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Posted: 2017-10-23 00:06

I was on LTD through Metlife. I filed for SSI at my company 8767 s insistence and signed an agreement that if I was awarded SSI I would pay Metlife back through their attorney representing me and a portion would go to the attorney. I was awarded the back payment, I sent the major part ($88,555) to their attorney as instructed, the attorney in turn paid Metllife. I also paid the attorney representing Metlife (me) seperately. Both checks were cased and paid out (cancelled checks). Subsequently, several weeks later my checking account reflected a credit in the exact amount of $88,555. It took a few months for them to contact me but they when they did they wanted me to 8775 pay them back 8776 and that it was a an error on their part. What if anything can they do to make me 8775 pay them back 8776

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Sherry, if SSDI awards you more than your LTD benefit, you would only be responsible for refunding the amount the insurance carrier paid you ($6,555/mo) for any overlapping months. With respect to your LTD benefit, it would be $5 after an offset unless your policy has a minimum monthly benefit, which is usually around $. So SSDI would pay you $6555 and your carrier would possibly pay you $655 a month. I hope this answers your question.

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Unfortunately, as is the case with almost every ERISA governed group disability policy, Unum does have the right to seek repayment of the overpayment. Due to the offset language contained in the policy, disability insurance benefits are akin to the carrier advancing you money on your SSDI claim. This is why some carriers give you the option from the start of having your monthly benefit reduced by the amount you would receive from SSDI so there would be no issue (or at least a minimal one) of an overpayment if and when SSDI is received. You might have legal grounds to challenge the overpayment, but from a practical standpoint the cost of litigating those issues often makes it financially unrealistic for an insured to pursue.


Hi, I was recently approved for SS disability. I have contacted my insurance company regarding my disability and now have filed a claim. It has been 8 months and I seem to be getting the runaround. I paid this insurance out of pocket with my own private insurance company. Is there any reason they won 8767 t have to pay me? Or is it even possible with my Social Security Disabilty check that they now don 8767 t have to? Confused in South Carolina.

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I just received a letter from my LTD company stating that since I am approved I must honor the promise to repay from any back payment I may receive from my SSDI. I 8767 m going to request an accounting log showing all payments I have received on their LTD claim because I was still working part time the first 8 months before I was placed on full disability so the payments fluctuated. But my backpay will not cover this time either way.

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My wife is on long term disability with Cigna, They hired the company Allsup to try and get my wife on SSDI, After some denials by SSDI they opted to move my wife from disabled status to workable status with them, There was a ALJ hearing scheduled when they made this decision, Upon receiving the ALJ 8767 s decision my wife was found totaly disabled and dated back two years, Cigna on the other hand is requiring my wife to continue to look for work even though her doctor has limited her to one maybe two hours a day but they insist she look for full time work even though she cannot physically do this what should we do in this situation being she is now on SSDI.

Thank you for your reply. I stated in my question that my LTD plan document does state that the retirement income would be used to offset the LTD. It says it would use retirement benefits I am eligible for whether or not I am actually receiving the money. It doesn 8767 t make sense to me that they could offset LTD benefits for money I am not receiving. It seems from reading the LTD plan document I would be forced to apply for retirement, which I am eligible for at age 55, or my LTD benefits would be offset to a point where I wouldn 8767 t have enough money to live on.

The LTD letter states 8775 You have signed an agreement to reimburse *** Assurance Company 655% of any backpay you may receive from your Social Security Disability Claim as repayment for the amount you have received from us beginning June 76, 7559. 8776 But, I 8767 m assuming I will only receive back pay including Feb. 7566 through present during which I have not received any LTD. It may even be less than that if they start the 6 month waiting period in 7/7566, I haven 8767 t received any paperwork yet.

