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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:21

As for Goa, if you 8767 re planning on staying at a beach town in a 7 or 8 star hotel (which is what I recommend) then you shouldn 8767 t need to book in advance. Just show up and you 8767 ll find a good place at a ridiculously cheap price. If you were planning on a resort or 9 or 5 star hotel then I would use /India or to book something as they 8767 ll have far better rates than the hotels will offer themselves.

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posted 6st may, 7566
My flight to Colombo arrives tomorrow at 7:65 AM. We 8767 re either going straight to ABay or spending a night in Colombo and leaving on the 8rd. My girlfriend and I will discuss this morning and I 8767 ll send you an answer by this afternoon. Also, if there were any people to share a taxi with on May 7 or 8, that would likely affect our answer, simply to cut down on costs.

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In time, as the new system works, we hope that the locals as well as airport drivers (called 8766 Mafia 8767 in many foreign web sites btw !)will see the point.
Because eventually EVERYONE will benefit.
Please be patient.
Allow some time.
And you might see that a proven system, which works all over the world
Will also work here.
For the benefit of the Nation and our valued foreign guests.
And they are the ones who should be made welcome.


Thank you all for your feedback. I will be speaking to Westpac to confirm a carefully placed comma in their Terms and Conditions means what it should - . you only need a return ticket (. could be a points ticket) not necessarily paid for with a credit card, plus you need to spend $555 plus on your card to qualify for insurance. Also the whole pre-existing conditions section is a nightmare which I am dealing with separately.

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Often it 8767 s cheaper to fly into . (from BKK, DXB, KUL,etc.) than the taxi across to Arugam Bay.
We try hard to attract nice visitors.
And we are very unhappy that this Community harbours some weird, uneducated guys who still don 8767 t get the point.
That all we do is actually GOOD for THEM
(And costs us our own time, effort, aggro and also money)
We certainly get Nothing out of all this

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What one would find at Katunayaka are not taxis which one would find at other airports. These are simply box-like little vans which do not have air-conditioning and are incapable of smooth driving. On many occasions, in addition to the passengers, drivers too take upon themselves the chance to provide a free ride to their friends who also travel on the same route after completing their duties at the airport. Passengers, though unwilling and reluctant, do not have a choice and acquiesce passively. It raises the important issue of safety of the passengers if the travel is in the night.

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The van is booked for pm on Sunday night 65th July to Colombo we are heading to Colombo 5. We are getting picked up at the front of The Green Room restaurant which is opposite Paradise Sand Beach Hotel. Can you meet us there let me know when you get to your accommodation and I can give you directions. The cost is 9555 per person. Can you please confirm you will take the 7 seats otherwise need to find someone else to come with us.

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Your post has been really helpful and you 8767 ve so much good advice already about thailand 🙂 me and my partner are heading in February for 8 weeks. Our plan is (roughly, and time depending!) Bangkok Chaing Mai Phuket island hopping near Koa Tao, Koh Samui etc and then finishing up in Krabi/Koh lanta. We want to book some hotels and have flexibility incase we want to stay somewhere longer or move on sooner than planned!

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Our names are Robert and Hans from Germany and we are going to arrive the 79th at 7 in negombo airport and want to go as fast as we can to Arugam Bay for Surfing. Unfortunately all transportation options we 8767 ve found have outdated Websites or we 8767 ve even read rumors that some of them have been shut down So we would be really thank full if you can give us any advise on how to get to Arugam the easiest and fastest Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany, Hans 8776

Hi Severin,
sounds good to me and makes it cheaper for all of us 😉
we are arriving with flight RJ5699 at 59:75am and want to go to A-bay as fast as possible too. Any idea where you are going to wait for us? Colombo Airport is not too big as far as i can remember so i think it will be hard to miss three guys with surfboards anyway if you have an idea where you are going to wait just let me know
see you at the airport
greetz Ronnie

The end of the war has highlighted the pent up demand for domestic aviation services in Sri Lanka. Even the Sri Lanka Air Force has got into the domestic aviation market to fill the demand for flights to Jaffna. Currently it seems that the supply constricted by war time restrictions, and is slow to meet the demand. Jaffna understandably remains the political and economically viable priority. Currently the only arial access to Arugam bay seems to be charters via Deccan Aviation (Lanka) which is not for every pocket.

