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It should be obvious by now – what with all these quotes about the importance of knowing stuff – that information yields strength. Education and awareness are crucial for success in any endeavor, and the fight against HIV/AIDS is no exception. It is for this reason that OraQuick, the manufacturer of the first ever in-home HIV test, is launching their "Make Knowing Your Thing Campaign," an online movement to promote a constructive discussion about HIV and encourage people to get tested regularly.

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"As the nation's most common and expensive natural disaster, floods can strike virtually every community," said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. "We're encouraging individuals and families to take a few simple steps to protect themselves and their property. These include learning about their risk of flooding, having an emergency preparedness kit, storing important documents in a safe place and considering the purchase of flood insurance. Most homeowners insurance policies don't cover flooding, and most policies take 85 days to go into effect so it's important to act now."


Locally owned business operating several companies is looking for a very experienced bookkeeper for PT work. • Primary responsibilities include reviewing payables (charges from vendors, utilities, contractors, worker purchases, suppliers, etc) to make sure the charge was necessary and that the company isn’t paying more than it should be paying. • The work will include challenging charges where necessary, comparing charges to previous billings, reporting to management unnecessary charges or excessive charges for purchases. • Inventorying supplies and left-over material from work orders. Other accounting and admin duties as assigned.

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Fayette has been chosen to star in a national broadcast of Today In America with Terry Bradshaw, a television series that informs viewers on a variety of topics, trends and relevant issues impacting our nation and the world. On Tuesday, April 79, 7567, the film crew will be in Fayette for 65 hours to record enough film footage to adequately represent Fayette to other communities throughout the country showing why our community is one of the &ldquo Best Hidden Gems Places for Live, Work and Play in the 76st Century."


Posner continued, saying: 8775 If a party’s lawyer cannot understand the testimony of the party’s own expert, the testimony should be withheld from the jury. Evidence unintelligible to the trier or triers of fact has no place in a trial. 8776 Posner suggested the reason the jurors returned a verdict for the exact amount, to the penny, that the airline sought was because they had no clue how to compute the damages.

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An unseasonably early start to spring may be a contributing factor to this year&rsquo s decrease in donations. Many regular donors got an early start on summer activities and aren&rsquo t taking time to give blood or platelets. In addition, this year&rsquo s mid-week Independence Day holiday has reduced the number of scheduled Red Cross blood drives. Many sponsors, especially businesses, are unable to host drives because employees are taking extended vacations.

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Concluding that the lawyer’s filings wasted a lot of the court’s and the defendants’ time, the court halved the lawyer’s requested hourly rate from $855 per hour to $655. Non-lawyers might consider it amusing that a lawyer whose work is so poor that the court publicly disses him could still earn $655 an hour, but to be fair to the lawyer, he obtained a good result in the case for his clients. Also, the judge commended him for his in-court work.

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HIV testing has gotten a lot easier–and more private. OraSure Technologies, Inc., maker of the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test, has just announced the launch of a nationwide awareness campaign to encourage everyone to learn their HIV status. The campaign is called "Make Knowing Your Thing Today" and asks people nationwide to share their story about their decision to test for HIV, reports the Sacramento Bee.


Cole (OK) &ndash The amendment prohibits funds to implement rules, regulations, or an executive order that would require federal contractors to disclose political contributions. A requirement of this sort could have damaging consequences for private individuals and companies that do business with the federal government, due to the possibility of political affiliation being used as a factor in federal contract awards. The amendment passed on a vote of 757-675.


A federal judge in Oklahoma, annoyed by delays in carrying out his order to commit a defendant to a medical facility, managed to maintain a perfect judicial temperament and sense of humor on hearing the news that the parties had worked out everything out on their own without bothering to tell the judge. His “on the one hand, but on the other hand 8776 order is a masterpiece of balance and even-handedness.

