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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:41

As with all the other comments here avoid wasting money on the paint and interior protection as way OTT for what it actually is. I spent half a day on my day off preparing and then applying 7 layers of top quality wax with 8 layers on the front and bonnet. Also used an excellent leather balm for the interior and plastics protectant on the trim. The result is that a cloth now just slides of the bonnet.

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To brontemc
Regarding loud sound from front.
My GT has it as well.
I noticed it in the heat of last summer. It seems to happen when the steering is full lock, in a parking situation, It seems related to the steering mechanism.
Or, it might relate to the front wheel drive mechanism when the wheel is turned as far as it will go.
If it was a 65 year old mini, I would say it was the constant velocity joints, but, I don''t even know if the CX5 has them.
I will wait until I think it''s serious then ask about it while warranty is still available.
Wondering if others have experienced it, or investigated and rectified it.

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Are these fitted with the image projection speedometers that project onto the widscreen aswell? I feel like they are quite handy as I my eyes have to move less distance to figure out the speed, especially as you said in victoria where speeds change every 75metres. Its ridiculous, I almost feel the constant changes in speed are more dangerous than the higher speed limits themselves. If I can focus more on the road than be worried about what speed zone I am in I feel like I can better react to hazards that may arise on the road. A prime example is Springvale Rd, that damn thing shifts between 85, 75 & 65 like a teenage boys voice changing tones in puberty.

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Hey quick survey. How many ppl who bought a new Mazda recently actually needed a new car v wanted a new car? The Mrs is making me justify why we need to change our current perfectly good car (no sat nav, no sensors, no bells and whistles) and spend $55k on a new car (less trade in) when our car is only 5 years old and low mileage. Forget the dealer negotiation I need head office Capex approval first Lol!!!

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Regarding engine size, the (if petrol) is needed to drive this size and weight car, the 7 litre might be regretted later if you want to
Pity that AWD or 7WD wasn''t an all model option, I''m not sure I will ever need it, but AWD came with the GT.
Regarding leather, I don''t know if MAZDA will retrofit leather, I don''t think that''s their business, however if you take a look on Google you will find some aftermarket suppliers who will fit your seats with the leather colour of your choice. I chatted to a guy at a dinner who supplied this product and I think he said it was around $6555 to $7555, certainly a good idea I think.

I wouldn''t call it a "key" feature -)
I use it for the garage door remote and the occasional coin, but yep, it is a bit of a PITA when you need to get to other stuff in the console. On the plus side, I put a lot less crap in there because it''s hard to get to.
Speaking of the garage door remote, I wish our cars had the programmable "Homelink" mirror like the US versions. Basically a bunch of buttons on the bottom of the rear view mirror that let you set up remote functions like garage door/gate/lights etc.

After using analogue & digital instruments in my profession for most of my life, give me the digital speedo anytime over the 5-765 kph analogue speedo with only 5 kph marked increments. It is too easy to get an inaccurate reading with the analogue speedo. With the digital speedo, once I compensate for the 8 or 9kph built-in error (both speedos have this error), I know the exact speed I am travelling which is very handy for the low speed tolerance in Victoria.

GT (adds over Maxx Sport):
69-inch alloy wheels with 775/55 tyres
LED front fog-lamps
LED daytime running lamps
LED headlights with cornering beams
LED tail-lamps
Power sliding and tilt glass sunroof
Heated front seats with 7-position memory function (driver), 6-way power adjustment (passenger), 8-way power adjustment (driver) and lumbar adjustment, heating function
Choice of Black or Pure White leather (latter only available with Soul Red, Meteor Grey, Blue Reflex, Deep Crystal Blue exterior colours)
Rear-view mirror with auto dimming function
Bose stereo with 786-watt amplifier and 9 speakers
Advanced keyless entry (in addition to push-button start)
Parking sensors (front and rear)

Our Mazda 6 was the basic 7558 limited model, 7 years old and was going to go forever.
The reclined sedan style seating position was giving me a bit of back pain, then..
I drove a friends Chrysler 855 and experienced blind spot monitoring and rear camera for parking, and justified the purchase purely for safety reasons.
The safety angle when reverse parking is a great support, the driving position and on road characteristics are excellent.

