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Posted: 2018-01-14 08:28

The second I rented my first apartment I got my first pet without having any pet insurance – to be honest, I didn’t even think this existed. Fast forward a couple of months and my Lisa is suffering from a complete hormonal imbalance after her spaying surgery. And I mean it, she urinated in her sleep, started gaining weight, had trouble sitting in one place. After two years and thousands and thousands spent, she finally started to feel better. I had to change two couches, a mattress, and to get rid of all the carpets. Now I’m planning on getting a new dog and you can bet I’ll have insurance this time. Healthy Paws seems like a good option and they’re fairly priced too.

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Joy wow what a story but we are glad that you stopped by. We recommend that you go for a company that offers unlimited coverage and alternative therapies. Our pets are important but we should never have to go so far in debt for their health. That 8767 s why you are able to choose plans that will cater to your budget. It 8767 s great you have researched and we ask that you will continue to spread the word and let your friends know about us. Thanks again for the feedback.

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Pet Insurance U covers all kinds of diseases ranging from flea to cancer which shows their willingness to help pets and their thing that impressed me most was that they offer different plans and you can choose what best fits your needs and your shared the details of this company with my friend who is planning to switch to Pet Insurance U because they do pay the amounts they claim unlike some other companies. He had a bitter experience with a company which paid almost nothing in comparison to their claims when his cat was beaten badly by a wild cat and needed emergency treatment that was quite expensive.


Thanks for your comment! Yes, health insurance for dogs can be very confusing, especially since it is not the same as the health insurance we use for ourselves. Many people wonder if pet insurance is worth it because they do no know what it will cover for their pet. We 8767 ve provided pet insurance reviews in order to help answer questions you may have about health plans for your dog. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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I will always have pet insurance. I had PetPlan back when they were good. My heart dog, Zuri, collapsed at only 7 years old. Surgery found 8 tumors on her spleen, one ruptured. Zuri did rehab, visits, and was a comfort dog at Children’s Hospital. I would have paid anything to keep her alive. I was able to tell the emergency hospital to do whatever it takes to save her. She survived the surgery, but crashed 8 days later. The vet bill was almost $8555, and PetPlan paid me almost $7555. In the 6 years I had her, the total premiums I paid to PetPlan were under $8555, so it was well worth it for me. Because of PetPlan’s exorbitant rise in premiums, I now have Healthy Paws for my two dogs. I haven’t had any claims yet, so can’t recommend, but they are highly rated. You can do a google search on pet insurance and find reviews on the different insurers or ask you vet if they can recommend someone.
I was so glad I had insurance. I can’t imagine grieving for my Zuri, while being left with an $8555 vet bill.

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No, thank you! Many people don 8767 t do their research before they get a pet, and don 8767 t find out until after that they can 8767 t afford their pet 8767 s care. We 8767 re happy our pet insurance reviews are giving you the confidence to consider bringing a pet into your home. Life just isn 8767 t the same without them :). Check back to find updates on the best pet insurance when the time is right. Be well!

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What you really need coverage for are catastrophic events. That 8767 s where it 8767 s going to add up to the thousands. We had a puppy once who had not been vaccinated and we were told that he had been. Saving that puppy from parvo cost us $5,555. That 8767 s why we always get pet insurance now. It 8767 s just peace of mind knowing that you 8767 re not going to have to face the death of your pet due to exorbitant medical bills.

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Coming in different sizes from large to tiny, there 8767 s a poodle out there for everyone, even if you live in a small apartment. Smart, proud, and active according to the AKC, it 8767 s no surprise that poodles are the 7th most popular breed overall. They 8767 re easily trained and enjoy a variety of activities, which makes them very adaptable to different-sized living situations. Their coats require regular grooming, but they are also hypo-allergenic.


Pet insurance is a good investment, just as home, life and auto insurance is. My daughter has a large breed dog, and had a scare when he was only two months old. She hadn 8767 t bought insurance coverage yet and paid out-of-pocket for some intensive treatment. Her puppy is now healthy as he can be, but her bank account suffered. She now has pet insurance, as she knows how quickly an animal 8767 s health can be compromised.

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Wow! I never knew vet bills could cost so much And before I read this article, I definitely would have thought that setting aside a savings account is the better option, but seeing how little that would actually help if my little Lubo got into an accident frightening. This article is very insightful, and really covers all the things pet owners, especially new ones, need to know, that isn 8767 t exactly on the front page Thank you so much! I feel like now I can make an informed decision, knowing things that I hadn 8767 t before.

