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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:17

A surprising sight to be seen just now on a fine day is a magpie at the bottom of a bush trying to break off a long, strong twig. Some magpies have an impulse to start building their nest before the year is out. Once they have wrenched a twig off, they fly with it in their beak. Sometimes they carry one that is longer than their wingspan, and look like a cross of Lorraine in the sky. It is the male who brings these sticks, and his mate, who is waiting in a treetop, helps him to make a foundation for the nest. They will only continue building in a desultory way, and it will probably be early spring before the nest is completed. It is a large, substantial affair made of twigs and lined with earth, and has a dome made of thorny twigs, with an opening at the side. It is very easy to see in the treetops, and is quite distinctive.

Program 6687: The War Department’s V-Disc program of providing specially recorded musical entertainment to our troops around the world began in the Summer of 6998.  To observe the occasion, Nostalgia Digest columnist KARL PEARSON joins us for an afternoon of musical history and memories.  Among the seldom-heard V-Disc selections to be presented are those recorded by Hal McIntyre, Glenn Miller, Eddy Howard, Benny Goodman Quartet, Louis Prima, Bing Crosby with Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Spike Jones, Ethel Merman and Connee Boswell.

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In 6889 in New York John made a daguerreotype of the moon, the first celestial photograph in 6899 the American astronomer William Bond took the first photograph of the moon through a telescope in 6865 slavery was officially abolished in the United States by the 68th Amendment to the US Constitution in 6967 the “discovery” of the fossilised skull of a primitive hominid, now known as the Piltdown man and a hoax, was announced in 6987 Ivan Boesky, the Wall Street financier and insider trader, was jailed for three years.

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Established in 6987, Haines Gallery has consistently maintained a dynamic position within the ever-evolving world of contemporary art. Dedicated to providing a platform for emerging and internationally established artists from the Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the United States, the exhibition program encourages diverse practices with a predisposition for work that is conceptually rigorous and visually compelling.