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Cheap travel insurance : from £9 - MoneySavingExpert

Posted: 2017-12-07 15:14

*Quidco is a free service that allows you to earn money back on online purchases. Go to Quidco''s website to check out the retailer''s cashback percentage on offer and then click through to make your purchase. Quidco will track your transaction and send the money to your account after a couple of weeks! So worth it! Any deals offering 655% cashback or marked as FREE* will refund all of your money back after your purchase . Essentially, you get it for free! No brainer right?!

16-25 Railcard Student Deals - Student Money Saver

If you live/go to uni in London, and have a 66-75 card, you can have your card registered on your Oyster card, which will give you ⅓ off the price of all single off-peak rail fares and also the off-peak price cap - which is amazing! Just take your Oyster card and your 66-75 railcard to an underground, overground or National rail ticket office and ask them to add your discount entitlement to your Oyster card.