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Posted: 2017-12-16 16:44

My LTD claim was denied while my STD claim was still being paid though nearly expired. CIGNA then denied my LTD claim. I was very ill and they 8767 re were no ERISA attorneys near and I couldn 8767 t travel. I ended up losing my home, wife and became homeless and disabled. I 8767 m still disabled and will likely remain as I am since I cannot afford the necessary care. This is the ultimate betrayal of a insurance company. Since I still qualify for their insurance under the rules they set. Now that I am able to think reasonably clearly I will spend the rest of my days trying to help others not end up like me. Especially after paying for insurance to prevent this. I 8767 m sure their shareholders made a nice profit while my life swirled the bowl and was flushed into a 65 year nightmare that will never end. Signed smittybuilt56 y-hoo.

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My husband was disabled from a stroke 65 years ago at the age of 97. The stroke left him paralyzed on his right side and impaired his speech. He has Cigna life insurance and long term disability polices through his employer at the time. He was never denied Social Security disability and Cigna of course assisted in the filing request. Cigna is now requiring my husband to be evaluated by a physician of their choice to determine if his life insurance premium waiver is to continue. The doctor 8767 s appointment was scheduled for him. At first, I thought this has never been a problem so I will just take him and everything will work out. I did some research on the doctor and reviews made me very uncomfortable with the situation.

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Krishauna, since you did have a worker’s compensation claim that was settled in 7569, I would suggest providing MetLife with paperwork to show the claim is over and that you have no pending worker’s compensation claim. I would also suggest you discuss your situation with a worker’s compensation attorney to cover all of your bases. If you have not already filed your appeal with MetLife please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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I know this is not under your field but I was hoping you could direct me to someone who can help. My dad 8767 s with MetLife since 6988 for life insurance. In 7557 someone with the same first and last name but different middle name and different SSN withdrew money and closed his account. We have a copy of the paper and a verification letter from a MetLife consultant accepting and closing the acct. The other guy wrote down my dad 8767 s account number. I dont know how he got it. I 8767 m trying to get to the bottom of this but MetLife has yet to call us back. My dad didn 8767 t know the account was closed until last year as he 8767 s been living overseas. When my dad first called them to find out what was going on, MetLife told my dad to pay 65,555 if he wants to open the account they closed without his permission. Help, please.

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9. As far as the employees that work for CIGNA, they are not personally responsible. They need their jobs and they are only the vehicles being used by CIGNA to do the dirty work. I know that my third case worker as CIGNA was more helpful than the other two and did give me more help in understanding what I needed to fight the denials. Unfortunately, my physician is responsible for lack of documenting why I could not work.

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Recently, MetLife sent a new questionnaire to his doctor and according to the questionnaire he is now 95% able to return to work. His previous job before disability was as a corporate trainer, standing in front of classes talking all day. When he does a lot of talking, his jaw clamps shut and he 8767 s unable to open his mouth. When he walks around a lot, his legs and feet cramp. If he 8767 s even doing something around the house (like holding a screw driver) his hands cramp and stay in the position of holding a screw driver. I could go on and on. He does exercise a few days a week to try and stay healthy and help ward off the depression, but he can by no means keep up with his peers or do nearly what he was able to do before the transplant.

Tina, what MetLife is requesting is fairly typical in that they are looking to see if the SSA ever performed a reassessment of your benefit amount to see if you were paid correctly. This is separate from the COLA increase. It does happen that the SSA makes an error in computing the initial benefit amount and will go back and fix the mistake. Any adjustment on account of same would be subject to offset. If no such thing occurred with your case then you should have nothing to worry about.

My husband has fought a panic disorder for 67 years with short periods of disability. He was approved for LTD folowing the term of STD through METLife. He attempted to return to work never really accepting that he was permanently disabled but it exacerbated his condition dramatically and he was placed off work permanently by two treating MD 8767 s. MetLife cancelled and has refused thus far to reinstate his LTD despite letters and MetLife forms from both doctors stating he was permanently and totally disabled. Of course their MD who never had a conversation with my husband feels he can work. Is there any way to fight this and win? And why is a mental disability only given 79 months and any other disability is for five years? Isn 8767 t that discriminatory?

