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A. The plan will pay up to $555 for your initial consultation with an attorney, and it will pay another $755 of the cost of having an attorney represent you at a formal hearing of a school board or other authority if you are threatened with termination, suspension, reassignment, or demotion. In addition, you will receive up to $9555 for legal fees, subject to $655 deductible, if you decide to sue because of termination, reassignment, suspension, or demotion. However, that final judgment must be rendered in your favor. If not, your policy will still pay $755 for reimbursement of legal fees without regard to final judgment. If the above coverage doesn''t sound like much, remember that those amounts are guaranteed.

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A. Your school district liability insurance policy is written in the name of the school district, which means it covers the district, not you. In certain situations your district plan will not cover you, your attorney’s fees, or the act that triggers a lawsuit. The district’s policy must protect the district first and foremost. It is very prudent to have your own insurance policy naming you as the insured party.

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All reputable professions are governed by a strong Code of Practice &ndash and insurance broking is no different. The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice sets out the minimum service standards consumers can expect when they use an insurance broker and outlines what to do in the unlikely event they have a complaint to make. Written in accessible language, the Code aims to build professional competence in the broking profession, and increase consumer confidence in insurance brokers.

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“Overall, we still expect sales and leases to reach million new vehicles in 7567, with the expectation that rising consumer incentives will overcome any increases in interest rates later in the year,” said NADA Chief Economist Steven Szakaly, during NADA''s quarterly economic briefing today. “While these headwinds will not have much of an impact on new-vehicle sales, they are a sign of a flat market as we look at the rest of 7567 and next year.”

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It happens to the best of us. We have a great lesson and the center of it is a bit of technology. Maybe your computer won’t boot right when you’re trying to show the one video that would explain your current subject perfectly, or maybe the flashlights you were planning to use for your science lesson are all out of batteries. I once planned a year-long project with my students that relied heavily on a website that went down half-way through the year. If there’s one thing that we can rely on with technology, it’s that we can’t always rely on it. So, what do we do when the technology that we’re using fails us?

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Other organizations'' plans may promise you greater coverage amounts in employment rights coverage, but they can decide whether you receive coverage. It is well known in the industry that some organizations only choose to represent their members in cases that advance the organization''s goals, and only if they think the case can be won. Their insurance and legal protection may look good, but if they don''t take your case, it''s worthless.

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A. You insure your car, your health, your house and other personal assets acquired through years of investments and hard work. A professional insurance policy acts as a safeguard to protect your assets if you are sued as a result of an event arising out of your educational duties. The AAE policy can even provide a measure of protection for your career through its unique employment right coverage.

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