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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:25

John Devine Edith Cosgrove Award
To the girl who earned the most varsity letters during her four years at CHS. Asia Cornwall Stuart L. Pitcher Memorial Award
Presented to an athlete who exemplifies a positive attitude and spirit, sense of fairness, generosity and caring as well as performs community service. Haley D’Angelo Manton Spaulding Award
Presented to the senior boy who earned the most varsity letters during his four years at CHS. John Patwell David Sweet Memorial Award
Awarded to a boy and girl who have given the most of themselves and used their given talents to the fullest.  It is given to athletes whose presence has helped the team in practice and games.  Not necessarily the best player, but the one who gives everything they have.  A morale booster, a team player and the type of athlete you would like to have more of. Dylan Dubuque