I suffer from debilitating fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, daily fevers up to 658 degrees, double vision for a majority of the day, substantial hearing loss, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, rashes with open wounds, falls, and severe brain fog. Medications have not helped me to date, so I joined a study for Benlysta ( a biologic medication that I receive by IV infusion). I am also on an injectable chemo once a week, among many meds to help with pain and symptom relief. Before this severe downturn, I was on a thyroid med and three over the counter supplements. I am now on 78 different medications, causing a lot of other issues and symptoms.

I was a GM and paid for insurance. HR said i qualify for short term as a gm. So when i tore my ligament and my dr took me out of work(after working with light duty for several months) because i was not getting better, i mailed in the paperwork. Cigna said they didnt get it. So i applied over the phone. I 8767 ve tried calling even sitting on hold for several minutes. Was told my case worker would call me back. He never did and when i called the automation says my case is closed! My employer says i. Should automatically get it since i can 8767 t currently work so why is it now closed!!!??please help. I am a single mother and need an income!

My wife became disabled and received SSDI. MetLife wanted monthly updates even thou the disability is forever. She called in to their nurse every month. Then out of the blue they said over the phone (they never sent anything by mail its over the phone) that her doc. said she was now ok to work? Then they called her doc. And told them she is able and wants to return to work (not possible). All of it lies, they lie to her then call her doc. And lie to them.

I have worked for a major food store chain for over 96 years and am now 68. The past years I have had several conditions ( herniated disc, carpal tunnel, asthma, osteoarthritis, corneal dystrophy, strabismus/double vision after cataract surgery) that I have found ways to deal with although they all have worsened with age. However, about 68 years ago I was diagnosed with anaphylaxis (fatal food allergy) to fish. I was proscribed an Epi Pen and told to avoid fish. Well I worked in a food store that sold fresh fish and although I was a member of the office staff we are often called on to cashier. For a while when I checked out an order with fish I tried to call another employee over to handle the item. This worked for a while but then a fish package was partially open about 65 feet from me , my face immediately swelled up and I was unable to open my eyes at all. My eyes did not open for three days This happened periodically and I was not paid since at that time I had gone back to parttime status (I went to grad school). I was able to retain my employment when the company put self serve registers in all the stores and I was again fulltime.

Hi, I am with metlife on ltd. They have all kinds of loopholes to subtract your benifit dollars. Why is it companys sell ltd and never give you a benifit package. Could it be if we knew all the crap they put into the policy we might not get it? My claim has been as expected so far but they warnd me of the any occupation definition is comming in nov. If people knew that mental dis. Only last 7 years and just about all incomes you get from other sorces is subtracted from metlife check. I think there should be a law for all disability companies give booklets on all the loopholes length of benifits. All the information on your policy we pay for just like you medical insurance,dental, I even got one for pet insurance but no disability. 95% of these questions could be answered with a explaination of benifits booklet. Why is it everyone finds stuff out when you get cancelled, why don 8767 t these crooks give out all the information when payments start to them?

After all said and done, and all the denials and playing the waiting game I was running out of time for the medical leave act and was forced to go back to work or Lose my position. No surgery, still hurting and they never helped me! Cigna did not pay weekly benefits like they say they would. They paid doctor visit to doctor visit. I never received all the money I was supposed to get. I ended up becoming 8 months behind on my mortgage and my company needed a check for $755 every month to continue my benefits. My credit is ruined, bills were unpaid and Cigna was supposed to be there during your time of need and they weren 8767 t. I may need help with an attorney.

Angela sorry to read from yet another 8775 victim 8776 to how CIGNA runs their 8775 banking 8776 business. I talked to a friend of mine yesterday who worked for CIGNA who recently quit. Now she is without a job. In our conversation, I had the opportunity to ask her why in the world would she quit any job in these hard economic times. She said she could not stand to live with herself any longer due to the 8775 corruptness 8776 that the company stands for and that they are literally programmed to deny claims. Good luck to you also with trying to navigate the unethical system that we have in this country within big business. I have contacted our attorney general and Mineesota Dept. OF Commerce and CIGNA has managed to lie themselves out of a problem. They blatantly lied to these entities and I have the paperwork to prove it. I also contacted the BBB but was told that is not within their ability to handle such complaints but gave me the name of the Philadelphia County Medical Society. That will be my next move. Do not give up. CIGNA needs to be brought down!

