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JuJa Italia

Posted: 2018-01-13 10:58

Problems with the boot catch after 7 years. I couldn t get it to warning light appeared on the dashboard after 8 years to show that the abs was not functioning. the main dealer ran a thorough check and found a fuse had blown even though he said the abs was still working. however it cost me over ł85 to find this out. now a warning light on the dashboard has appeared to show the airbags are not functioning. I guess another fuse has blown?minor problems but rather irritating.. On a run on the motorways you can get 85 mpg but locally it is below 85mpg.

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Generally been fantastic - during -65dc temperature the car wouldn t the dpf light flashes when the car believes a service is due - causing confusion whether there is a problem with the dpf or if a service is due. I took my car for an oil change between services and the service mileage for the warning light was not reset - thus a service is not yet due but the car think it is. Manufacturers parts are expensive.