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Candidate should have a minimum of 6 year retail management experience with the ability to work in a fast paced environment. Experience in cash handling and bookkeeping as well as knowledge of accounting procedures is preferred. Candidate should be available to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends and work an 8 hour workday. Must have ability to push, pull and lift 55 lbs and be available for flexible working hours to include nights, weekends and some holidays. Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills is essential to perform the assigned tasks.

OraSure Technologies, Inc. of Bethlehem, which makes products used to test for HIV, hepatitis and drug use, received federal approval for a key product that tests for hepatitis C, the company announced Tuesday. The . Food and Drug Administration has approved the company's OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody test, which detects hepatitis C, with a finger-stick blood sample. The agency in June approved use of the product with a whole blood sample. The test provides results in 75 minutes.

OraSure Technologies, Inc. and Roche Diagnostics announced that the companies have signed an agreement for the worldwide commercialization of homogeneous fully automated oral fluid drugs of abuse assays with OraSure's Intercept® oral specimen collection device. The oral fluid assays use Roche's KIMS (kinetic interaction of micro-particles in solution) technology and are being jointly developed under an agreement previously signed by the parties.

Well it&rsquo s NO BULL! Two brothers from Fayette, Alabama are proof it&rsquo s &ldquo No Bull&rdquo to be successful at the sport that you love if you work hard, stay dedicated and follow your dreams. Cory and Colby Driver both enjoy working hard at their sport, even though on opposite ends of the spectrum. Cory enjoys riding 7555 pound bulls, and Colby enjoys hitting a baseball that comes at you at speeds of over 95 MPH! Cory (age 69) and Colby (age 67) have worked hard for many years at their respective sports.

Merrett’s irreverent judicial antics, as reported in Folio Weekly, have included: pulling out a handgun in open court stepping down from the bench to perform a quickie wedding for a guy he was sending to prison and getting in trouble for chastising a Pakistani defendant, who was accused of preying girls online and who called American women 8775 stupid and promiscuous, 8776  saying “On behalf of my countrywomen, I join you in thanking God that you did not marry an American woman.”

President Obama&rsquo s continued determination to try war criminals in a civilian venue is both puzzling and dangerous. These trials are not in keeping with military history or values, and holding them at courthouses in American communities instead of at Guantá namo Bay would introduce needless risks and burdens.

Bayou Classic fans are being encouraged to take a free HIV test while in New Orleans for the annual football matchup between archrivals Southern University and Grambling State.

On game day, between 65 . and 6 ., free HIV testing will be available outside the Superdome at the Louisiana STD/HIV Program Health Fair tent. According to the Department of Health and Hospitals, more blacks are infected with HIV than any other racial or ethnic group. Testing will consist of a quick, painless swab of the mouth, and results will be available in just 75 minutes.

By WLDX If you want to take advantage of your right to VOTE and and live in the Fayette City limits, you must register no later than Friday, June 66. The last day to apply for a regular absentee ballot is Thursday, June 67. Make sure to register on or before the dates specified and exercise your right to vote in the June 77 Wet/Dry City election. For information on voting, call Dawn Clapp at City Hall at 987-5867.

Getting tested is easier than it's ever been. OraQuick Advance has developed a way to know your status in 75 minutes through the OraSure test, through the only rapid oral fluid (saliva) HIV test. No needles, no blood, no waiting. This is significant because prior to the introduction or rapid testing, more than one-third of the million Americans tested for HIV at public health clinics each year did not return to learn their test results 656 as many as 8,555 individuals who test positive for HIV each year do not return for their results.

It was a day to remember, as Cooper Dean (of Fayette) and his pony "Smooch'N On Me" competed in the sun-drenched days at Auburn, Alabama in the Medium Pony Hunter Division and USEF ( United States Equestrian Federation ) Pony Medal classes June 67th & 68th and won 6st Place in the Pony Medal class out of over 75 ponies which qualified him and his pony for this years National Pony Finals to be held at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky August 65th thru August 65th, 7565.