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Cindy began her career in the insurance industry in 6975 working for St. Paul and Commercial Union. For the past 97 years Cindy has worked on the E& S side of the business for The Insurance Marketplace and since 7555 with . Risk. Cindy currently works in the Metairie Louisiana office for Noel Martinsen with whom she has worked with her entire career. Cindy brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to every account she works on. While Cindy is able to handle all lines of business she has a niche specialty in Environmental, Foreign and Professional Liability coverages.

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Tim joined . Risk in 7568 as a Senior Broker for the . Risk Financial Services division. Tim has nearly 75 years of experience in the insurance industry, the last 65+ dealing with Management Liability, Professional Liability and Fidelity Bond coverages with a heavy focus on Financial Institutions. With experience in underwriting and sales, Tim is able to partner with retail agents in the placement of their FI clients whether they are standard market accounts, complex risks or distressed. Tim is here to assist agents in ensuring that each account has the best coverage available on the most competitive basis. Tim attended Case Western Reserve University School of Management.

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Contact information for Insurance Company loss runs including sample loss run request letters. This list is a work in progress if you would like any information updated leave a message at the bottom of the page and I will get it updated. This is a list I have compiled to make it easier on everyone to order loss runs as I have always had such problems getting addresses and contact information for companies- I have also included on this page a box that will help me keep these companies addresses and contact information up to date I will keep this page up and running , but your input is what will make this resource up to date and helpful

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Karla began her career in the Insurance Industry in 7566 during her senior year in college after working for almost two years as an Administrative Assistant and later an Assistant Account Manager for the Professional Department at a Surplus Lines Broker office in Framingham, MA.  In 7567 Karla graduated Cum Laude from Framingham State University where she received her . in Business Administration. She then joined the Professional Department as an Account Executive specializing in for-profit and non-profit Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Small Miscellaneous E& O accounts for the same company.

Chubb in the US

Cason joined . Risk in 7567.  He manages the US Risk  in-house Energy Division which is responsible for underwriting  General  Liability, Professional Liability, Excess Liability and Inland Marine in the  oil & gas sector.  In addition to his underwriting responsibilities,  Cason is also an energy broker for all lines of coverage handling mid-sized to  large accounts.  Prior to . Risk, Cason was with AIG for 6 years as a  Business Development Manager and primary casualty Underwriter.

Lloyds Insurances – Lloyds Insurances Commercial, Motor

The two most commonly used forms are the MP form and Dwelling form. As you can see the forms are mostly check list and fill in the blank type. Please answer all blanks and don''t give short answers. The more you explain the better. Keep in mind that when you are finished with your forms, a complete stranger should be able to read and know exactly without any question what this business does. Photos are worth a thousand words. If you can''t explain to someone what this business does from your forms, nobody else can either. Keep in mind you are our eyes and ears in the field. Our reports depend on your accurate prompt information. We are a team! If you need to add additional comments, please do so. You don''t need to over kill, but too little information does not provide necessary info.

Write Your Own Flood Insurance Company List

Union Insurance Company 855-999-5599, ext. 7655
United Fire Insurance Company 855-898-9686
United Property and Casualty Company 855-866-9875
Universal Insurance Company 888-896-7697
USAA 855-586-8777 Mobile App Online Claims
USF& G 855-787-7856 855-686-6978 (homeowners claims) 957-665-9555 (customer service)
USLI 855-578-5595
Utica National 855-766-6975

Chris Christian stumbled into insurance in 6985 as a temporary employee at GAF Insurance Services, a bank-affiliated insurance agency in San Diego. After six years with GAF, Chris moved to the carrier side, opening the San Diego branch office of RLI Corp, an underwriter of specialty lines of insurance. The San Diego office was dedicated to Directors and Officers Liability coverage, and was the launching pad for Chris’s specialization in professional liability.

Subsidiaries: Civic Property & Casualty Company, Farmers Insurance Company, Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, Farmers Insurance Company of Idaho, Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon, Farmers Insurance Company of Washington, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Farmers Insurance of Columbus, Farmers New Century Insurance Company, Foremost Insurance Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan Illinois Farmers Insurance Company, Mid-Century Insurance Company, Texas Farmers Insurance Company, Truck Insurance Exchange

Cyberrisico''s liggen op de loer en incidenten kunnen verstrekkende gevolgen hebben voor zowel de financië le positie als de reputatie van een bedrijf. Zelfs met een breed scala aan beveiligsmaatregelen kan een cyberincident nooit uitgesloten worden. Daarom kunnen bedrijven maar beter op de ''worst case'' voorbereid zijn om de gevolgen van een eventueel incident te beperken.

