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Our daughter and a friend attended Quasid Institute in Amman this past summer on a study program thru NCSU. We purchased the travel insurance thru Travel Guard when we booked the flights with Webjet. Due to the State Department advisories and the closings of all our Middle East embassies including the one in Amman, we flew the girls home 8 days early. Both girls incurred change fees and penalties for changing the original flights of approximately $655 each, which we expected. What we did not expect was a denial of our reimbursement claims for the penalties/change fees from Travel Guard and a runaround. This company has no intention of paying out our claims even though we have provided extensive documentation to them. I suspect the above endorsement is a sham posting just like this company is a sham. Buyer beware.

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As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to paying off a car loan with a home equity loan or line of credit (HELOC). One advantage is that you can typically lengthen your repayment period, thereby reducing your monthly payment. HELOCs also have more flexible repayment options, compared with the fixed monthly payment that comes with an auto loan. This may be a good option if you’re having trouble making your monthly payment due to a temporary financial setback.

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98 States have mandatory insurance requirements for motor vehicle registration. If you don’t have at least a minimum level of coverage in these states, you are breaking the law. This can lead to large fines, a loss of your driver’s license, and possibly jail time. These penalties apply even if you never get in an accident. For example, if your car is registered in Washington and you get caught driving without insurance, it’s a traffic violation that leads to an immediate fine of at least $955.

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We purchased this insurance in January, 7569 for a cruise in August, 7569. Had some medical problems that caused a cancellation of the cruise. Had all kinds of coverage including preexisting medical conditions. Upon cancellation and filing all their claim forms and gathering the information from the doctors, they still are giving the run around and will not their policy. They are making one excuse right after another for not paying the claim. Please do not waste your money on this Insurance Company. So far, still trying to collect from this company. This is not over.

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the name says it all, the first url address online.  is a blog about life, your life and mine.    is a growing website about American lifestyles, current events, what 8767 s right and what 8767 s wrong about America and the world.  If it 8767 s controversial, we 8767 ll likely tackle it no holes barred.  So drop in often to read about our take on life and the news, and don 8767 t be afraid to register and submit your takes and comments as well.

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(sorry my english is not very good) I will not buy any insurance with Travel Guard anymore. I 8767 ve just arrived from LGA New York to Dominican Republic, but in my routing SDQ-LGA I had some bottles packed in my checked luggage everything was a mess ! Firstly the luggage was delayed in Fort Lauderdale because the routing tape was broken and the airline (Spirit) did not know where to send it. (even seeing I taped one stamp with the travel guard policy) Once I arrived, I called travel guard and they told me to call an agency which is a third party this airline use to deliver delayed baggage, all the clothes was dirty because they throw the bag and broke the rum bottles. My luggage arrived the next day at 5 pm in the Bronx, the delivery agent made two mistakes, firstly made a wrong delivery and re picked it and finally sent to me through a second agency I made some calls but seems to be avoiding their responsability. Deeply I know my fault is big, but I should have had a better treat.

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WASHINGTON Former members of a congressional panel that oversaw bailouts during the financial crisis blasted the Treasury Department on Monday for quietly granting a tax break worth billions to insurance giant American International Group.
The tax break amounts to a 8775 stealth bailout 8776 on top of the $687 billion that AIG received from the government, But the Treasury Department granted AIG an exemption, handing the company $ billion in profit, the former panel members said.

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So, would you like to guess what happens? Yup! I waited until today, another 8 weeks, before I made another phone call. And, of course, no matter what I say to the first person I get, I get transferred back and forth and back and forth and put on hold for another 78 minutes before I can get to someone who can even access my claim. So, supposably, my claim check was mailed out yesterday from Texas, and I live in Florida and according to them, it should arrive within a week. I’ll give them two before I make a phone call again, since they can’t control the mail. Really, I’m skeptical that it was ever even sent. However, I will NEVER do business with them again, and I will review them every chance I get so that people do not get scammed and frustrated like I did.

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Visited a dermatologist to remove a mole. Purchased a ticket 67 days after that. In 65 more days got a letter saying that I got CANCER. Called these THIEVES asking whether being diagnosed with cancer three days before the flight is a refund case. I also said, that I had removed a mole, and whether it is a pre-existing condition. The AGENT said 8775 Only the date of DIAGNOSIS matters, so don 8767 t bother to call your airline company 8776 . Now, they refuse to pay saying, I had a preexisting condition They 8775 took care 8776 of my Continental ticket, which I could make open for a fee of 55 bucks, so that I lost it. Basically, they have stolen my ticket, lied to me on the phone, and called me on the day of the surgery (this is how they reed the supporting documents). This is SCUM, 655% FRAUD, if this is called business, then why those who rob people in the streets go to jail????????????????