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Yet did not understand anything about pet insurance or coverage. I kept all her vet appointments and paid out of pocket for everything.. which worked out really well until she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 8, to be more specific April 7556. I simply could not come up with the money in order to cover the chemo.. so I had to allow the vets to send her on to glory.. Talk about heart breaking.. I was devastated.. I will never forget my Trinity.. she was love..

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This is a really informative am thus glad I stumbled on it, as my relative-in-law is wanting to insure her a pair of dogs. She was hit by a hefty vet bill a number of months past once one amongst them got extremely sick Associate in Nursingd required an injection. i 8767 d suggest her to travel for the broadest coverage set up as it’s incorporates a routine well-being care enclosed. you 8767 ll not place a value on a peace of mind, can’t you!

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Do you know the top men 8767 s health threats? The list is surprisingly long, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and sexual dysfunction. Despite numerical indication that clearly shows men have a higher mortality rate than women, men still show a greater reluctance to seek medical advice. Men have a predisposition to subconsciously reject feeling `unwell` or shake it off with that common phrase ‘I 8767 ll be alright’. The fact is that it may often not be alright. Like women, men too have specific health needs that require care and attention.

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It still seems like rolling a dice to me, you can also buy an insurance and your animal could be fine it 8767 s whole life Still, I think it 8767 s a very rare thing. Animals are living things and just like humans get sick, get into accidents, etc. I regret not buying an insurance for my dog. Once she had an accident and her ribs got broken. I had to pay for the operation quite a large sum of money. Now, she 8767 s got cancer, but I have absolutely no money for the operation. Even though I love her, she 8767 s an old dog so I guess I can put up with it But seriously people, I recommend you buying an insurance. You will seriously save money with that.
On a side note, great article! Very informative, I learned a lot.

So it took me quite a while to get to a point where I could add another family member.. Yet in 7567 we brought home Diamond.. another German Shepherd. I made a decision up front that I would have some sort of coverage on her.. and chose a plan at my vets.. none of which are listed here.. yet I 8767 m very excited to have come across this information as I believe we may be adding another member to the family in the near future.. we simply love dogs around these parts.. and after reviewing this site.. especially the Nationwide as I already have Home and Auto with them.. I wonder if there may even be another discount, if I bundle.. hmmm.. something to find out.. Thanks so much again for this vital information.. keep smiling

I was very glad you mentioned adopting senior dogs (usually about 7+ years old), as they can be the perfect match for those who may be less active and looking for a calmer companion. Smaller dogs often live to 69 years or more. Also, the best breed may be no breed a 8775 mutt. 8776 Mutts (usually shelter dogs) are less prone to health issues inherent in some purebreds, they are initially more affordable, and the feeling of saving a life cannot be beat!

This post really provides a good basis of what to look for in pet insurance policies. There are many things to consider when you are searching for a policy for your pet. I had insurance for my German Shepherd years ago, but every time I would take him to the vet, I had to pay a lot out pocket. The premium was low, but the deductible was high. After reading this I now know what to look out for when choosing a policy. I really like the chart too, it makes it easy to weigh the benefits of having pet insurance. Thanks for this!

Community Requirements: Be sure to carefully check the regulations of the assisted living community regarding pets: many communities have size limitations (for instance, the Emeritus at Kirkland welcomes pets under 75 pounds, while the Merrill Gardens at Tacoma welcome dogs up to 55 pounds). You might need to get your dog pre-approved, prove that it is house-trained, and/or provide a statement of veterinary health.

Wow! I was really curious about the pet parents that were skeptical of pet insurance. As a previous owner of 7 weimaraners, I can say there has been many times those got into stuff that I thought I was going to have a huge vet bill. Luckily, I never had to go that route but it does sound like pet insurance might have been worth it if I had. Unfortunately, I don 8767 t have them anymore. If I decide to have pets again, I 8767 ll prob consider pet insurance. Good info here!

This article was super healthful! My boyfriend and I just adopted this stray cat and the cost to get her all her shots and check up was super expensive. We 8767 re talking about getting pet 8767 s insurance but wasn 8767 t sure where to go since neither of our relatives have pet insurance for their pets. With us being college students and recently moved across the country (we need to save as much as we can), I 8767 m thinking of going with Healthy Paws with them being the cheapest. Also, they offer great benefits! Unlimited lifetime benefits is something I would never expect for only $ a month! I am really grateful for this article.

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