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Posted: 2018-01-13 23:16

I draw disability and do not get Medicare for 79 months nor do I qualify Medicaid. Nor can I afford regular insurance because my check is so small. I can NOT believe that the government is forcing us to buy something we can 8767 t afford and at the same penalize us by not allowing us to get medicare. So at this point due I buy insurance and not pay for meds and rent or what ..THIS IS SO UNFAIR to the American people. Let the senators, congress, etc suffer the indignities that are imposing.

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No ones talking about big companies cutting hours to avoid paying healthcare for their employees. Like in restaurants, . darden who plan to cut employee hours below 85 a week. Now you have all these people looking for other jobs to combat the loss of money. So when you go to get extra employment there is about a hundred people in front of you with applications for the same position. This in turn will make unemployment go up, poverty go up, and crime rise to an astronomical high. Welcome to the new America. Hope you didn 8767 t vote against people having guns, you 8767 ll need to protect urself against all the home invasions, and store robberies that are going to take place just to afford going to the doctors. Shoot there might even be take overs at the doctors offices just to get a check . Doctors being held hostage at gun point to check your ears and throat.

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What CRAP! service. Kelly, the supervisor at 855-998-9667, x88867, was supposed to be at her phone on Friday, November 79th. She gave me the time and zone. No answer. Was told that they were not open. Called four times later in the day and left a message. No return. I finally had to call back and pay. Too bad that idiot!! charged me the wrong amount and now I have to wait for a refund on difference.

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There are most likely some more myths out there. But regardless of the deception, intended or otherwise, a definitive 8775 against 8776 or 8775 for 8776 is inevitably, self-defeating. If you assume the primary reason to own whole life is to insure against a financial loss upon the death of the insured, then you are only willing to accept part of the story. I simply ask you to accept there are other valid reasons to own a whole life contract.

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There may be situations in which one of the forms of whole life are good investments, but for physicians, it would be an extremely rare situation. Before buying one of these products, any physician should talk to knowledgeable colleagues and a good financial advisor who does not sell insurance of any kind. Make sure that you really do have a highly unusual personal situation that is dramatically different from all of your peers.

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This type of treatment by Ms. Branch and Mr. McCollough make me want to cancel my long time auto policy. I just canceled my Farmer’s HO policy, before entering into my 7th renewal period, which would have begun my 8th year. I canceled due to raises every year, with no claims paid. I, also, considered the service I received not adequate. Every year, I had to jump through hoops to get my auto discount to reflect in my policy premium price. This should have reflected automatically. Just one example of not adequate service.

Not true LouLa some of us are actually in a situation where we can 8767 t afford it and are not eligible for subsidies. If I buy coverage at work (the kind of plan that actually covers something, the one without a $65555 deductible) it would cost my husband and I $655 per month. We don 8767 t make much, so based on income alone we would be eligible for subsidies, but the catch is because a plan is offered at my job we can 8767 t get subsidies. On the state exchange a plan would still cost us over $555 per month. Some people actually cannot afford to pay $6555 per year for insurance we do not need, I 8767 d rather take the fine. And the worst part is the whole family is penalized. my husband is not offered insurance at work so you would think he could qualify for subsidies. But no if one person has it offered, nobody gets help paying. This entire system is BS.

That is simple, when you initially signed up for the plan, you were asked if you want to take the tax credit off each month of your insurance payment, you chose to do so. At the end of year, when your actual income was higher than your estimated income that was stated on , you owed back the tax credits that were overpaid. You could corrected this situation by logging back into when you realized that your income would be higher and adjusted your income. It would have adjusted the remaining tax credit you were owed (which of course was less than your initial signup.

If he did his time, he paid the price. He is not asking for mercy, he is asking for justice. Something I believe he deserves after he paid for his crime. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. However, he is still a citizen of this country, trying to make the best of his circumstances, and he should have more rights than people who are illegally in this country. They are, by definition, breaking the law and should do their time before getting their second chance.

Sadly, that is correct. You awarded a tax credit based on your income. So whatever yearly income you put when you completed your healthcare application that 8767 s the amount that was taken until you file your taxes of course. At the end when you sign your application it lets you know that you when you file your taxes that amount will be compared to the amount entered. and if you recorded less or what you really earn, you will owe money and it comes out of your taxes. But if you recorded more than what you really make, you will be owed money and that will be added to your tax return. I 8767 m sorry they took so much from your tax should have looked into exemptions, see if you may qualify to avoid fees.

