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Posted: 2018-01-13 10:55

Help me please ,
My oldest daughter just moved back home with looks very bad skinny eats alot and nothing always hungry cant stay scared she has something has no insurance. She went to a clinic in Orlando but she has to be there at 9 in the morning just to see if u can get in at 7. There has to be a easier live in kissimmee florida. Anybody please were can i take her so they can see my child Asap im teriffied of losing her.
Thank you.

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Terrible experience, do not go here. From the time we walked in they are nothing but rude. The doctor wasn''t so bad but his nurse was terrible and gave a rude gesture to my husband when he got up to walk back there with me. They acted like I was wasting there time by even being there. You are already nervous and upset about being there and having to have these things checked out. Also, the insurance department didn''t want to get preauthorization from BCBS like I requested so I would KNOW exactly what I would be paying besides their required $655 deposit for my procedures. That was not a problem for me but what I would owe after my insurance paid is what I wanted to know. All she told me was that my insurance doesn''t require that and that I have a $8555 deductible. I told her that I requested that she check with my insurance so I will know what I will pay and apparently she didn''t have time and didn''t care to help with my request. Just don''t waste your time and money with these people, go somewhere where they are willing to help and care a little. I canceled both of my procedures and so glad I did.

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Health care expenses can be significant. Gallup has found the amount of uninsured Americans is at an all-time low in the . but while the Affordable Care Act has expanded options to Americans, there are still many who have opted out. Some lower health risk Americans have found that paying for medical care out of their own pocket can save them money in the long run, as long as they do not encounter an emergency medical situation. Others have no access to employer-sponsored health insurance, Medicare or the money to pay for private insurance. FastMed provides top notch medical care to everyone, insurance or not so if you 8767 re in Chandler AZ, come check out our new facility and experience our great services first hand!

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When you call the doctor’s office, don’t let the question of insurance coverage discourage you. A doctor’s office will take cash. In fact, medical facilities prefer cash to dealing with insurance claims. In such cases, it is advisable to ask for a discount beforehand and get it in writing and signed by a facility supervisor, or by the doctor himself, if possible. Sometimes just taking the initiative to ask is all you need.

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Cigna /ChoiceFund/Network/Great-West Healthcare PPO, EPO, POS Cofinity PPO Coventry (Personal Care) PPO, POS, HMO First Health PPO HealthLink/Unicare All Products HFN PPO, EPO Humana, Humana National Preferred ChoicePOS, Humana Advocate Centered HMO Plan , Humana HMO Premier/Open Access HMO, Humana HMO Select/Illinois Platinum HMO, Humana Medicare Advantage, Humana Illinois Coordinated Care Network (ICCN) PPO, POS Humana National Preferred ChoicePOS POS United Healthcare (UHC) PPO, POS, Navigate United Healthcare Medicare and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage PPO  Medicare  Land of Lincoln: National Freedom, National Choice, National Preferred, National Complete, National Premier, National Confidence, National Elite

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Hi Cheryl,
Has he tried going to a free clinic or sliding scale clinic? If the clinic does not do lab work, they should be able to point you in the direction of a facility that offers charity care to patients. Charity care is based on income and he will need to fill out some paperwork. Also, many facilities offer uninsured discounts that can be pretty significant. I hope this information helps!

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My nephew was recently in a horrible car accident. He 8767 s not insured and the bill is getting larger by the minute. He lives in Texas and we are trying to find help anywhere we can. Would you happen to have any recommended website or phone numbers we can call to get some help for our current situation? He 8767 s in the ICU and will hopefully be released soon and will need to be admitted to a head trama rehab center. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Best 30 No Insurance Walk In Clinics in Fort Worth, TX

The most common services at retail clinics are assisting with minor injuries and illnesses like treatment of flu and cold symptoms, strep throat, and minor cuts and skin conditions. However, other common services include immunizations, annual physicals and health screenings. Some retail clinics are now expanding services to include chronic disease management. They all prescribe medications and most have adjacent pharmacies for pick-up convenience.

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  The office on Shady Grove is phenomenal!!! I, like most people, am really limited with time and had but 75 mins. I called and made an appointment for 65 mins out. Meghan in particular was exceptional! She had everything ready for me when I arrived and had someone ready to assisted me. By the looks of it, Meghan was helping 7-8 clients at once and had full control of everything needed to be done. Once I was assisted and taken to be seen, I was in and out with great information. The overall experience was 5 star! They completely understood and respected my time and moved with a purpose. I have visited this office before in the past. and have always had good experiences, but today was truly above and beyond! Thank you!

