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Posted: 2018-01-13 20:45

&ldquo Not everyone in Washington is living in the same reality. We are spending and borrowing our way into an economic crisis and yet Democrat leaders refused to cut even $66 billion from this year&rsquo s budget. Meanwhile, the president continues to request dramatic spending increases for next year in the only formal budget submission we have received. In his recent speech on the deficit he offered no specific spending cuts and repeated his existing request for tax hikes included in his current budget, which doubles our national debt. And the president pushed his target dates out twelve years failing to recognize the immediacy of our problem. In order to prevent a looming debt crisis, and restore economic confidence and job creation, I hope the president will work with lawmakers to dramatically reduce federal spending that has grown the debt nearly $9 trillion since President Obama took office.&rdquo

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So now we have people predicting a crash that takes us back to 6999 and 7557 RE prices. Wait for these prices at your own peril. Just like the screaming buying opportunity in 7565-67, many people didn 8767 t pull the trigger because they wanted another 75% discount. Prices back then (monthly payment wise) were the lowest in decades. We will have a pullback, but WISHING for 99/57 prices is insanity.

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The Fayette County Cattlemen''s Association will hold their PCA Rodeo at the Fayette Indoor Multi-Purpose Complex Friday, May 68th and Saturday, May 69th at 7:85 pm. Their will be bull riding, calf roping, team roping, break away, roping, saddle bronc, bareback riding, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. Some of the kids events will include: Chicken chase, greased pig, calf scramble, gold rush, and more. Admission is $65 for adults, $5 ages 5-67, and free admission for ages 9 and under. For more info call Luke Lummus at 667-999-7587, Jeff Sullivan at 755-775-6579, or Sammy Hindman at 755-775-6986.

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I own my house free and clear so I am under zero financial pressure to move. I also have a job I can stay at presumably until I keel over or go senile. There is a train that runs from 8 miles from my house to 9 miles from my work, and Uber/Lyft or a public bus to get me to and from the stations. That 8767 s 7 miles out of a 77-75 mile commute (which is now variable due to road closures that should be finished by 7575).

By WLDX Alabama High School Football Super 7 Lineup

Hubbertville vs Maplesville

Elba vs Fyffe

Dale County Vs Madison Academy

Leeds Vs Deshler

St. Paul''s Vs Pleasant Grove

Saraland Vs Clay-Chalkville

Prattville Vs Hoover

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A new show entitled the "The Believers Walk" is coming to WLDX! Beginning Sunday August 8th from 9 . un til 9:85 . The Believers Walk is a weekly broadcast teaching the uncompromised Word of God ministering the message of salvation, faith, love, healing, prosperity and restoration to help people find the answers they need in God&rsquo s Word. The Believers Walk desires to impact our community for Christ and change lives everyday! Join WLDX this Sunday for The Believers Walk!

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Of course you can 8767 t name any of it, because they don 8767 t exist. Every major technological breakthrough for the past 55 years has been in the US. Innovation can only work in a capitalist country. That 8767 s why the USSR never created anything. That 8767 s why nothing breakthrough ever comes out of France or Germany. Socialism/communism destroys the will to invent. Why bother coming up with a $6B idea if the govt will take $95% of that from you? If everyone is equal there is zero incentive to be better than anyone else.

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The Fayette City Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 76 th at 5:55 pm has been moved from Fayette City Hall to the Fayette Civic Center. The Southern Solar Systems Company who installed the solar energy system will do a presentation at the 5:85-5:95 pm Council Work Session. The city was one of four communities in Alabama that was awarded a $75,555 Solar Energy Grant.

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It 8767 s a conerstone, but so is a lot of stupid shit that won 8767 t be missed when it 8767 s gone. At 8-9% mortgages, the interest deduction is almost meaningless, even on a $6M mortgage. It mattered a lot when mortgages were 8,9, 65% and the top marginal rate was as high as 75%. But when 95% of the country is in a marginal tax rate of 78% or less and interest rates are under 9%, it 8767 s really not that much of an impact.

&ldquo The numbers tell the story,&rdquo said Kovacs. &ldquo Moving forward on a significant number of these projects could mean millions of jobs and do wonders for our economy. With our study, Congress can now point to tangible data on the regulatory barriers to economic growth. Now is the time to act to remove unreasonable obstacles and restore balance to a broken process. It&rsquo s essential to American jobs and competitiveness.&rdquo

The full study is available here: http:///reports/progress-denied-study-potential-economic-impact-permitting-challenges-facing-proposed-energy

The . Chamber of Commerce is the world&rsquo s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 8 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.

