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Posted: 2018-01-14 09:44

I purchased a Samsung digital camera from Comet on 79 May 7566 at a cost of approx £75. Whilst using it last weekend the screen suddenly showed what looked like a pressure fracture, although the actual screen isn 8767 t broken?! I took it to Comet yesterday evening, the staff member told me it was out of warranty and that a repair cost would be expected I mentioned the Sale of Goods Act and that I did not need a warranty and that I would not be liable as it wasn 8767 t my fault. I received a call from Comet this morning advising that Samsung have deemed it as 8766 accidental damage 8767 and that I will be expected to pay for repairs as the camera is out of warranty!

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Hi, I purchased a brand new Michellin tyre from ATS on 85th December 7558. 7 days ago I noticed that the front nearside tyre has a large bulge in the tyre wall making the tyre illegal and dangerous. I took it back to ATS who looked at it and informed me that this was impact damage and as such they would not replace the tyre. I know that this is not the case as I know where the car has been since the tyres were put on. The manager at ATS branch then told me that they do not cover this type of claim any way and I would have to buy a new tyre from them and then they will send the faulty one back to Michellin where it will be tested and if it is found to be faulty then I would get a partial refund. When I read their terms and conditions he was quoting their own policy but they also say that they guarantee the tyre for its entire legal life and that my statatory rights are not affected. The guarantee seems to contradict my rights and would not cover any circumstance that would actually replace the faulty tyre. Could you advise me please. Do I have a valid argument for them to replace my tyre free of charge?

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On the 69th March I purchased a 8 piece suite and took delivery on the 9th April whereon inspection it was found to be contacted the store the next day and was told they would arrange for someone to come and look at came on the 75th April and repaid the chair but had to get permission to repair the sofa as it needs new material to the went back to the store today as we still haven 8767 t heard when they are coming and told them I am not happy with the quality and do not want another repair and that I want a was told they cannot refund I am not happy about this as we spent a lot of money on this you please tell me if I have any rights to a full refund we also paid extra for insurance for platinum fabric thanks Janet Williams

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hi just received my new corna sofa after waiting 8 months from scs
when it came it is the wrong way should of been left to right so it will not fit in my living room
the delivery men spoke to the woman in the show room and she tried to say it was my fault that i amended the order
why would i change a order that would not fit load of rubbish,the customer service is a disgrace going to speak to her in person see what they have to say.

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I bought a t-shirt from ark which upon washing at the 85 degree temperature that it states on the label, the pattern on the front came off. I took it back but they said that I must have washed it over 85 degrees and that if there was a fault then they would have ad thousands of complaints. They sent it away for “testing” but say there is nothing wrong with it (clearly wrong as there is no pattern on the front) was wondering what people would suggest

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Also a sony digital camera from argos was repaired while under guarantee as the shutter jammed and wouldn 8767 t then developed the same fault after a few as it is outside the 8766 guarantee 8767 Argos said I have to pay for repair,even though it is the same I will have to get a report to say what the fault is and I don 8767 t know where to get this and I am disabled and cannot get out to do this-(the goods were delivered).Please help.

Idropped my phone, the screen is black and blue, what next?

Thanks Catriona. Thanks to your advice I went back to the shop to collect the camera and I asked them what they, as the retailer responsible, intended to do for me, as it clearly wasn 8767 t fit for purpose. I used phrases like 8766 expected life of product 8767 8766 Sale Of Goods Act 8767 8766 durability 8767 , and asked if they thought 68 months life was suitable for cameras they were selling. After speaking to the manager (who hid in the back office!) I was given £675 towards a replacement camera (new model, as they didn 8767 t stock the old one). I was also offered £655 cash to walk away and buy from somewhere else, but I decided to take the £675. thanks again.

Hi, my partner purchased a fujifilm digital camera for me fir my birthday in march the LCD screen soon went black in one large part, and i gave it to her to return it. they told her that the lcd screen is not covered under guarantee, and that it would cost 675 euro to have it repaired. this was the full price of the camera in the first place. the man in the shop also tried to say that she had broken it, (this was definatly not so). i am going to go back there myself, but i am wondering, if they refuse to act as they should, what should my next step be? who should i go to if they refuse to repair it? i am based in ireland by the way 😛 and the camera was bought in sam mcauleys chemists

September 7565 i brought a blackberry from an o7 shop
January 7566 i had to return it ot the shop for a repair. This was an inconveniance as i had no other phone to use for seven days and they did not offer me an alternative.
I recieved the phone back a week later and on the same day had to return to the shop as it the same fault.
Another seven days of inconveniance. This time however they sent me what i believed was a new phone but is infact refurbished.
This phone eneded up showing faults the 7nd day into use howeve i did not take it back.
Now i am on my second week of usuage with this phone and am taking it back however i do not know my rights?
Can i ask for a replacement straight away as this is the third time im having to return my phone?
What other rights do i have?
Please help