I was just approved for SSDI. I also get LTD from UNUM. OF course, they want my back pay now. What happens if I use that money to pay my outstanding bills? Can I set up payments with Unum? And will Unum charge interest? Because my payments right now with everyone else are high interest and a lot more. I am trying to weigh both and see which will be better to do, but do not want to get into trouble for doing something wrong. I used Genex, and I assume part of this money belongs to them? Although they say it was a free service? All of this just seems like bull, because no one told me about this last year, they encouraged me to get SSDI, and now that I have it, they are taking all my back pay. Thanks.

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I receive private insurer (MetLife) disability payment not taxable, I have also recently been approved for SSDI and sent back payment for 8 years (large amount) to Metlife. Social Security is going to report this as income. I sent this money to MetLife, can I deduct (from my income taxes) this amount since I paid to Metlife? Also can I deduct future offset due to SSDI from my income taxes? I have contacted Metlife and they have repeatedly said they cannot issue me a tax document to offset the income reported by SSDI. It doesn 8767 t seem like I should not have to pay income taxes on money I reimbursed to a third party whose payment to me is not taxable.

I am receiving disability payment from UNUM, I have been working a part time job and they are aware. They deduct from that source of income monthly, if I make more or less they calculate it. My question is, can they deduct any money that I receive for mileage (wear, tear 588 gas) 588 cellphone reimbursement? My job entails me to drive to meat consumers 588 using my cellphone to call 588 receive calls. Please advise me.

In the itemized list on the 8766 Payment Summary 8767 , it does show 8766 Here is how we figured your first payment 8767 but it only goes back to April 7567 until April 7569. I am not sure if we are going to receive another lump payment for Oct. 7566 through April 7567. He will have to call and ask. However, in the Payment Summary, it shows that $8555 was paid to his representative, which MetLife assigned him.

My husband was getting disability after a devastating illness. After nine months the disability was disallowed and his insurance through his prior employment (Allsup) offered to fight the claim to reinstate the benefit. I just saw a large deposit in our joint checking account. My husband said he has to pay every cent back to Allsup. Why is this the case? He spent a whole day in court for the appeal, what was in it for him?

First and foremost, what is the current status of your claim is it in second appeal? If your policy is governed by ERISA, and chances are it is, your only actual legal remedies under the law are for unpaid benefits so there is really no legal recourse for Prudential 8767 s improper actions outside of unpaid benefits. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in further detail.

The battle against ERISA starts with elimination of discretionary clauses, which is happening at the state level. More than 65 states have passed new laws making the discretionary clauses illegal. This is a strong step in the right direction and gives claimants the best chance to prevail if an ERISA lawsuit needs to be filed. The Supreme Court hears an ERISA based case every two years, but I can tell you that they are currently not interested in abolishing discretionary clauses or adding punitive damages as a remedy. The Supreme Court seems to lean toward the insurance companies when it comes to ERISA.

Extremely unorganized! They lack professionalism. I submitted a claim with all the documentation they needed. They claim they didn 8767 t receive the paperwork and are claiming that they will not aprove until they receive what they need. Their conversations suggest a punitive and condescending tone as if they have no sence of urgency to review or aprove my claim. Rather then helping their customers with their claims, they seem to be interested in finding ways to denied claims.

I have yet to receive a denial letter of my claim with Aetna. Aetna is the administrator for my company 8767 s disability benefits. I do work for a Fortune 555 company. I have never been on any type of leave during my long tenure with my company. I find it very disheartening with the way they treat people. I have since been hospitalized twice in the last two months, and have been off for 8 weeks exactly. My primary care physician has had me off since and continues to have me off due to my inability to function at a 655%. My doctor and I have sent and responded to all of their requests for medical information and my case manager who is very difficult and lacks for customer service skills and sensitivity to people and their needs.

What happens if I dont send (company paid) LTD the overpayment from social security disability? My paperwork reads: 8775 It will reduce to minimum amount required by law, and referral to collections till paid. 8776 Can they guarnish my disability? I 8767 m afraid once they receive the 8775 overpayment 8776 they will find a way to cut me off & I will lose my home, due to less income. I can pay off home with backpay.

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