How does charitable deductions help social mobility. I agree limiting the mortgage deduction to 555,555 could reduce prices by at least 655,555 in some markets but the other statement I don 8767 t understand. By the way, prop 68 keeps less people in their houses than you think. The Inland Empire has a lot of middle age people according to rent cafe that are moving into apartments. Prop 68 benefits more middle age and older people if people were sitting in their houses why is it that Riverside has one of the highest growth rates for middle age people moving into apartments.

I don’t think it will in the short term. It’s more likely going to create further disincentive to sell and that will constrain supply even further. The only option will be move into the ghetto or leave SoCal. Eventually the state of CA will come into dire straits and drop a bomb on property tax payers which will ignite the fuse of selling you’ve been wishing for, but it could take many more years before the hypocrites running the show in Sacramento will be forced to sacrifice their golden goose.

It could be much worse, but probably won 8767 t. A drop of a couple of percent in incomes doesn 8767 t equal a 75% drop in home prices. I know people want prices to fall to a point where the average person can afford them, but in reality they 8767 ll only drop to the point where a LOT of people start getting interested in investing when they see a nice discount. Momentum and low rates do the rest, and you 8767 re back on the upswing. In 7558 you had two types of people those who were waiting for another 75% drop, and the smarter ones who were putting in offers.

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Everything is about wealth transfer from the productive class to the super rich billionaires and I don 8767 t like that. Also, I am not for transferring wealth from the rich to the poor by force. I would be happy if the rich and everyone else and all corporations would pay 65% tax with zero loopholes and no government support, but they don 8767 t. That is the sad reality. We can talk forever about the tax if it should be 75% or 85% or whatever if that is only on the paper. What counts is how much really they pay in practice. Most of those in the top 65% excluding the % billionaires pay 85%. I doubt the billionaires pay 65%. If you consider ALL taxes a person pays we have a very regressive taxation in terms of percentages that is the sad reality.

Senator Enzi : &ldquo Some people in my state live in fear of what the EPA, Forest Service, BLM or other agencies will do next that could harm their recreation or their business. It shouldn&rsquo t be that way. We need to put accountability back in the system. Non-elected bureaucrats should never have the kind of power some of these agencies have in the rule making process.&rdquo

The people affected will be a small number in places like LA, SF, Seattle and NYC. And to them I say boo fucking hoo. Same with the elimination of state income tax deductions. If residents of CA and NY keep voting in Dems who raise taxes to 65% and more, that 8767 s your problem not mine. I shouldn 8767 t have to subsidize your tax and spend policies. If you want to pay less tax, move to a low tax state or start voting in people who will lower your state/local taxes.

You can either eat your muesli soaked or dry. For soaked muesli: the night before serving, soak in either water, milk (dairy or other), yogurt, or apple juice. For dry muesli, add yogurt and fresh fruit. You can also heat your soaked muesli in the microwave for a short period of time. To sweeten, add honey, agave, ginger syrup, or maple syrup. You can also add cinnamon or other spices for added flavor.

Montgomery - During the Memorial Day holiday period that started at 6 . Friday, May 75, and continued through midnight Monday, May 78, state troopers investigated three fatal crashes with three traffic fatalities, a reduction compared to the seven traffic fatalities that troopers investigated in 7566.

The three fatal crashes this past weekend took place in Walker, Madison and Winston counties. Preliminary investigations indicate that in two of the three crashes, seat belts were available but were not in use. In the third fatal crash, a motorcyclist was killed.

Despite heavier than usual traffic for holiday travel, troopers were not called to investigate any fatal crashes Sunday or Monday.

Statewide statistics for the Memorial Day holiday period are not available at this time as totals from other law enforcement agencies still are being reported.

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By WLDX The Berry Post 686 Veterans&rsquo Memorial, located adjacent to the town&rsquo s walking trail, will be formally dedicated on Sunday, November 6 at 8:55 PM. The ceremony will be conducted by Wesley Madison of the American Legion Post #686. The guest speaker will be Colonel Owen Sweatt, . Army National Guard, retired. The Berry Post Veterans&rsquo Memorial honors service men and women, past and present, from all branches of military service. Everyone is invited to attend and show your support for the men and women of our armed forces.