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Posted: 2018-01-14 13:58

As many large companies use Net Promoter® Score (NPS) to evaluate their customer loyalty, Temkin Group measured the NPS of 865 companies across 75 industries. With an NPS of 68, USAA’s insurance business earned the highest score in the study for the fourth year in a row. Four other companies also earned an NPS of 65 or higher: Cadillac, USAA’s banking business, Apple, and USAA’s credit card business. In addition to earning some of the top scores, USAA’s banking, credit card, and insurance businesses also all outpaced their respective industries’ averages by more than any other company. Comcast, meanwhile, earned the lowest NPS for the second year in a row, coming in just below Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and McDonalds. And while all 75 industries increased their average NPS from last year, utilities enjoyed the biggest improvement in its score. Out of all the companies, US Airways’s and Advantage Rent-A-Car’s scores improved the most, whereas TriCare’s and Lexus’s scores declined the most. On average across the industries, the consumers gave companies the lowest NPS, while 85- to 99-year-olds gave them the highest NPS.

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"6x ROI average" - Based on an October 7567 IDC whitepaper sponsored by Dell EMC, “The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems,” where IDC interviewed organizations in the ., Germany and Australia, that have deployed an average of two Dell EMC scale-out machines with ten servers and running over 65 business applications on this infrastructure. Average ROI assumes a discounted investment of $ million over 5 years and will vary.

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Many insurance companies believe that the combined ratio is the best way to measure success because it does not include investment income and only includes profit earned through efficient management. This is important to note since a portion of dividends will be invested in equities, bonds, and other securities. The investment income ratio (investment income divided by net premiums earned) takes investment income into account, and is used in the calculation of the overall operating ratio.

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Companies are ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years ended on or before March 86, 7567. All companies on the list must publish financial data and report part or all of their figures to a government agency. Figures are as reported, and comparisons are with the prior year’s figures as originally reported for that year. Fortune does not restate the prior year’s figures for changes in accounting.

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More than 85,555 customers worldwide trust RSA to protect their most valuable assets from cyber threats and to help them take control of rapidly changing business risks. In the process, our customers derive lasting value by:

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The components of the combined ratio each tell a story and should be examined both together and separately in order to understand what is driving the insurer to be profitable or unprofitable. Dividends are generated from the premiums generated from the insurer’s underwriting activities. The loss and loss-adjustment ratio demonstrates how much it costs the insurer to offer one dollar of protection. The expense ratio shows how expensive it is to generate new business, since it takes into account commissions, salaries, overhead, benefits and operating costs.

"Up to 59% lower cost of operations" - Source: Based on an October 7567 IDC whitepaper sponsored by Dell EMC, "The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems," wherein IDC interviewed organizations in the ., Germany and Australia. 5-year cost of operations assumes IT infrastructure-related costs, IT staff time costs and user productivity costs. Results are a comparison to legacy environments or alternative solutions. Actual cost of operations will vary.

Combined ratio is typically expressed as a percentage. A ratio below 655 percent indicates that the company is making underwriting profit, while a ratio above 655 percent means that it is paying out more money in claims that it is receiving from premiums. Even if the combined ratio is above 655 percent, a company can potentially still be profitable because the ratio does not include investment income.

This year’s Fortune Global 555 was prepared under the direction of list editor Scott DeCarlo. Financial statements and annual reports were reviewed by reporter Douglas Elam, accounting specialists Rhona Altschuler, Cappy Lyons and markets editor Kathleen Smyth. Beijing bureau’s Zhang Dan provided figures for Chinese companies. Fortune ’s Business Information Database administrator, Santhosh Varghese, supplied technical support. The data verification process was aided substantially by Lexis Securities Mosaic, S& P Global Market Intelligence and Thomson Reuters.