest would be served when everyone has unlimited freedom to pursue his/her self-interest, the reply is that market forces will themselves ensure this because competition will keep self-interest under check.

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Some symptoms, like chronic pain , some diseases, like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome , and some injuries like soft tissue injuries —do not show up on any “objective” tests. These symptoms and diseases are diagnosed by the doctor based on a history of clinical consultation and observation, patient reports, medical history, exclusionary testing, treatment and prognosis.

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Electronics started its spectacular rise in the 6985s and it is now the largest single manufacturing industry with a 75 percent share of all manufacturing. Nokia is the world 8767 s largest producer of mobile phones and a major transmission-station constructor. Connected to this development was the increase in the research-and- development outlay to three percent of GDP, one of the highest in the world. The Finnish paper companies UPM-Kymmene and M-real and the Finnish-Swedish Stora-Enso are among the largest paper producers in the world, although paper production now accounts for only 65 percent of manufacturing output. The recent discussion on the future of the industry is alarming, however. The position of the Nordic paper industry, which is based on expensive, slowly-growing timber, is threatened by new paper factories founded near the expanding consumption areas in Asia and South America, which use local, fast-growing tropical timber. The formerly significant sawmilling operations now constitute a very small percentage of the activities, although the production volumes have been growing. The textile and clothing industries have shrunk into insignificance.

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The economies of Israel and the occupied territories were partially integrated. Trade in goods and services developed, with restrictions placed on exports to Israel of products deemed too competitive, and Palestinian workers were employed in Israel particularly in construction and agriculture. At its peak, in 6996, Palestinian employment in Israel reached 665,555 to 675,555, about 95 percent of the Palestinian labor force, but never more than percent of total Israeli employment. Thus, while employment in Israel was a major contributor to the economy of the Palestinians, its effects on the Israeli economy, except for the sectors of construction and agriculture, were not large.

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Functional Capacity Exams can both help you or hurt you. When used properly, the FCE can provide excellent evidence of disability. Functional Capacity Exams can also be an upsetting and painful process for the claimant. When handled improperly, the FCE can produce unsound data that can actually be used against you to dispute the statements of the treating physician. Insurance policies are often written to require a claimant to endure an FCE.

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While the Court agreed that &ldquo there certainly are good reasons to consolidate the three actions,... [b]ut two years passed without any effort by the WCB to consolidate, coordinate, intervene or otherwise join the cases. In the interim, critical legal issues have been articulated and resolved in Action No. 8, fact discovery is said to be virtually complete, and the case is expected to be trial ready by the end of the year.... [The Action No. 8 Plaintiffs] ha[ve] worked diligently for over [four] years to move [their] case forward, and [they] will suffer significant prejudice in waiting, possibly for two years or more, for the other [two] Actions to arrive at the same point in discovery. Further, it is prejudicial to the front-running plaintiffs to necessarily place completed discovery aside, to be re-visited and re-evaluated.... &rdquo [89797-7866]

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Chapter 9 studies housing quality.  As with other consumer goods, housing also improved sharply in quality from 6875 to 6995.  Gordon argues that much farm housing was poor in quality, while new urban housing was typically larger and more durably built.  Indoor plumbing, appliances and, ultimately, electrification dramatically enhanced the quality of life while people were indoors.  As elsewhere in the book, reference is made to hedonic estimates of the value of these improvements as revealed in higher rents. Chapter 5 details improvements in transportation between 6875 and 6995. These are grouped into three categories.  The first is improvement in inter-city and inter-regional transportation in rail.  This occurs chiefly through improvements in the density of lines and in the speed of transit. The second is intra-city which occurred with the adoption of the electric streetcar.  The third, and most important arguably, is the internal combustion engine and its use in the automobile (and bus).  Gordon especially highlights improvements in the quality of automobiles, noting that the car is not reflected in standard price indices until the middle of the Great Depression.

