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LuLaRoe Review - Don''t Sign Up Until You Read This First

Posted: 2018-01-14 06:15

I 8767 m all for side hustle. My whole life feels like side hustle (at what point does side work become the actual job? Dunno). Have you thought about picking up a different part time job on the side that stays more in line with your professional goals but still generates a little income? As an example, I teach as an adjunct professor at a couple different places near me. It 8767 s not huge, but it generates about $8555/year extra for me. Is there a community college near you where you could try something similar? (Also, great resume booster!)

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It continually needs a product to sell to keep the machine turning. If someone gets lazy, and doesn 8767 t continue to sell or produce, If you have a bad product, you lose revenue and get laid off and you lose your job. Then what? There is no guarantee in any position, or business venture. If you don 8767 t work any business you will fail. This is why so many fail in network marketing. The one thing i like about network marketing is if people get it, you can be free from economic turn down. You need to understand the motive of the business, its time and freedom, people coming together to do something different and get free of the 9 to 5.

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I would definitely check your work contract and the board that professionally licenses you for a morality clause before doing this. I 8767 m a clinician and both my job and my professional licensing board have information that you sign agreeing to uphold a certain standard of behavior in your professional and personal life. Granted I work with children in a school setting, but morality clauses are really common in the helping professions. This definitely would not be worth the risk, if you could potentially lose your job and your license over it.

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Thirdly, they should not have so many barriers to selling. It seems that their mission to take a step back in time and to not utilize technologies efficiently that are here today is really creating major issue for mothers with families (which is whom Lula Roe is targeting). There is an major issue to setup in person 8775 pop ups 8776 and not being able to setup your own payment gateway is a major flaw that show how out of touch this company is with their customer (consultants/ and shoppers).

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First of all, there is no way to have 8775 Compound income 8776 unless you have an extensive downline, which brings us back to the idea that MLM is a pyramid. Second of all, 8775 duplicating the efforts 8776 is just stupid jargon that means recruiting. This tireless use of meaningless jargon, that you probably don 8767 t even understand, is one of the main things that makes MLM shills look so bad.

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By your own admission, you stopped being a Jamberry consultant because the market wasn 8767 t sustainable. Please understand that this is one of the huge problems with the company 8767 s business model and integrity. When people sign up to become consultants and dream of owning their own business, they don 8767 t think, 8775 Oh, I 8767 ll make less than $9k and shut down. 8776 That 8767 s ridiculous. If we 8767 re going to discuss this issue like adults, then please be an adult and be objective.

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It 8767 s not that you need to follow all the rules of writing, I sure couldn 8767 t do that! It 8767 s that this post is so poorly written that it 8767 s a nonsensical MESS. If that 8767 s what gets big sales well then you 8767 re doing things right I suppose. But I can 8767 t imagine how a post so poorly written that it comes off as pieced together nonsense can be so successful for you? Each paragraph reads like it was written completely independent of the paragraph before and the paragraph after it. This post clearly is successful as it was the first result that popped up for me on Google but I just can 8767 t understand WHY. It 8767 s terribly written nonsense. I was relieved to see that at least the top comment was about this issue. it 8767 s not just nit-picking grammar or saying blog posts should follow all the rules of traditional English writing. I just would think a successful blog post would make sense. Have a clear point. I leave this post with far less information about LulaRoe then when I came to it, and a poor impression of your website.

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This couple could find ways to remain anonymous OR do so in the meantime with the idea of eventually coming out, writing a book, making TV appearances, and speaking out against society 8767 s childish fear of sexuality and its hypocrisy about being willing to secretly pay for sexual entertainment while condemning those who consume/produce it. That would involve, of course, a business plan, an attorney, an accountant, and nerves of steel for the long haul. (And the experience of being alone until they aren 8767 t, for they won 8767 t be alone for long.) Frankly, I think their idea is very intriguing, and I don 8767 t understand what one 8767 s adult sexual choices for adult audiences has anything to do with being a social worker, a teacher, or otherwise 8775 working with children. 8776 (Wasn 8767 t it 8775 celibate priests 8776 who committed such widespread sexual abuse of children in the Church?) I wish our society was as liberated as it claims to be.

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Assuming that you can have material removed if it’s posted without your permission, there’s of course still some risk. Someone who knows one of you professionally could see it before you have it taken down (or you might never know it’s posted since you can’t check all possible places it could turn up). And people can be pretty horrid when they learn someone is involved in sex work. We are, as a whole, a puritanical people.

