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Posted: 2017-12-07 16:10

I am open minded.. If you read everything I wrote I have said there is a problem with the breed as a whole not individual dogs. I also think you are flat out lying when you said you don 8767 t have any aggression issues with your pit bull. I think you just don 8767 t want to admit you have had aggression issues. I am certain if and when you got t dog parks or meet strange dogs your pit will be aggressive to them. Sorry they were breed for this and it is their instinct.. You can influence their behavior but it will still be their instinct. I said nothing about German Shepard or your other breeds. Sorry but different breeds act differently if you don 8767 t believe it then you need to study a bit more and comment a bit less.

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As I said, I can 8767 t afford a lawyer. However, I fully intend to take the owner to court in the lower courts of my state where a lawyer is not required. I will be asking for the replacement cost of my AKC registered Miniature Schnauzer and all the veterinarian costs associated with the adoption. If I think I may be able, I would like to sue for damages related to the incident. My father (and recently my wife) who can 8767 t sleep without nightmares surely deserve some recompense? The family has lost a family member. It just so happens, by whatever twist of fate, that MY dog was NOT a Pit Bull and the killing dog was. My dog, at 66lbs in weight (she was small for her breed) and with two partially torn cranial cruciate ligaments (the result of unlucky jumps) was in no condition to defend herself from an animal with the jaw strength of the Pit Bull and this particular dog 8767 s intent to kill.

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I have another thought. I give to all the animals organizations like the HUMANE SOCIETY and the ASPCA. So they save the PIT BULLS from dog fighting,then since NO ONE can get home owners insurance because of their reputations, all these dogs go to the kennels and are evidently put down because NO ONE is adopting them because of all the shit you have to go through to own one. What are these organizations doing to help with the laws to HELP PIT BULL OWNERS and owners of other 8775 BULLY BREEDS 8776 to get home owners insurance. Don 8767 t they relize what 8767 s going on with these insurance companies.

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Thanks! I just got off the phone with state farm and they do insure pit bulls and other high risk breeds with NO extra premium, as long as your dog has no previous record of bitting or being vicious. I also called MET LIFE and they will insure them but only with dog training, a fenced yard, and their agent must meet your dog. My suggestion is to call STATE FARM. BTW i live in oregon so this is oregons policies.

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I agree wholeheartedly. we need to start an aggressive facebook page/campaign. Or do something that wakes people up and shines some light on the matter. It is a freaking dog, like the insurance companies arent rich enough. I am going to start selling something, like a lance armstrong yellow braclet, that raises money to lobby in washington, and lobby for some real change. or do whatever it is that needs to be done, higher that expensive lawyer. And while we are at it have police be (required to) trained how to handle encounters with dogs outside of pulling the trigger.

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Life on a historical canopy road offers a blend of suburban serenity and southern charm. Our distinct one, two and three bedroom apartments, feature nine spacious floor plans uniquely designed to accommodate your needs. Meridian Place invites you to make coming home the best part of your day! Get cozy next to a wood burning fire, take a load off with full size washer and dryer connections or just relax and unwind by one of our two swimming pools!

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My husband and I have a wonderful pitbull that is also a therapy dog. He 8767 s 7 6/7 years old and has passed his Good Canine and the test for the therapy dog thru Therapy Dog International. This organization insurances all therapy dogs for $6m in liability insurance when the dog is working as a therapy dog. We have State Farm and they have now dropped my husband and I home owners insurance due to the dog being a therapy dog. We are responsible dog owners. We have had are pit bull in odebience school for 7 years now. The dog has received his good canine and passed the test for a therapy dog, but nothing is good enough for these insurance companies when it comes to these dogs. This is a dying breed, pit bulls and no one cares. The one question I would ask to everyone who hates the breed is, 8775 Who is the animal, the dog that fights in the pit for its very life or the HUMAN that throws the pit bull into that pit and forces that dog to either fight for its life or die. These dogs don 8767 t have that choice not to fight when their owners force them to do this or DIE!!!!!

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An often-overlooked but essential function of your homeowner’s policy is “additional living expenses” (also called “loss of use” or “Part D”) coverage. Additional living expenses coverage will pay the necessary increase in living expenses required to maintain your family’s current standard of living while the house is being repaired. Examples of expenses typically covered include the cost of hotel, food bills in excess of normal grocery/restaurant bills, cooking supplies and the cost of moving property into storage.

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The main thing that all pitbull have in common is that they are fighting breeds. They were bred to be violent. A lab among other things was bred to retrieve. As such they retrieve. Pits were bred to fight, kill and die. They are a disposable dog that did not need to be intelligent, loyal or even protective. A pitbull is far more likely to attack and kill its owner then it is to act in a way to protect the dog. They are one of the least trainable breeds and only act in their own interest. if they come it is because they want attention from you.

