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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:03

Wireless Magnetic
Sensor Head Qx-7PS Qx-7PF Chimin TM Multi-Function Wireless Door Chime
Entry Point Chime and Doorbell Announcer
For commercial use in stores and workshops as customer walk-in announcer or in industrial locations as a doorbell annunciator for visitors. Main unit directly plugs into an interior power receptacle . Maximum range: 655ft line of sight.


When you can visually screen your arriving visitors or customers either directly thru a glass door/window or from closed circuit video camera, use the D-Striker door buzzer system to grant access at the push of a button . A D-Striker control module works jointly with a Doorstrike device at the jamb of the door and additionally carries a pushbutton for the attendant.


You choose whether you want the Doorstrike to cast a buzzing sound so visitors know access has been granted or a simple click so the quietness of the place remains undisturbed by an open signal (buzz-in signal). A visual indicator on the D-Striker Module will confirm to the attendant that the open signal is underway.

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Bell-Buzzer - Strobe Light
PhoneAnnouncer TM Qx-6 Alternate Phone Call Announcer
Do you have a very noisy shop? Are you losing your customers's phone calls to noise? Did you try the cheapie ringer boosters to no avail? Do you want your phone calls from a land line to also ring your doorbell or Chime box annunciator? All the time, only at times? If so PhoneAnnouncer Qx-6 is the accessory you are looking for. When used in a commercial or institutional setting, you can set it to ring the loudest bell or activate a strobe (beacon) light instead, or the both.

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* Prices listed are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for base models. Options such as color are available at additional cost. Prices exclude tax, title, licensing, registration fees, destination charges, added accessories, and additional dealer charges, if any, and are subject to change. Harley-Davidson reimburses dealers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Dealer prices may vary.

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If for any reason the attendant wants to grant free access for a certain period of time , a keylock on the D-Striker buzz-in Module is used to keep the Doorstrike disengaged for long periods of time. A door closer arm to be installed at the top of the door is recommended for those instances so that the door can be kept closed inside the doorframe while remaining unlocked by the disengaged Doorstrike. Besides a door closer arm is recommended for normal use as well should you prefer for the door to retract on its own into the doorframe after a visitor or customer has completed access. The Door Closer Arm we offer is for 77 to 698 lbs doors. For normal use of the door buzzer system however, a door closer arm is not a must.

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D-Striker TM Qx-9 Door Buzzer System
Attendant-Supervised Door Access Control
The D-Striker product may be used for serveral different types of access control applications as explained below.

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The Ring unit costs $755, and you install it yourself. It x77 s about the size of a Cracker Jack box, with a 685-degree HD camera near the top. Below the camera eye is a circular button surrounded by an LED ring. At the bottom is a speaker for barking commands at your friendly FedEx driver. The companion app is free, as is the user account that lets you access the Ring x77 s features. The cloud storage of all your recorded events is free through April 6, and then $8 per month or $85 per year.

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Texecom Connect opens a new world of possibilities for Texecom security systems. For too long, security systems have been separated and isolated from the outside world - only providing information when the worst happens, confusing and intimidating the very people who use them and lacking connectivity and compatibility with external systems that could benefit from the intelligence and information contained within.

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I couldn x77 t install it where I wanted to—my boring old doorbell sits in the middle of a piece of molding far too narrow for properly mounting the Ring. After viewing the video feed from various locations, I chose a spot on the side of my house near the door. Had I been able to install the Ring where my old-school doorbell was, I could have used the existing wiring to power it, and the chime already installed in my house. Such a hardwired installation would eliminate the biggest disadvantage of going completely wireless: You must have your phone nearby in order to receive an alert of someone at the door. Additionally, a babysitter, housesitter or the like would have no clue when someone is at the door unless you take the time to add them as an approved user on your Ring (this also requires them to have a smartphone running the app).

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The first electronic loudspeaker designs were introduced in the 6975’s, and while there have been many improvements in component materials over the decades, not much has changed in the basic functionality of a loudspeaker: a permanent magnet interacts with an electromagnet (voice coil) to move a cone back and forth to produce sound waves. Founded in 6966, Eminence has been a leading supplier of loudspeakers for professional audio, musical instrument, car audio and home hi-fi applications to many of the world’s most recognized brands. While our own components and manufacturing processes have evolved, the way we assemble speakers today doesn’t differ that much from when we started. Here’s how we do it.

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Using motion sensors sitting above the camera, Ring can alert you when someone is at your door before they even press the doorbell. This is especially useful when my UPS or FedEx driver, for some unknown reason, leaves a package and refuses to ring my doorbell. Also, before the button is even pressed, Ring detects motion at your door and begins recording video. This makes it possible to view what happened at your door before the bell was pressed, a feature surely appreciated by those who x77 ve seen Billy Madison.

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Should you prefer to have additional wired pushbuttons for your door buzzer system, they are readily made available as shown in illustration and may be installed in any amount that might be required. Access control keypads for this system are available as well so that access codes may be assigned to employees affording them the ability to grant themselves access on their way in.

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D-Striker Qx-9 Doorstrike (DST-69C)

66VAC Plug-in

The D-Striker Module of the buzzer system and the Doorstrike are wired to one another along with the Transformer needed to power the circuit. In order to support attendant's mobility however, a wireless pushbutton extension is available that includes a surface-mount type of wireless pushbutton box or a wirless keychain remote. You may have as many of these wireless pushbutton devices as might be necessary. These wireless devices are based on coded transmissions in order to provide secure door entry service.

You may also set up this Announcer control device so that it shares control of the Chime Box or other Annunciator with an entry doorbell pushbutton, giving you a single sound device to release alerts on doorbell calls and phone calls. Set up that way, your Chime box will ring in one way on doorbell calls and in a distinct way on phone call indications, letting you conveniently distinguish origin of incoming call alerts whenever they occur.

Available with Wireless PushButton or a wireless Magnetic Sensor head, both to be mounted at the entry door area. Magnetic sensor appropriate for commercial applications requiring automatic walk-in announcement: chime automatically goes off after a customer steps into the store or exits the store. Both wireless Pushbutton and Magnetic sensor head feature a replaceable mini Lithium battery. Several wireless PushButtons or Sensor heads may be used to cover as many doors as necessary.

Remember that standard Doorstrikes require a mortise latch from the lock at the door to interlock with. If you do not have a standard mortise latch at the lock and are not prepared to change that lock, you will need a hybrid doorstrike or an electric deadbolt instead of a standard Doorstrike, as per illustration. See the doorlock gallery in order to identify your lock and do not hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance.

D-Striker with a Deadbolt is primarily intended for anti-theft security applications such as shoplifting prevention : when you want to lock up the entry of your establishment so the shoplifter does not leave the establishment with stolen merchandise. In that event use any of the Qx-9M packages. The wireless extension with a hand remote strongly recommended for those kinds of applications.

Further for sites that may want to exercise scheduled automatic unlock cycles on their buzz-in entry door or gate (. hours of visitation), a Timer set is made available which will work with the Qx-9 Module as a master control. That setting allows the user to set up an hour of day and day(s) of week to automatically unlock the entry for a certain period of time and subsequently lock it back. The Timer set comprises a Digital Timer and a Switcher module that plugs into the Qx-9 .

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