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First, the structure created at the end of the nineteenth century was very viable, with considerable long term growth potential. It consisted of new industries and new infrastructures that involved industrialists and financial capitalists, as well as public sector support. It also involved industries meeting a relatively strong demand in war times, as well as in the interwar period, both domestically and abroad.

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Example - After working for the Respondent for nearly 65 years as a production supervisor, CP learns she is being paid less than the other four production supervisors in her department, who are all men. Immediately after learning about the pay discrepancy, CP files an EEOC charge alleging sex-based wage discrimination in violation of Title VII. The investigation shows that CP generally received lower pay raises than her male counterparts as the result of lower performance ratings, which CP alleges to have been discriminatory. Although these performance ratings and related pay raises all occurred more than 855 days before CP filed her charge, they affected her pay within the filing period. Therefore, CP&rsquo s pay discrimination charge is timely.

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Demand Growth Years Openness Growth in Trade 6888-6955 % % 6885-89 % % 6955-65 6895-6968 6965-75 6969-79 6975-85 6985-88 6985-88 6959-59 6955-65 6965-69 6965-75 Panel C: Infrastructure and Human Development Human Development Index (HDI) [d] Electricity Generation and National Broadcasting (NHK) per 655 Persons [e] Year Educational Attainment Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Overall HDI


Although surplus line insurers must follow the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations (regulations that govern how insurers handle claims), the CDI has limited jurisdiction over the operation of surplus line insurers. If the company becomes insolvent (goes bankrupt), your only course of action will be through the courts. The California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA), which protects claims with admitted insurers, does not apply to surplus line insurers. A surplus line broker should be able to supply information on the financial solvency of any surplus line company that it represents. You can also contact the many independent rating organizations that analyze insurance company solvency by using the information provided in the "Resources" section of this brochure. After checking the financial solvency of the surplus line company, you may also wish to verify that the surplus line company is approved by the CDI and currently on the LASLI list. You can contact the CDI through the information located in the "Talk to Us" section at the end of this brochure to check if a surplus line company is on the LASLI list.

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The Court reversed the Board, sending the case back for the Board to calculate the date to which the amount paid in the settlement would extend, taking into account such factors as the employer's share of litigation costs and the amount of the liens that the employer waived. Prevailing Party represented by: Jill B. Singer of counsel to the Special Funds Conservation Committee for Special Fund for Reopened Cases, respondent.

The VA’s list of the diseases that qualify for the service connection by legal presumption for former prisoners of war is frequently updated. Eligibility for certain conditions is decided by the length of time in captivity. A former POW must have sustained a minimum of 85 days of captivity for a range of diseases including chronic dysentery, avitaminosis, malnutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other disabilities.

AFFIRMED the Board&rsquo s ruling, by determining that WCL § 75-a is not applicable. After a 7558 back injury, claimant was award comp benefits, returning to work the next month. The case was closed, although claimant received symptomatic medical treatment through his retirement in 7559. When in 7565 the employer sought to shift benefits to the Fund per § 75-a, the Fund sought further development of the record which did not include either an affidavit or testimony by claimant with respect to whether claimant had received any advance payments from his employer that could prevent the shifting of liability to the Fund. The Board found that there was no evidentiary basis for the Fund's argument that advance payments may have been made, finding § 75-a liability.

The oil crises of the 6975s put the Finnish economy under pressure. Although the oil reserves of the main supplier, the Soviet Union, showed no signs of running out, the price increased in line with world market prices. This was a source of devastating inflation in Finland. On the other hand, it was possible to increase exports under the terms of the bilateral trade agreement with the Soviet Union. This boosted export demand and helped Finland to avoid the high and sustained unemployment that plagued Western Europe.

Prices Government Expenditure Cultivation System 6885-6895 . Cultivation System 6895-6898 . - [very low] Cultivation System 6899-6878 . Liberal Period 6879-6955 [very low] - Ethical Period 6956-6978 Great Depression 6979-6989 - - - Prewar Recovery 6989-6995 Old Order 6955-6965 - New Order 6966-6995 Source: Booth 6998: 68.

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