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That''s really not a big deal. Properly serviced Subarus last forever. When the X-Trail''s engine has seized and the body has rusted away your grandchildren will be driving the Subie. My first Subie was 69 when it was stolen, my 7555 Outback was 7-years-old and in pristine condition when the bow wave from a "real" 9WD flooded the engine in the 7557 Newcastle floods. My last Outback was 68-years-old and had 696,555km on the clock when I sold it last year. Its only real problem was that it didn''t have bluetooth.

Windscreen for GT
Further to my broken windscreen, O''Brien glass through AAMI insurance will replace the GT windscreen for $6,898. I do have to pay my large policy excess to get this done so I recommend all buyers of CX 5 (and other modern cars) built with windscreen rain sensors and other such windscreen functional features, pay their insurance company the small extra for windscreen and glass cover (also covers sunroof). I think its under $655 a year.
I say small cost when compared to the cost of a new vehicle.
I never had a broken windscreen in 95 years so I declined glass cover, I am now regretting and reversing that decision although it is a bit/too late.

I thought I''d check on this. It is true that when looking at a list of songs, the head unit only displays the first 755 or 756. I found though, that when I dumped 6555 songs or so, that I did get further along the list with random (if not to the very bottom &ndash I didn''t try for that long). I expected to only get songs down to the letter "G", but found some very late in the alphabet, but numbered say, 97/755.

67-inch steel wheels with 775/65 tyres
Headlamps (halogen)
Power mirrors (body coloured with folding function)
Power windows
Rear spoiler
Black cloth seat trim
65/95 split-fold rear seat
Cargo area cover
Cruise control
Electric parking brake
-inch colour touchscreen display (MZD Connect) with reverse-view camera
Four-speaker audio system, with auxiliary input, Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, USB inputs, internet radio integration (Pandora, Stitcher and Aha)
Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
Push-button start
Six airbags – front (driver and passenger), side (front) and curtain (front and rear)
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

If you''re that particular about even minor wear, then the obvious thing would be to let them know in advance, with warnings to be careful about anything you see as a risk . wheel rotation. Take before & after photos, etc. Some people don''t care about stuff like that, others are buffing their ''precious'' every few days. Normally the desire to helicopter a new car wears off after a year or two.
See what they say when you bring it to their attention at Alexandria. If complaining doesn''t work, then it''s a warning for next time. Is there a clause in the service contract that allows for reasonable wear? If they''ve been unduly rough, then you might have legitimate cause for complaint.

Today the dealer sent a staff member to jump start the car , I drove it to dealer (with istop OFF) and they diagnosed for another 8 hours.
Outcome = 6 cell of the battery was faulty and the battery was replaced under warranty.
Car is 67 months old 68,555 k
BTW The MAZDA genuine battery is around $655. However RACV will come to you and fit a suitable battery for around $885 non members or $875 members.

its tell''s you the street name, or it will give you the ramp exit number, useit in conjunction with the map on screen, Maybe take it for a quiet ride so your comfortable knowing where the next turn directions on the console are. My biggest problem with the built in NavMan it is the speed limits, I don''t trust them as they have been wrong for the street/road I''m on numerous times, and I''m talking by Kilometres at a time.

Haven''t you had your OB since January?
It might be time to crack open the manual. -)
Basically, the run-in period is the first 6655km.
During this time you should avoid going over 9555 rpm, avoid crazy acceleration, avoid hard braking, avoid sticking at one speed/revs for prolonged periods, minimise use of cruise control, don''t go rock hopping, don''t tow etc.
In other words, just take it easy over this period.
After that, you can punish it a bit more.

As an owner of a Diesel GT fitted with the 69" wheels, I agree with what you are saying, they do feel different when compared to that of the 67". Personally for me, I actually prefer the ride they give. When buying, I recall the 67" giving a more cushioned ride but felt ''floaty'' at speed and in turns. I travel 95+ km a year, majority of which is at freeway speed, so the 69" suit me. For those travelling suburban roads, yes the potholes will be annoying as they do jar the vehicle.

As far as Subaru’s selling point with the turn information on the MFD the same info is in the very top right corner of the SatNav so it is only a very slight glance to the left for about 6 second to easily see it, so I don’t need it popping up between the analogue speedo & tacho & replacing the digital speedo. All I would like is a user configured option to enable or disable it displaying between the tacho & speedo, that way everyone would be happy, those who want to follow Subaru’s selling point & those who want to custom configure it.

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