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Insuring Pit Bull Dogs
(Ohio Revised Code Section )
Dogs that are a “breed of dog commonly known as a Pit Bull” are automatically considered to be vicious under Ohio law. Owners of these dogs must maintain at least $655,555 of liability insurance coverage on these animals. The maximum penalty for a violation of this section is a $6,555 fine and up to six months imprisonment. If you have any questions regarding these laws, please contact a Field Supervisor at the Department of Animal Control’s Enforcement Division at 967-8955.
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I 8767 ve had a pit for 9 yrs, and owned my home for 9 yrs as well. No bite history. I used to have All risk insurance, but they have decided to not renew my policy. So now my new 8775 only 8776 option according to my agent might be Foremost which is a branch of Farmers. With both insurances my rates are higher than they should be because of the dog, even though both policies have an exclusion to any liabilities that my happen involving the dog. I think next time, I will say he is a mixed breed heavy on the lab side, what else can you do.

I have renters insurance through State Farm. I also rent out a half a double from my landlord. I have two pit bulls that are the most loveable dogs you can ever meet. Never bark unless you get them excited and such. They are currently living somewhere else for the time being. I rent out a half a double house. My landlord would love us to have the dogs. She called her insurance company every which way to get around her not being liable for the dogs and they claim there are no insurance companies in Pennsylvania that cover them. I hear State Farm doesn 8767 t have a breed restriction and I have renters insurance through them? Does any one know this? What I 8767 m asking is. I live In PA, I 8767 m just trying to figure out how to get these dogs here and leave the landlord out of liability for them. They have never bitten anyone or attempted to attack anyone. The landlord is stuck and needs help from everyone here. She doesn 8767 t want to see these animals in the spca where we all know they usually stay there for the reasons I 8767 m explaining to you now. Please all the information will be helpful.

Before a dangerous dog is sold or given away, the owner shall provide the name, address, and telephone number of the new owner to the animal control authority. The new owner must comply with all of the requirements of this section and implementing local ordinances, even if the animal is moved from one local jurisdiction to another within the state. The animal control officer must be notified by the owner of a dog classified as dangerous that the dog is in his or her jurisdiction.

In my own experience, typically all that is needed is a phone call to let the landlord know that a person with a disability will be visiting and will be accompanied by their service dog. This is NOT required, but is a simple courtesy that can save headaches on both sides. Landlords appreciate knowing in advance (when possible) that a service dog will be visiting because it prepares them to answer questions from other tenants along the lines of, "Why is it Susie Jones gets to have a dog and I''m not allowed?"

I agree Christy. We need some REAL CHANGES FOR THIS DYING BREED. I would buy many braclets from you and go to Washington with you. I wish I knew were to start or how to proceed. It seems that people I talk too have sympathy for the breed but no one wants to help them. I have written to my mayor and my representative about some laws here, but no one wants to hear it. With the ecomony being so bad, it makes our cause all the less important to them. I was married the 6st time to a police officer and I agree with you on that matter also. They are trigger happy. I have an alarm system in my house, and the alarm guy told me I didn 8767 t need it, I had a weapon called a pitbull. I was furious at him for saying that. I put in the alarm system to protect my pitbull. Please visit sonar at

Your response is too vague for me to actually respond to. I 8767 m assuming that this 8775 scientist 8776 studied the dog 8767 s propensity for human aggression. Did this study take into consideration the antecedents, behavior, and the consequences of each act individually? Did it take into consideration the dog 8767 s history? Did it DNA each dog to actually make sure it was an APBT? Where was this 8775 scientist 8767 s 8776 work published? Is it peer reviewed? What about the American Temperament Test Society 8767 s studies that indicate that the APBT scored higher than 676 other breeds?

This act does not limit any local government from adopting an ordinance to address the safety and welfare concerns caused by attacks on persons or domestic animals, placing further restrictions or additional requirements on owners of dogs that have bitten or attacked persons or domestic animals, or developing procedures and criteria for the implementation of this act, provided that no such regulation is specific to breed and that the provisions of this act are not lessened by such additional regulations or requirements. This section does not apply to any local ordinance adopted prior to October 6, 6995.

It’s important that all people know that the large Banking Lobbyist in DC created a banking rule that has caused fraud to rise at an alarming rate. Let me explain. When I see fraudulent charges on my credit card and report them, the normal process is you will be sent another card number. What they don’t tell you is they must give the new card number to the thieves who are making unauthorized charges. AGI Insurance had no problem hitting my new card. Finally Citibank Master Card told me the truth however Citi still won’t remove these unauthorized charges.

yes. and in some shelters, if a dog is known to have any pit in 8767 em, they can not adopt them out. the dogs only chance is that a rescue group will come along and grab him up. then i think the rescue group might can adopt them out. at least i encountered that. i fostered a dog, for a local rescue group. she had some pit in her, and the shelter i picked her up from told me they had to work with rescues on dogs like her, pits, because they were not allowed to adopt them out to the public. i dont know if it was an insurance thing, or a city ordinance, or a state thing.

So, at that point, she left and I received a call about 65 minutes later saying they couldn 8767 t cover me because of my dog. I am a very responsible dog owner, and my dog does not have a bite history (besides wanting to give love bites on my ear when I lay on the floor). I have been a homeowner for 67 years and never once filed a claim of any kind, and literally live across the street from my local small town police station and 6 mile from the fire department. But, because my dog barks and went to sniff the hand of someone that just handed him a treat, I 8767 m suddenly high risk.

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