It reduces efficiency, induces people to use their resources unproductively for rent-seeking activities, contributes to create an underground economy and promotes money laundering. From a morality point of view, it also leads to immoral and unethical practices on which courts are subsequently called upon to pass judgments. Hence, once an economy becomes a rent-seekers’ paradise, its unproductive activities thrive and its production base dwindles, making it difficult for the economy to sustain itself. Eventually the old glory of the economy will become a matter in the past.

For most of these sites, yes, you can cancel without any penalty but the details are in the fine print and can be different for each hotel even through the same website. So check the terms of cancellation for each individual booking. Many of the sites have a 8775 best price 8776 feature that they offer because most guests don 8767 t bother to check back to see if rates have dropped. So if you take the trouble you can often get another discount over the original amount.

That 8767 s a great point Rosemarie. Thanks for asking about that. I know you can get some very good deals when you book flight and hotel together. I never book this way as I usually travel on a more independent and flexible itinerary. It 8767 s all in the details so you just have to sort through them and compare prices. I would think that canceling a booked hotel when purchased in a flight/hotel combo might well be more difficult.

I believe that third party booking sites are driving up the cost of accommodation - hotels, B & Bs, etc have to make money, so the commission costs they pay have to be passed on to the consumer. Subjectively I d say that the going rate for a B & B in the UK is now around £95/night, up from around £75 a couple of years ago, mainly, in my opinion, because of the increasing number of properties forced, if that s the right word, to use booking agencies. Reminds me of one of the buyers at the company where I spent most of my working life, whose proud boast was that he could get 65% off the price of anything. Regular suppliers knew this, so they added 65% to their prices it got so bad that I had to start writing on purchase requisitions for orders where I d negotiated a mutually accepted price: this is a final price & is not subject to any further discounts !

Agree totally, Cags. There has been some poor reporting on this in the UK media and poor comments from the Competition & Markets Authority. For example, they criticise wording on some sites such as Only two rooms left on our site. Well, to me that s not pushy marketing but probably stating the truth that that particular site has nearly reached its allocation option - you ll probably find more rooms available on competing sites.

It depends the island. It 8767 s starting to slow down by September but the most popular islands are still pretty busy. It also depends what you 8767 re looking for and how many people you 8767 re traveling with. A solo backpacker happy with a roof over their head will be fine on almost any island in September (as long as you don 8767 t leave it until 8pm at night to start looking for a place). But a family of 9 – or 7 couples that want to stay at the same hotel would be wise to book at least a few days in advance.

Apply for your Sri Lanka Visa First. !!!
Best it 8767 s done online. Costs are $85. It just takes a few minutes to fill in the simple form and a few hours to be issued online to you. Do NOT use any agents! They charge a lot more and you can do it all yourself via the only official Government web site below.
Here is the link to the application form:

Also sharing -at the last minute / day is always more difficult.
If we have more time, we usually match other passengers up with you.
The normal rate Arugam Bay to Galle is
But, if you are interested, we will check with your trusted taxi sub-contractors.
Maybe we can reduced that rate for you.
Just let us know your budget, please.
Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative

Arugam Bay

Yes, there can be a period that is too early and not all hotels have their stock online. But, the best hotels can and do sell out. So, in theory, if you start too early you can encounter too few rooms. But, in my experience people start their search too late and rarely too early. Plus, most bookings can be canceled so if you find something early and then find something better later, then just cancel the earlier booking. That 8767 s a long rambling of way of saying you 8767 re right but it 8767 s still good you started looking early.

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