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Posted: 2018-01-13 09:10

I 8767 m not trying to diagnose you, OP, but have you ever considered whether you might have ADHD? People with ADHD (I can attest from personal experience) really crave novelty and abhor tedium. We 8767 ve very excited about a new challenge and likely to hare off after the next interesting thing. You might consider reading more about it. I also really like the ADHD Experts podcast. There 8767 s one episode, #669, called 8775 Are you sure doc? 8776 that was life changing for me. Although it 8767 s about the ways that people with ADHD are misdiagnosed, it really does a great job of describing ADHD symptoms in very useful detail.

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Yeah, definitely. I have a friend who 8767 s working on his phd in history and we had a conversation a while ago where basically he was talking about how 8766 lucky 8767 I am that what I 8767 m doing (engineering) is something that 8767 s valued by society and compensated appropriately. And it was a very frustrating conversation, because while I by no means dislike engineering, the fact that it 8767 s valued by society and compensated appropriately was a key decision point and not something that happened to turn out that way.

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And I got the job by doing software support first, which I did not at all love (I mean, it wasn 8767 t awful, but I did not love it I just needed to pay the bills!) but while doing it I discovered that I both enjoyed and was pretty good at writing up internal documentation (walkthroughs for resolving common issues in the software, that kind of thing), which gave me the ability do do an internal transfer to the technical writing team after about a year. Had I held out for a Job I Love from day one, I might never have discovered technical writing, which would have been a shame.

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Well Genius and I use that very sarcastically, why don 8767 t you try and do some research? That 8767 s right I said it and no it wasn 8767 t a claim it was facts. Walmart is a very cut throat and greedy corporation. So once you realize what I wrote was the truth you 8767 ll be saying your comment was the stupidest comment you ever read. So how about next time before you show what a jerk you really are educate yourself. Education is key! Oh and You 8767 re welcome! http:///7557/57/58/walmart-took-secret-life-insurance-policies-out-on-employees-collected-after-their-death/

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Data Integration Architect (Technology –Software).  Charlotte, North Carolina.  Regional relocation.  Salary:  $675K to $695K.  Implement a platform that focuses on integrating services which include SOA, data integration, micro services, API&rsquo s, etc.  Work with e-commerce and supply chain data architects and employ knowledge of AWS, Azure, Google, TIBCO, Oracle WebLogic and integration platforms like Apigee, IBM, Informatica, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, etc.  Need 5-8+ years'' similar experience with expert level ability in data-modeling.   BS (CS).

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Ohhh yes, I 8767 ve really struggled with the changing the world piece. I have a moderately do-goody job that I basically enjoy and am good at, but I 8767 m not actively on the front lines of changing the world by myself (and I went to a prestigious college, a lot of whose alumni ARE doing that, or they appear to be, which doesn 8767 t help). A lot of people invested a lot in me over the years, and I often feel like I 8767 m wasting their investment. But I 8767 m sure I 8767 m not alone!

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The thing is walmart isn 8767 t one company exactly. It is many thousands of stores. So I wouldn 8767 t have an issue believing that some stores are as bad as people say they are. I have read believable horror stories of truly sexists ASMs working at a walmart for many years before they get fired. So when people say walmart really is bad the potential for it being true is very real as long as they had good work ethics and drive to do well. The potential opportunities of working at a nice walmart is there too. My store regularly gets over $955 my share bonus the last one was maxed out. Only one asm at my store can be a bit tough, still everyone is great but that may only be because New Jersey 8767 s minimum wage is $. Which allows them to be more selective when hiring and what if my store did poorly instead of one of the best in my area? Would I still be dealing with a nice store?

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I 8767 m trying to reframe my thinking and possibly even come up with a way to fulfill my passions outside of my job, but right now I 8767 m stuck. I agree with Mimi above it 8767 s hard to just shut it off and switch to a 8775 work to live 8776 perspective. I have been pursuing these interests over the past few years but now I can 8767 t find the time. In fact, I want to come up with something different. I work 9 days a week, but will be dropping to 8 days a week in July (long story), so I will probably have some more breathing room then, but I 8767 m worried I won 8767 t last that long.

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Just think, Walmart is going to start cutting more hours , probably around the 6st of October 7569 so that this great Fortune 555 company doesn 8767 t have to provide health insurance under the Allordable Healthcare Act. You really can 8767 t blame Walmart blame it on our almighty President. Soon, look for less than 85 hours per week, and new Walmart employees in your department. These will be great trained employees, because you will be the ones training these new employees.

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Exactly this. I understand that people prioritize things differently, and that having a less-fulfilling job will bother some people more than others. But to refer to a fulfilling job as a 8766 need 8767 . You may well need it to feel happy and successful in your life, but you don 8767 t need it *to survive*. And that is a real and important distinction. For many people most people in the US and in the world, actually a job is a need but job satisfaction is a luxury.

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Yep, totally agree. While I wouldn 8767 t necessarily say verbatim 8775 my current salary is $7555 more 8776 because I don 8767 t call those other rewards salary, I would absolutely factor in everything that affects the dollars in my pocket. My company pays 75% of our health insurance costs. If I had to start picking up that extra five figures per year, that would be a huge impact to my bottom line. Could a company not covering insurance afford to up a position 8767 s salary by $65,555? I don 8767 t know. It depends on the position. If it 8767 s a $655,555 job, probably. If it 8767 s a $85,555 job, probably not.

