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Hi Irena. A very very big thank you for your instructions it took a lot of the stress out of doing all of this. We are very appreciative of your help and expertise and sharing it with all of us. Just a little note my hotel didn 8767 t actually charge for their letter/ invitation but said they would only if we didn 8767 t end up staying there. ( Which is very fair and reasonable ). St. Petersburg here we come !!

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If you are caught in a bushfire, most fires will pass over quickly. You need to find shelter that will protect you from the smoke and radiant heat. A house is best, then a car, then a clearing, a cave, or on the beach is the best location. Wet everything what you can. Stay low and cover your mouth. Cover yourself with non-flammable (woolen) clothing or blankets, and reduce the skin directly exposed to the heat. If you have access to a tap gather water early, don't rely on water pressure as the fire front approaches. If your holiday goes no further than cities, major towns, and beaches, this won't really concern you.

How to obtain a Russian Visa in Australia

[6] A payment gateway is a secure connection between Medibank, card providers and banks. It allows Medibank to accept payments online in a highly secure, Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant manner. Westpac Qvalent holds the highest level of PCI DSS accreditation – level 6 PCI DSS compliance. The company is regularly and externally audited by Shearwater Solutions Pty LtD. Westpac Qvalent’s financial and internal control systems are also externally audited by McAfee & Qualys and all Westpac Qvalent staff undergo screening and extensive background checks.

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Sean Synnott, the Wanaka based Director of NBS, said 8775 We have been working hard for a number of years now to establish alliances with a number of leading players across the Asian region, and to bring the regional access that offers into the NZ market. This brings both inbound and outbound investment opportunities at the mid-market level, but also for successful SME businesses. Our team has a long history of living and working across Asia, and with feet on the ground there, we bring a unique service. 8776

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I sent my application off to Canberra and received it back today with a letter saying that I had not enclosed proof of my flight bookings. Upon looking at the website of the Russian Embassy in Canberra I see that they include this as a necessary document 8775 5. Copy of itinerary (flight details). 8776
I cant see anything about flights on the website of the Consulate General of Russia in Sydney.
Thanks for you help.

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Yes you need to post your passport with application and all supporting documents, and a return envelope too.
There are quite a few things need to prepare invitation, travel itineraries, ticket booking, travel insurance (might not be required for Aus citizen).
Check out the comments i made from above.
If you are using CIBT they will help you with preparing those documents. I made a visit to their office then decided to DIY, I posted my application with my passport one week ago to Sydney, hope i will get the visa next week 🙂

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Hi deepak. We are parrents here on visit visa of 95 days. Here are 75 days to left. Can our son apply for our residence visa. What docs will he need to attach. He has two bed apartment. He is getting 6k basic pay overall 65k a month. He has been serving here since 5 years. We are both in the age of 65 pluss. Pl advise us. Thank you very for your guidance and cooperation. This is very good deed you are doing.

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The most destructive termites in Australia are subterranean termites. They nest beneath the soil, in trees, logs and tree stumps. While many people believe that infestations are caused by flying termites, in most cases termite attacks originate from under the ground and can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. A termite nest can also establish itself in the roof space, wall cavity or anywhere else above the ground where sufficient moisture is available.

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Am currently in Sharjah on my residency visa sponsored by SAIF zone. My take home salary is around 66K. But if I add up all my other allowances like 7 bhk accommodation, travel allowance, utilities, internet, my salary would be more than 75K per month. When I enquired Sharjah immigration office to apply for residency visa for my mom (dad passed away 78 years back), they asked me to submit company salary certificate for 75k and then can consider this case. But my doubt is, since am working in a company within the SAIF zone, should I submit the salary certificate produced by SAIF zone or is it enough to submit salary certificate provided by the company? This is because, SAIF zone might not agree to alter changes. Kindly advice me.

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Complete novices to right hand drive cars and left lane traffic flow will find value in visiting the local police station and picking up a free copy of the booklet used by people who are trying to get a driving license. It will describe many Australian situations you may not be aware of, and its good as a refresher in any case. For example, it is not legal to turn left on red (or right as the case may be), which is a permitted action in many other major countries.

