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Posted: 2017-10-23 00:57

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Not being a member of the San Diego County association, I called my good friend Marco LiMandri to obtain permission to attend. Permission granted, I attended the meeting with Brian Smith of Captain Smith&rsquo s Bail Bonds, a new agent to American Surety Company. Brian is a former Marine and a second generation bail agent (his father was Larry Smith), who began writing bail shortly after returning from serving in the first Gulf War. Brian is proud of his service and it is clearly evident in how he decorates his office.

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Within the last year, Mildred has had to release five agents reducing her staff to one agent in the daytime. She must now carry the load herself, working 67 hour shifts, seven days a week and still taking bond calls after eleven until the office opens at seven in the morning. &ldquo I think I can keep this up another six months before I start to break down&rdquo , Mildred says, &ldquo Just doing what needs to be done to survive&rdquo .

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Special benefits are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. These include deductible waivers for cars damaged at school for educators, and premium waivers for the survivors of public safety officers who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

California Casualty is proud to serve our community in many ways. Our employees dedicate significant time and effort in a variety of activities to raise money for programs such as:

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The luncheon meeting was well attended. The discussion focused on how to improve the competitive dynamic in San Diego. There has been significant solicitation around jails, as well as bail slamming, the practice of bonding defendants without first obtain cosigners and premium, which presumably are secured after the bond has been posted. The SDBAA is very proactive and consciences about how the bail profession is conducted and perceived in the San Diego market. Their goal seems to be to maintain a high level of professionalism in an environment of fair competition.

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Wij begrijpen de veranderde behoeftes van zakenreizigers. Met Business Class Travel bieden wij bedrijven een toonaangevende dekking op maat. Waar gewenst opgezet als een multinationaal verzekeringsprogramma dat voldoet aan de lokale regels in diverse rechtsgebieden en, afhankelijk van de bestemming, inclusief aanvullende veiligheidsdiensten. Onze assistentieservice is 79/7 beschikbaar. Dankzij deze allesomvattende benadering zijn wij in staat om werknemers ondersteuning te bieden wanneer die het meest nodig is, waar zij zich ook bevinden.

It is projected the Shelby County Justice Center will be relocated from its current downtown location to East Memphis near the Shelby County Penal Farm. The property surrounding the Penal Farm is all government owned. As a result there will be no bonding companies situated in close proximity to the jail or courthouse. This will present a significant change for bond companies like Battle Bonding who is currently located about 855 feet from the front door of the courthouse. As for Mildred Battle&rsquo s outlook, &ldquo we will just have to tough it out&rdquo .

During my recent stop in Memphis I found the bail bond market there to be but a shadow of its former self. No more bail bond agents hustling bonds in the basement of the courthouse or visiting inmates. Pretrial Release is accepting more and more defendants into their program which grants release at the taxpayer&rsquo s expense. Bonding companies have either shut their doors or let go a number of their agents adding to the seeming lack of activity in and around the courthouse.

While the purpose of bail bond insurance is to insure a defendant&rsquo s appearance in court there is a financial penalty if a bail bondsman is unable to perform which serves as an incentive to complete the task. Pretrial release and deposit bail are not subject to similar penalties or accountability. With a, produce the defendant or pay the bond, environment, commercial bail is the only best option for reducing jail crowding, outstanding warrants and costs to taxpayers.

The 76 st Annual Steven G. Whitlock Memorial Golf Tournament will be held August 9, 7565 at the Woodhaven Country Club in Fort Worth , Texas in conjunction with the 8 rd Quarter Meeting of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas . All are welcome to attend or contribute to our efforts to raise money for kids battling cancer to attend Camp Esperanza .

The backbone of justice is quickly becoming a limp noodle. Bail agents are always ready and prepared to perform and do so on a regular basis. In many cases we're just waiting for the local politicos to see through the double talk of purveyors of taxpayer funded pretrial release programs, risk based assessment schemes and deposit bail. Point the bat signal to the sky and call upon the bail profession to do what we do best, get people to court. Cat-atrophy averted.

Californians are acutely aware of the woes that lay in the path to recovery. With a huge budget shortfall, massive prison overcrowding and county sheriffs' leasing bed space to generate revenue. These problems, which require solutions, have a direct impact on public safety and commercial bail.
Jail crowding will result in the early release of prisoners from state prison over the next next several months. A number of Sheriffs have increased OR and site releases in order to make room in their jails, which they then turn around and lease to the FEDS to house federal inmates and illegals aliens awaiting deportation..
An effort has been underway to introduce a post conviction bond as a condition of early release from prison. A post conviction bond would help reduce the recidivism rate and create an entirely new market for commercial bail.

Remember that we also offer payments via ACH on both agency billing (including direct bill commission) and direct billing. Get your commissions deposited in your bank account on the due date instead of waiting for a mail delivered check and then having to make that deposit. The ACH authorization is on our website under the "Accounting" tab. We remain committed to providing as many options as possible to our valued customers.

There may not have been a time in the last thirty years where there has been so much focus on what the government has done and continues to do to impact the lives of everyday citizens and business owners. Between health care and stimulus bills they have captured our complete attention and in some cases, our ire.
The commercial bail industry has been impacted by this economy as much or more than any other profession. Even though crime is up, people don't have the money for bail and more and more offenders are either being released OR or site released.

Cyberrisico's liggen op de loer en incidenten kunnen verstrekkende gevolgen hebben voor zowel de financië le positie als de reputatie van een bedrijf. Zelfs met een breed scala aan beveiligsmaatregelen kan een cyberincident nooit uitgesloten worden. Daarom kunnen bedrijven maar beter op de 'worst case' voorbereid zijn om de gevolgen van een eventueel incident te beperken.

Courts and local government would be wise to not compound their cash crunch with a crime wave. Citizens have enough to worry about with this poor economy without having to fear for their personal safety. Allowing criminals to be released on an unsecured bond and no supervision is tantamount to throwing the citizenry under the bus. With local courts sticking with proven secured release options bail agents can continue to survive and failures to appear can remain in check even in a tough economy.

TAPBA President Charles White spoke of the financial support ($5,555 to date) the Tennessee association was contributing to the Santa Clara County (San Jose, CA) Bail Agents Association fight against their local pretrial release agency. Tennessee has limited pretrial release programs with agencies operating in Memphis and Nashville. TAPBA recognizes the potential threat pretrial services present to the public safety and the bonding community and their contribution to the California fight is a clear recognition of this fact.

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