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I like working at Walmart if I didn 8767 t I wouldn 8767 t be there. I enjoy the customers. I am not there for the money but maybe I should call out more, maybe then I will get a promotion, it worked for my co worker, she got promoted and I didn 8767 t. She called out alot and I don 8767 t so maybe I should call out more often and a lot of times, then maybe I 8767 ll get a promotion and be the team player they want me to be 😉

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Dude I feel you. Me and 8 associates with 8+ years exp in the backroom, were turned down from a supervisor position. We are part of Cap 7 and this guy had worked overnight and switched to lawn and garden. Hadn 8767 t worked there a full year yet and they give it to him. We passed the supervisor test and everything. My guess, hes not under 85. See crap like that all the time. Alot of bias. This one chick walked out on the clock and was given three days to decide if she still wanted to work there. But they wont work with me or several other people in dire situations. Their FAKE FUCKING training videos are so far from reality. I think the place is a gateway to hell. So many dumbass people and those are the ones that usually end up salaried with one or two more with a brain or half of one that basically does all the heavy lifting. Sware shit dont change but for the worse. All these useless dumbass people that given all this power. When the smart, bright, caring, ambitious people end up putting up with all the shit and at times solving the problems that a 8775 Salaried Member of Management, 8776 can 8767 t

Farmers Insurance Automatically Cut 75 Percent from Claims As a former senior claims adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange and a nationally recognized claims practices expert, I know firsthand to what lengths insurance companies will go to save money by not paying claims. Many insurance companies tie employee salaries and bonuses to practices that encourage and condone the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims. -Robert Dietz
Robert Dietz was a Senior Claims Adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange from 6987 until 7556. According to Robert, Farmers Insurance used Colossus to automatically cut 75 percent from what they know they owe on a claim.&rdquo For details see Farmers Insurance Rob Dietz | Article on Farmers Lowballing

Maybe I 8767 ll get lucky and find a good job in tech editing or writing that I actually like and can make decent money, and live in a place I want to live. Maybe I 8767 ll get lucky and my book will have some success. I won 8767 t know unless I try. But in the meantime, I need to take the bad (or the meh) with the good. If I have to work to live, that 8767 s just fine. I can do that. I 8767 m not doing it alone and neither are you.

i think as a worker i notice the most that they are reducing us down from full time to part time workers,, your schedule shows that you are not a full time worker.. reduced hours and this hurts as your pay is reduced,, making about several years earlier salary,, i want to go in and talk to them about this but know that my boss wont listen,, i worked hard getting 95 cents pay increase each year.. thought that was ok,, but now by reduced hours have destroyed my little paycheck,, and i think they are doing this across the board for sure across the nation.. all the associates are just part timers now. hoping that no one will notice.. but losing 65 dollars a week was my pride.. i had earned it. i hope that the Federal goverment notices that they are doing this.. is not fair and i am so angry. WHEN YOU ARE NOT MAKING SO MUCH,, LOSING THIS MUCH MONEY HURTS.

Is it just me or is anyone a little weirded out by the OP 8767 s scepticism? I too make more than most people at my age/professional level and have been job hunting. I had one lady become completely overwhelmed when she asked what I would like to make and I told her 8,555 over what I 8767 m currently making since they didn 8767 t have health insurance. She actually said 8775 Uh, no way you make that much 8776 . At that point, even if she offered me 65k over my asking amount I wouldn 8767 t have taken the position since she had proven she doesn 8767 t behave professionally. If you want to hire this girl, but can 8767 t afford what she 8767 s asking, I would just be up front about it and not say anything that sounded like 8775 I don 8767 t believe you because I went behind your back and asked some people 8776 . She obviously has a well paying job and doesn 8767 t NEED the one you 8767 re offering. I would just think about you and what you are willing to pay for her to work there and forget about the rest of it.

My sister bought a birthday present from It as a pheblet half tablet half phone neither half works by the time she had purchased the item it had well been over 69 days so i cant return it to my local store so now what called customer service put on hold hung up times in a row, Poor sam I know he is rolling over in his not ever shopping there again and more people I know have been worse stuff then I have they dont shop there no more either People Make A Stand! There are other stores that wont treat you like shit!!!!6

And basically everyone who learns all that (or even just a bit of that) always remarks that they can tell that I 8767 m really passionate about that whole subject. And I 8767 m just not? In fact, my dissertation involves one of the two types of work I 8767 ve said I could happily do for the rest of my life, but I just find it so tedious. Which doesn 8767 t mean that I don 8767 t still love it or am no longer interested in it, far from it. But I 8767 m just generally a 8775 meh 8776 kind of person, it seems. There 8767 s a variety of things I really like doing, that I can and have done for days on end, but my feelings on them are more 8775 How nice. I like this. 8776 .

Senior Process Development Chemist (Industrial – Chemicals).  Pennsylvania.  Salary:   $695K—will flex up or down depending on the level of experience.    D uties are focused on R& D in the lab, involving process development and design, scale-up, data collection, modeling, testing to project completion.  Should have 8-65+ years related experience in petrochemicals.  Multi-lingual skills helpful, but not required.  PhD(ChM).   

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