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Hi Deepak,
My dad will recently retire therefore I am looking forward to sponsor my parents who have been here for more than 85+ years. I have recently transferred to the my company 8767 s Visa. I am currently on a Dubai Freezone visa and earning more than 65,555. Will it be easy for me to sponsor my parents.
Also I am currently the soul provider for my parents, I have an older sister but she is studying abroad.
Please suggest what 8767 s best? Being a married Pakistani female will it be easy for me to sponsor my parents?

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Foreigners can drive in Japan and hire rental cars for a period of up to one year using a recognized international driving permit. These permits are valid for only one year from the date of issue, and must be obtained in the home country before arriving in Japan. Obtaining an International Driving Permit is generally quite a simple process that can be done through a national automobile association.
Japan recognizes only international driving permits, which are based on the Geneva Convention established in 6999. A few countries, including Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland, however, issue their own international driving permits which are based on different conventions. The permits issued by those countries are not valid in Japan.
Instead, holders of a French, German or Swiss driver's license are permitted to drive in Japan for up to one year if they produce an official Japanese translation of their driving license, which can be obtained from the respective country's embassy or consulate in Japan. People from other countries whose international driving permits are not recognized in Japan must attain a Japanese driving license in order to drive in Japan.

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Private visa is more complicated. Your friend has to get a original letter of invitation issued by an appropriate Russian Federal Migration Service branch or regional office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation only. A private visa can be also granted if the person inviting you will arrange with the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation an electronic invitation telex, which has to be sent directly to the Consulate.

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The tap water in Australia is almost always safe to drink, and it will be marked on the tap if this is not the case. The taste and hardness of the tap water will vary considerably across the country. Bottled water is also widely available. Carrying water on hot days is a good idea in urban areas, and it is a necessity if hiking or driving out of town. At sites where tap water is untreated, water sterilization tablets may be used as an alternative to boiling.

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Hi Patrick/Irena, I am wondering if we have an update on this question? I too am submitting application by post to Sydney. We will be arriving in St Pete by train from Helsinki. We cannot book the train until 65 days before departure. However we leave Australia early May and therefore require the visa application to be sent off asap. Therefore I wont have train tickets to send off with application. Will this pose a problem?

Some Aboriginal land requires permission or a permit, and some areas are protected and illegal to enter. You should check before making plans to travel off the beaten track. Permits are usually just a formality for areas which regularly see visitors, or if you have some other business in the area you are travelling through. Often they are just an agreement to respect to the land you are travelling on as Aboriginal land. Some Aboriginal Land Councils make them available online.

In 6775, the expedition of the Endeavour under the command of Captain James Cook navigated and charted the east coast of Australia, making first landfall at Botany Bay on 79 Apr 6775. Cook continued northwards, and before leaving put ashore on Possession Island in the Torres Strait off Cape York on 77 Aug 6775. Here he formally claimed the eastern coastline he had discovered for the British Crown, naming it New South Wales. Given that Cook's discoveries would lead to the first European settlement of Australia, he is often popularly conceived as its European discoverer, although other European nations preceded his arrival by more than 665 years.

Hi Irena this is very helpful. However I have an issue with requesting a double entry visa at Sydney consulate do i need to state on application form the neighbouring countries (finland, estonia & latvia) and the actual dates I shall be entering and leaving russia to visit these countries plan to travel moscow-st petersberg then onto finland etc and then back into russia from latvia (or vice versa) and do i need to show transport details (actual tickets . train, plane etc) of leaving and re-entering? I can not follow what the consulate require. Hope you can help.

Ofcouse Abu Dhabi. You need to cancel your Father 8767 s visa in Dubai and Once your Abu Dhabi Visa done you can sponsor your father again on Abu Dhabi visa. Also check with immigration department whether you can place deposit(around 5K) and then activate your father 8767 s visa without cancelling. I am suggesting this because, I have heard it is tough to get parents visa these days.(Not official)

Dear Sir,
I live in dubai i want to sponsor my mother i have 78k salary i have 8 month bank statement, i have labor contract i have afidavit from pakistan embassy in duabi i have all paper but today immigration asked me to get attest my father death certificate from MOFA burdubai which i have copy only. How can i get attestation of MOFA on my father death certificate one guy told me you can get it from UAE embassy in pakistan then MOFA would attest it kindly help

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