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I 8767 m having problems with a claim also. Their policy excludes depression as a reason for cancellation. For heaven 8767 s sake, I had two stints in the psych ward and was undergoing ECT (shock therapy) on days previous and during my cruise dates. In addition, I just had my gall bladder removed the previous month. I believe the exclusion was put in their policy to protect themselves from people who just didn 8767 t feel like going and not for people whose lives had crashed like mine.
I 8767 ll continue to fight this by writing to the BBB, the Wisconsin and Missouri Insurance Commissions, and Travel Guard 8767 s underwriters, Fireman 8767 s Insurance. They haven 8767 t heard the last from me yet.

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Yikes Moments ago, I was referred here to purchase travel insurance from the Costco Travel agent. Since Costco no longer sponsor travel insurance, they directed me to this company which supposedly offers a huge discount to Costco members. After reading all the comments, I doubt I will use this company. I 8767 m equally sorry to hear about the challenges that you all (most of you) are facing. The only way to get exposure to this problem would be to air the stories on either Dateline, 75/75, for maximum exposure. Once their dirty laundry is aired, now the US Government for insurance practices will be all over them.

I am 66 years old and have never had an accident and do not know what to do. I ask them for help, but still, she doesn t call me back. I have three vehicles insured with them, and you would think at that price range they would have the courtesy to call me back. I have no idea what to do, and they have no customer service person that you can even talk to. I m trying to get the ball rolling, and she won t call me back. This is very frustrating.

I m trying to simply cancel my insurance because I found a cheaper insurance company and when I call, I would get in touch with someone, but they will send me over to customer service and customer service doesn t answer. I have been at this three times already in three days and never got my satisfaction, and I feel like it s impossible to cancel my insurance with them because I was never really able to get in touch with anyone, and every time I ll try to explain they just send me over to the next line. Like no help at all. Good7Go is full of crap.

Check your credit score yourself:  Don 8767 t take a dealer 8767 s word on it when it comes to your credit. Your score may be good enough to qualify for a better rate on a loan elsewhere, but the dealer may not want you to know that.  You can check your credit score on a number of sites for free, including the Discover Scorecard. And again, if you shop around for rates before you go to the dealer, you will know exactly what rates you deserve — and when they are offering you a bad deal.

But be wary of dealers advertising they’ll “pay off your loan no matter how much you owe.” The FTC warns consumers that these promises may be misleading because dealers may roll the negative equity into your new loan, deduct it from your down payment, or both. If the dealer promises to pay off your negative equity, read your sales contract very carefully to make sure it’s not somehow folded into your new loan. Part IV: How to avoid an upside-down car loan Being upside-down on your car loan, at least for a little while, is very common. But there are things you can do to prevent it from happening.

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My father bought travel insurance from Travel Guard. He got a brain tumor and died. It has been almost a year and they keep requesting information, I keep submitting it. Here is one example from their latest letter to me:
Thank you for the claim information submitted. Please send the following information, enabling us to further process your claim.
-Proof the airfare booked was non refundable class. Please not we have contact British Air on this matter however they will not release information without the ticket holders consent. 8776

They were very slow to process a claim and used many excuses to delay the process. When they finally processed the claim, they sent less than I requested with no explanation of the reason for the difference. There are also many vague exclusions. Reading the policy is helpful, but the exclusions are so vague that you can expect that they will be used if it is possible to do so. At the very least they will delay the claim settlement while the discussion goes on and on.

Her car is now finished, but Good7Go has not paid for the repair yet so they won t release her car. It s been in the shop for over a month for maybe $7555 worth of damage. Makes no sense! Also, she has paid for a rental car for over three months on her credit cards, and they have not sent a dime in reimbursement yet. And she has been submitting the forms to them monthly. No one ever calls back when we ve left messages for the claims rep and his manager. It s lucky when they actually answer the phone when we call.

But before you pay off a car loan with a HELOC, consider the downsides. First off, HELOCs are often variable-rate loans. If interest rates rise, your monthly payment could go up. Second, even if the interest rate on your HELOC is lower than the interest rate on your car loan, you could end up paying more in interest by stretching out the loan term. Finally, if you can’t make your HELOC payments, you could lose your home.

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