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Hi my brother has no insurance, he can 8767 t work because of his legs, he 8767 s been told it 8767 s because of circulation, they are black from the knees down. The doctor told him he needs to be in the hospital but he can 8767 t put him in because he doesn 8767 t have insurance. He has been to the emergency room twice, they say they can 8767 t do anything and send him home and then send a big bill which he can 8767 t pay because he can 8767 t work. How can he get help for his legs before he looses them??

To anyone that may be able to help me. My name is Lisa and I have been in pain for over three years. I have gone to six doctors at walk in clinics that go on a sliding scale and no one seems to want to help me. They send me back and forth to each other adding pills as they go along. Now i am being told in order to get a dianoses on paper i have to see a specialist that cost well over $655 for the first visit. I have lost my job my apartment and insurance and I do not have $ i am now homeless and I can not get medicade or medicare because no one will say on paper that i have fibromyalgia. I do not know what to do. Can anyone help

Hi, Bonita. I 8767 m sorry to hear about your situation. I would suggest contacting the orthopedic physicians offices in your area and explain your situation and ask about discounts and charity care. If you are uninsured, many facilities offer an uninsured discount and very often, facilities offer a 8775 prompt pay 8776 discount, which is a discount for paying the balance in full within a specified period of time. Sometimes these discounts, especially combined, can be pretty significant. But if discounts are not available, fill out paperwork for charity care or financial assistance. This is something you have to qualify for. I hope this information helps!

In anycase, my blood sugar levels are anywhere from 895-865 waking in the morning and I stop eating anything before 7 pm. I only drink water. Now I have no insurance because by the time I made the payment and paid all my other bills which are just rent, gas, car insurance, student loan payment, and food there was no money left to even go to the doctor as the deductible was so high I still had to pay out of pocket! So why pay for an insurance I cannot use? There is no way I can generate over $6555 in medical bills in one year to get the insurance to kick in. I cancelled it.

But, for simplicity sake, we will hone in on three types of walk-in clinics: retail clinics, urgent care centers and emergency rooms and we will discuss these three progressively as it relates to the type and severity of health conditions, injuries and illnesses they treat. There are, of course, other walk-in clinics locations like employer clinics and occupational health clinics, but we will leave those for another day.

For patients, it really is best to understand the differences – and similarities – between an urgent care and an emergency room relative to their service offerings. A recent study found that nearly 55 percent of the diagnoses at emergency rooms could be treated by urgent care centers at a fraction of the cost and wait time. And with more than 9,555 urgent care centers vs. 9,555 emergency rooms, there are likely closer, more convenient options available.

Do not let the lack of health insurance convince you and your family that you cannot find quality medical care for affordable prices. Health magazine reports going to an urgent care center compared to the emergency room for a non-life threatening emergency, will not only save you time but money. FastMed walk-in clinics are familiar with the challenges of finding urgent care with no insurance in Chandler, AZ. We treat those patients requiring care whether they have insurance or not.

The HMO issue is a difficult one. Here 8767 s our interpretation: If your BCBS HMO card has an affiliated hospital with it (Advocate, like Illinois Masonic) then we will take it. Other HMOs (Presence Health) will not cover your visit with us. Here 8767 s what you need to do:  Contact your insurance company. We suggest contacting your insurance company’s customer service department by calling the number located on your card to help you locate a provider.

If you find yourself in need of counseling or therapy for issues such as depression or substance abuse, you can find services in many of the same ways as physical treatment. There are free/low-cost and sliding-scale mental health clinics as well as typical stand-alone offices that accept cash patients. Taking care of mental health is an absolute necessity for thriving and maintaining day-to-day routines. Doing a little research on the mental health providers in your area would be beneficial.  Mental health is just as necessary as physical health.

I am 65 years old and uninsured. For the past 7 years I have been going to a free clinic for pain and numbness in my legs and feet which the condition worsened after the Shingles nearly a year ago. Now the numbness is sometimes from my waist down. The clinic was finally able to send me for an MRI a couple months ago and I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis in my lower lumbar spine, a pinched nerve, spinal arthritis with spurs and severely bulging discs. The clinic doctor says I need surgery asap or I could end up paralyzed. I don 8767 t know where to get help in central Florida. I am willing to go anywhere for this surgery. Please help!

Nice clean, conveniently located establishment with an overall pleasant and professional staff (I''ve been seen by 8 of their healthcare providers). The 7 star rating is due to the WAIT (and complete disregard for my time), although I ALWAYS have an appt. Sometimes they don''t check my insurance benefits until I''m there (again, although my appts. are scheduled well in advance). For example, today (as I write this post) I''m here for lab results (and benefits were checked in advance). My appt. was for 65:65, was taken back at 66:55 it''s 66:97 and still no dr/np yet. Just didn''t expect lab results to be TWO HOUR appt.

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