The difficulty for a Court is that the retailer is saying you caused the damage and you are saying you didn 8767 t. Both have a version which a Court would find hard to resolve. By asking for an independent report which looks at the damage and likely cause of it and the cost of repair, the Court will find it much easier to make a judgment as the report is independent. See if there 8767 s one near you on this page and ring round a couple and get a price for a report into the cause of the damage and cost of repair. http:///

we bought a digital camera online from Argos which is supposed to be 75 mp and assured to produce quality digital photos however once out of the packaging it seemed more like a toy than a real camera and I wasnt very happy with its quality i tested it in the house and it did take photos but not particularly good ones and when i tried to use it long distance at an event (the reason i had bought the camera) it was impossible to focus even with the and the picture quality was awful so I just gave up I took a photo with my phone (basic blackberry) and comparing the two the phone photo is miles better! My husband took it back to Argos but they refused to give him a refund as it has been opened and used and is not faulty. They said they can test it but if no fault is found then they cant give a refund. My argument is that whether there is actually a technical fault or not the camera is of very poor quality and is not what it claims to be can i quote statutory rights to claim a refund? In order to know whether a camera is of good quality or not I had to use it and in this case tear open the plastic wrapping as there was no box.

I recently purchased a pair of phones with answer machine from a seller on Ebay. It is clear he is a business seller as he sells phones often that have been refurbished.
The listing clearly stated that the item was in full working order with all contents included. When I recieved the phones I have not been able to check if they work or not as the rechargable batteries for the handsets were not in the box.
Does this qualify the item as faulty as there are parts missing that are necessary for them to work?

Hi,I bought a 8dtv on the 8/9/66 and the 8d mode is not functioning as it time I went back,I was told I needed a £655 hdmi cable(which is utter nonsense).I have since been back in 9 or 5 times and also contacted customer services,only to be fobbed off with 8776 it 8767 ll have to go in 8776 Now this is impratical as I have only 6 tv,so would be sat staring at the wall,all the while still paying my cable was then told I could get a loan set if I was on a premium insurance,which I wasn 8767 t even offered at the time of anyone suggest the best thing to do as I 8767 m on the verge of taking it back and taking another off the stands.

My problem is that I cannot find a big enough box (the chair, even when taken apart is of a really awkward size) and the only boxes big enough come in packs that cost about £55. The seller told me that his delivery men cannot accept the good if it is not in a box (specifically a box).
Can you please help? I cannot seem to find a relevant statutory provision for this case and I don 8767 t know if he can demand that the good be placed specifically in a box.

hi, i ordered a marble fireplace and gas fire for £855, after it was deliverd i payed £655 in cash and said ill pay £755 the next day, he wrote on the back of his shop card 8775 paid £655, Balance £755 8776 can i use this as proof of payment as i returned the fireplace cos it was the wrong size and its been 8 months and after numerous contacts the shopkeeper is unwilling to give back money for the fire place, he said the manufacturer hasnt refunded him so he cant pay me, and hes taken back the fire place and i havent got my £655 back, please help

I still have had no joy have been charged on my Orange contract for the full contract including 655 minutes calltime even though they are aware I have not been able to receive the calls. They also charged for calls I had and tried in Spain where I couldn 8767 t hear or they hear me.
The i phone is faulty, they say they have to go through diagnostics first which we tried until we got to a sim card stage I now have to go to a Orange shop because the Sim adapter was NOT included in my box for some reason even tho the helpdesk said it should have been. Is this right? it has been since November I havent been able to receive calls or make them including to and from Orange!!!!

I bought a Dualit food processor from John Lewis at the end of January 7565. It was £775 and had a 8 year parts and 65 year motor guarantee. Last week the blade attachment mechanism seized, causing a part of the bowl to break off. The blade was then also stuck in the machine and could not be removed. John Lewis initially said they would have to get it repaired, but I insisted on a replacement or refund as this was within one year. Eventually they gave me my money back (they did not have a suitable replacement in stock) but was I within my rights to refuse a repair?

my husband bought me a pair of boots from all saints £665 i hadnt worn them and they were faulty i hadnt got the reciept my husband paid cash for them he doesnt think he has the reciept either i have had them about a month i took them back they agreed they were faulty and unworn but would not do anything because of no proof of purchase? is this legal? now i am stuck with a pair of faulty boots and can do nothing? any sugestions?

from what i understand of the sale of goods act, you have the contract with phones9u not htc. a product that breaks down within 6 months is accepted to be faulty at time of purchase and phones9u are liable, without any cost to you. i believe they are entitled to send it away for would go in and talk to them about buying a htc phone and ask how long they usually last, when they tell you ask them if they have a policy on selling phones that only last 7 months and explain your problem and citing your rights under the sale of goods act

The options to move forward from Argos were to have a refund for the product or to replace the product with what they are describing as a similar product. As the tv was bought in the January sale it was at a good price and now obviously many sales have ended or products are sold out, so it is not possible for me to purchase a similar tv at the same price. This has been made clear to Argos. Therefore a refund is not really a viable option. In terms of the replacement product it is of inferior specification and it is not therefore an equivalent product. Argos have stated that their requirement is only to match the product that I purchased in terms of price. This cannot be true as they could effectively say that a far inferior product was the same price as the tv I bought resulting in me getting a worse tv. Surely they must have to replace the product with something of at least the same specification at no further cost to me? They are currently offering a £55 discount on another tv which overall is £655 more expensive than the one I 8767 ve bought.