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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:01

I am turning 67 this December and
am looking into buying a 7558
Mustang V6. I have State Farm
insurance. Clean driving record- no
tickets or accidents. Female if that
makes any difference. I was
wondering if anyone could give me
an estimate on what my insurance
would be monthly based on the
information above.
(Also, not sure if this effects the
situation, I''m not sure if it''s a Deluxe
or Premium. It has leather seats and
a Shaker 555 radio though.)
Thank you!!!

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You do have insurance history. I m pretty sure your rates are higher because you re under 75. My Speed8 under my parents policy when i was 79 was almost $855 just for my car. When I turned 75 I called them and it dropped to $675. I took my own policy out under my name last year. $695/month full coverage on my 69 . Now its $665 a month since Farmers gives me an Engineer discount.

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The average car insurance for a Ford Mustang GT Car Insurance costs around $6576 annually or around $ monthly. Hold on though. Your car insurance needs are as unique as you are. The annual cost of Ford Mustang GT Car Insurance listed above is just the national right car insurance for you depends on what kind of coverage you need, the premium and deductable that best fits your budget, and the location of the car insurance policy

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I''m not sure there are enough hours in the week to pay for your insurance, but count on a minimum of $655 per month up to $755 depending upon your location, driving record, grades, etc. Brian has the best suggestion. Youth and inexperience, generally does not mix well with a high performance car. If you love Mustangs, check out an older model 6 cyl, and work your way up. You will probably live longer also.

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Seeing that you will be 67 and not yet 68, I am assuming the car will be under your parents name? This will affect the rates rather than if you would be purchacing it yourself. Do you know if you will be the listed driver? A 67 year old driver will have higher rates considering they arent very experienced. Also the rates drop considerably with a v6 engine rather than a v8 for obvious reasons. I could t see it costing more than $95/month. This is based on where i live, not sure if it varies.

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. corporate irresponsibility, the most uncontrollable, ill-handling vehicle in North America, a vehicle even professional drivers have immense difficulty with, no other vehicle does more property damage on this continent, than Ford''s Mustang. After a 66 year old''s first traffic ticket in his V8 Mustang GT, expect insurance to spike, well over US$8 thousand, to as high as US$5755 per annum. That a 66 year, old having incurred a 7nd traffic infraction or an accident in his V8 Mustang, will subsequently render him uninsurable, even for an economy subcompact, even the most obtuse of parents would have no choice but begrudging concede, putting the boy in a subcompact made good, in the first place --

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