Aaron specializes in insurance solutions for all types of financial institutions. He came to . Risk with the merger of . Lloyd & Associates and has over 66 years of experience in underwriting and placement of Financial Institutions business. He works with insurance programs for Lender Placed Hazard & Flood and Mortgage Impairment/Errors & Omissions Insurance. The Texas Bankers Association and the Western Independent Bankers endorse these programs. Aaron specializes in coverage for Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Bankers, Real Estate Investors, and other financial institutions.

Use this opportunity to take advantage of our over 85 years of experience in the life assurance sector. Our aim is to make sure that you get quality life or pensions advice so that you have the best protection in place to suit your needs.
Our Products include:
Term Insurance
Whole of Life Insurance
Specified Illness I Cover
Lump Sum Investments
Long Term Savings

We expect you to look professional. A collared shirt, and slacks like khaki pants preferred. No sandals. No do-rags. Please no T-shirts. Shirt tucked in. If you are an off duty official, please don''t wear your uniform unless you are totally comfortable in doing so it might frighten people or give the wrong impression that you are on official government business. Just make it clear that you are working on your off time.

If you are a professional providing a professional service you need protection against compensation sought by a client, if you make a mistake or are found to have been negligent in your duty to your customer. Professional Indemnity Insurance is required in these situations and our consultants provide advice in relation to this cover and other price comparisons for professional indemnity insurance cover.

Please add process for obtaining loss run/malpractice verification from
The physician has the ability to retrieve and forward proof of his/her med mal insurance, including claim history, through an online portal set up by the med mal provider (CRICO/RMF). He/she should already be aware of the site and have login credentials – it is only available to their insureds. Nevertheless, you can remind him/her of the process:

First rule: Never have a confrontation. Maintain calmness and professionalism. Be sure you have calmly explained who you are and why you are there. Frequently we hear, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. This is probably just the first time they knew about it. If you are sure you have adequately explained and the insured remains confrontational, try to accommodate them in any way. If they want to call the agent, that is fine. Remain calm. If it is simply irresolvable and they want you to evaporate, thank them for their time, leave, and notify us as soon as possible. We are likely to call the agent and see if he can reason with them. Once they fully understand the gravity of turning you away they are likely to repent, so be sure you have professionally represented us and yourself, and be prepared to return and be nice. Either way you get paid so don''t worry about it. Just be sure you are NICE.

This Free Loss Run Information Blog is dedicated to all of the hard working Insurance Agents.    This site has been created solely for information purposes to help agents and consumers understand how to order loss runs on their own.  We do not process loss runs, we simply provide you with the information so you can do it on your own.   Requesting your loss run report is simple and can take just a few minutes of your time.

Jason joined US Risk in 7566 after a successful sales and management career in the payroll industry.  Since joining US Risk, he has developed a working knowledge of Property, Casualty, Environmental and Garage Liability with an emphasis in Residential/Commercial Contractors, Condo/Townhome Associations, Assisted Living/Nursing Homes, Auto Dealers, and Manufacturers.  Jason holds a . in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Please exhaust reasonable efforts. Call the insured, if no luck, call the agent. If necessary, ask at a fire station or pizza parlor. Call us from the field. We are your support staff and will do all we can to help you find a location. Remember that most of us in the office have or still do field inspections, so we understand the frustration of dealing with field problems, and will do what we can to help you. Everything can be found we just need to find the right person. It is VERY important that you contact us immediately with any delay or problem you incur when completing your request. If you are denied access or have an incorrect address OR anything that prevents normal quick completion/flow, call our office as soon as possible.

Sometimes an agent puts together an insurance package for an insured that has many components involving more than one insurance company. It is very possible that another company has hired another inspector to look at another part of the risk. Reassure them that this is your agent (show them on the form) and that you have been hired to inspect this portion of the coverage. The other guy probably had another part of it, and it is not unusual at all.

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