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Isn 8767 t it funny how they 8767 re all 8775 offended 8776 when most of my post is just math? I 8767 m not angry or defensive. You can look up IRS stats on direct sales people are not making any money. In fact, the 8775 top earners 8776 only average $955/year. It 8767 s nice that some ladies have had success, but they 8767 re not the norm. I 8767 m absolutely open minded, but the hate mail is pretty ridiculous.

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Idk I know a handful of friends who are consultants and are doing amazing every job and business owner has is ups and downs but they are doing very well for themselves. All stay at home moms and some single stay at home moms two who are actually going on the LLR cruise. Yes start up is extensive I agree but my friends made that all back and then some on three months. I think it 8767 s all about how you run your business if you run it half assed..well what do you expect. Everyone is different but the ones I know are doing amazing!

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I know you think you 8767 re so smart and such a genius for getting one over on the company, but I guarantee they made more profit and more sales (not through you and your team) because of your efforts than you were compensated for. How many hours did you invest in selling the product? You 8767 ve invested a ton of time into commenting on my blog to argue about Jamberry I can only imagine how obsessive and dedicated you were to pushing nail wraps. Do the math. You probably didn 8767 t even make minimum wage.

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Thank you so much for all you do! I think you are great! You have definitely helped me save money in my retail therapy! 🙂 I am a stay at home mom as well and my husband and I have 8 boys and a little girl.  We have a crazy, wonderful life! This whole couponing thing is very new to me. And a little overwhelming. But I have already started saving a ton and can see how it could become very addicting! Lol Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience! Thanks also for giving us a peak into your life! You have a beautiful family! 

I see that you are giving away a Scentsy deal with the consultant being a reader of yours. My sister and I have started a letter photography business and would love to do a give-away on your site. We take all of the pictures ourselves. We offer every letter of the alphabet, along with 7 different stars and a heart. These pictures are so much fun for creating a unique gift for someone special (or just for yourself)! We love what we do and would love to share it with someone who has not seen our work before.

I 8767 ve seen this sentiment in several comments but your particular phrasing has struck a nerve with me apparently. I 8767 m an able bodied adult, working full time hours (usually more) and busting my hump to earn 75,555$ a year. My profession is a trade, I regularly attend continuing education and am overall extremely talented at what I do, and I can 8767 t help but feel stung by this comment. It 8767 s not so simple to just make 65,555 grand more a year.

Without knowing what your husband does, I can 8767 t speak to the risk he may be taking. However, you should realize that you could kill your career if this gets out. In some respects this is a very conservative field, and there would be some legitimate concerns. And, keep in mind that the people who might see would not necessarily know that your are married, and are unlikely to give you a chance to explain that fact. Which means that even if that were an ameliorating factor (which is not a given in many situations) you wouldn 8767 t necessarily get a chance to make that known.

No one has really come up with a 8775 Pro 8776 for MLM, and I 8767 ve come up with at least 85 cons, so, no it isn 8767 t like everything in life with 8775 pros and cons. 8776 It would be almost like focusing on the positives of an assault in that the local hospital gets some business. Let 8767 s use the silly argument of 8775 pros and cons 8776 and make assault legal just tell people to focus on the positives and not the negatives. Stupid.

I think the fact that the OP is in social work puts this in the category of being too big a risk. Even if she doesn 8767 t work with kids, I think there are plenty of people out there who would be reluctant to have someone who 8767 s done sex work (even slightly) work with *any* of the vulnerable populations that social workers tend to help. I 8767 m not saying that I think that 8767 s fair or correct, but I think it 8767 s the way it is.

That 8767 s phenomenal for a launch. Do you have a business background or been involved in direct sales before?
I 8767 m not a consultant or a consumer, hadn 8767 t heard of LLR until a friend 8767 s father was in the process of dying, and she needed support (emotional and monetary). As she can 8767 t afford to cover her mortgage, she uses her final credit card to invest in LLR. As I helped her through the grieving process, she was beginning her LLR business. I was appalled at the idea this woman is this invested ($5555+$6555 on set up) without the any knowledge base what so ever. I was like, do you have a marketing plan or anything, and she stared back blankly.
I read in a previous post team mentoring. It would be unwise to neglect the social aspect of this product. I 8767 ll have to pray my friend finds a mentor and maybe can grasp the relational aspect of the company model. She and her son can come live with me, but I certainly can 8767 t have them and the LLR clothing.
I wish you continued success. Thanks for presenting your perspective.

The thing about mlm is not for everyone.. people join not knowing what to do.. then they quit and they think it 8767 s a scam. Network marketing basically is not paying for advertising & publicity and becoming a direct seller for a company.. you connect with other people to do the same, YOU don 8767 t make money RECRUITING..you have a product & a service AND SHARE IT.. I PERSONALLY make 555k a year. Sorry for my Grammar don 8767 t have time.