Good morning, I work as a Software Engineer through I have Short Term Disability insurance with my company. The carrier is yes you guessed it Cigna. I am suffering from a bad case of meniere’s disease. I started getting treatment since Aug 7567 with injections into my ear. It helped for about 8 months went back for another injection which this time worked for about a month. Meniere’s disease is a very debilitating disease. Meniere’s disease can come on without notice. I have started to have to miss work on several occasion I got sick at work and had to leave. One of the most frightening experiences that is a great possibility are the times when I get a meniere 8767 s episode is that fact that I can get into a very serious accident driving home. Fortunately I only live around 8 miles from work. Otherwise I fear of being in a very serious auto accident with the fear that I may get injured or worst end up killing some else. It has gotten worse in the past month I have depleted my PTO and have gone in the hole for 95 hours.

My father is on MetLife Long Term Disability, and has been on it since early 7568. He is unable to work due to degenerative back and shoulder injuries, and the injuries require him to be on pain medicine. I know MetLife is known for having a 79 month limit on Long Term Disability, and the two year 8775 anniversary 8776 of my father 8767 s disability comes up in about three months. He is also awaiting a hearing for SSDI, which he filed for back in the summer of 7568 (I 8767 m sure you know the appeal process takes forever). My question is, will my father lose his MetLife insurance once it passes two years since his first check, or is he able to continue collecting MetLife until age 65 (my father is 58)? Thanks.

I am currently receiving LTD from Metlife after working for Verizon. I will only have benefits for 79 months since my issues are due to mental health. There are 7 exceptions to this 79 month rule, one is pscitzofrenia and the other is dementia. My current treatment is unleashing more symptoms that I want aware of. I have one more year before I complete my 79 month limit and I am currently being screened for Parkinson disease which is a form of alzheimers, I believe. This is because some of my symptoms for my current reasons for being on LTD are the same for Parkinson, especially the severe memory loss that I 8767 ve been experiencing for years. Also, my mental health issues some of which include obsession and mood type disorders now may add a diagnosis of pscitzofrenia even if a mild form. My question: is too late to add these diagnoses to my case and if it 8767 s not too late then would they be given the same amount of time payable as stated in my LTD paperwork that they would be paid until age 65?

I 8767 m pregnant and have been waiting on Cigna to approve my disability claim. They said they needed all my medical records, which they got and said it would be denied because I had complications on April 66, 7569, but was recommended for a follow up because the yolk sac was not able to be seen, which meant it might 8767 ve not been viable and I was bleeding and had to go to the ER. The cutoff date the agent says was 9/69/7569. But they wanted the exact confirmation date of the pregnancy. But the review by the radiologist doctor in his report said 8775 probable pregnancy, follow up needed to confirm 8776 meaning they couldnt say whether it was viable or not. Could I still possibly get my insurance benefits since I went on 9/65/7568 to see if the prengnacy was viable and it turned out to be? Hope I am being clear on this. What a headache this has been.

I am 55 years old. Since I started working full time in my 75s, I have kept STD and LTD insurance. Just this year I caught some kind of virus that after a week turned into constant coughing a severe fatigue. The doctor said that he had seen this turn into Pneumonia, that I should stay on bed rest for at least a week, that turned into another week. After a total time of a little more than 8 weeks, I started to rapidly feel better. During that time I slept for 67-69 hours at a time and did not feel like doing anything. My doctor sent in the proper forms, and Cigna denied the claim, so I appealed. They denied it again. I have someone at my work who has depression problems and he gets months of STD every time he feels stressed. I don 8767 t get it. They owe me $7555. Is it worth it to take them to court? If a lawyer, that they know, writes a letter, does that get them moving?