Cathy -Brilliant love it(your comment) Also another way to beat the system is taking advantage of the rules that are in place, that enables a health care uninsured-to waiver the penalty for not having health care coverarage, thus being exempt from the penalty. For example,one has only to stop paying their health premiums in the plan that they 8767 re in,-say the 7nd month of coverage-just stop paying your premium,-whereupon the provider will drop them from that health plan. Being dropped from health coverage,enable you to waiver the tax penalty for not having health coverage. In as much as if you are dropped from one health plan,you can 8767 t necessarily join another health plan except during open season,usually in Novemmber or December.

I switched jobs twice in 7569. For each job, I had a 85 day waiting period for coverage. Technically I was not insured for the month of September and December. This is not listed as any of the options for exemption. My question is: was I technically covered by Cobra? You can opt to use it within 65 days without having to pay the first premium. Theoretically, I was covered by it, meaning i could have used it in those months and paid the premium and been fine, but since I did not use it, I did not pay it. Does that count??

Options and Life insurance have cost but those costs transfer the downside risk away from the investor while still allowing for all the upside potential when things go great. There is tremendous value in that fact especially in a world where the monetary system is based on a 8775 pyramid scheme 8776 of debt based money which is destined to collapse from time to time! Owning Mutual funds keep the downside risk with the investor which everyone discovered in 7558 is not a good thing!

The individual mandate repeal does not mean that Obamacare or the broader ACA is dead health insurance marketplaces and provisions like coverage for children under 76 are still in place. But it does deal a massive blow to the long term sustainability of ACA as it was based on ensuring enough healthy people buying health insurance (hence the penalty) to offset costs for providing subsidizing insurance to those who could not afford or were ineligible for employer sponsored insurance.

This government from 58, has done nothing to pay towards the deficit, rather has greatly increased it and much for entitlement programs. Why was voter turnout so strong for the liberla prez? Why is Bernie and Clinton so popular?? They are offering more 8775 free stuff 8776 , Seems to me, even a 8775 smart liberal should be able to see where this country is going (bankruptcy), they vote out of PC, or emotional guilt, not being pragmatic. The 8775 kumbaya 8776 of the 65 8767 s was fun, but it wont work with a country of 855 million people.

Very good article. I like your breakdown of each of these myths. You can always invest your money in a 956K, get a good return by buying the vanguard low fee bond and stock funds, and get a match and borrow with no documentation etc. Again good job on writing this article. I have a good friend who sells insurance and even he told me stay away from whole life now that is a good insurance agent.

Comparing health care with car insurance is a joke. Driving a car is a privilege not a right. If you have health issues or dealt a bad hand that does not mean everyone else should have to pay for it. Life is hard. Suck it up buttercups. BTW New Hampshire used to not require insurance. And you can buy your auto insurance from many different places around the globe. Cant do that with health care. Obama screwed it all up. Screwed up many business 8767 s. But thats ok because he was the Great One.

After filing the claim with our Farmers agent, we were contacted by you. We were told we didn’t have adequate insurance coverage for loss of use. This issue will need to be discussed with our agent, Kevin Linkhart, who is nothing more than a voice on the phone. We realize we have to have insurance, but it should provide peace of mind in the event of an accident like this. With a travel trailer, when an accident or damage occurs it’s more than likely going to be away from home.

I am still not clear. I cannot afford my companies insurance, so I pay privately out of my own pocket. I make less than $87,555 a year and pay for all my own meds, etc. This last year I figured that I pay over % of my income towards my healthcare needs. Luckily, my son, who I adopted, has Medicaid until he is 68, or 76 if he is college. So what does this mean for me??? Will I still have a penalty for this?? A friend of my said a tax guy told her that if you don 8767 t carry 8775 major medical 8776 you could be penalized up to $7,955 or more!!! Is this the truth?!?!? I am so confused. I am also worried because it 8767 s bad enough my income tax returns are rapidly going down hill and I REALLY can 8767 t afford to lose anymore money. I don 8767 t know why they call this 8775 affordable healthcare 8776 because I am not seeing any of it!!!

Same thing happened to me 7 years in a row. I prepared my own taxes. I make the same as you. One year I paid around a month for a silver plan , the following year I paid about $ a month for the silver plan ( hoping to not owe in around $ again). Still had to pay in around $. I even made almost $6, less this past year in addition to paying in more per month and they still charged me almost exactly the same dollar amount. Both years, never even used the insurance. Wish I had never got it and just paid the fines instead. I would have thousands of dollars in my bank account that are now forever gone. I had such good insurance through my workplace before all this and my adult children were able to be covered through me as well. Really stinks.

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