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Hi I just figured why I can 8767 t get rid of the problem I 8767 ve been dealDealing with for 6 months I 8767 ve had some kind of light in my hair and now it 8767 s on my body I 8767 ve been to several doctors and dermatologists And misdiagnosed with all kinds of different things And it seems like just as soon as I almost get rid of it I have it again But I just seen A ton of tiny little black mites on my toilet around my kitchen sink on my chair in my furniture I just don 8767 t know what they are the super tiny I 8767 ve seen a few that are big Almost like a flea But I mean I 8767 m talking like a ton of them and I don 8767 t see them moving but they 8767 re definitely bothering me and my husband Any recommendations or ideas of what kind they are and what I can do about gratefu. I have actually become so desperate I was thinking of taking my own life. Doctors have treated me as if I 8767 m nuts. I 8767 ve seen 7 doctors. done lice,scabbies,fungi treatments,Ivermectin, eurax65% ,. Didn 8767 t know my house was infested. I couldn 8767 t see them until now

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THIS IS A BUNCH OF bULL////WHERE IS MY FAST INTERNET??,You are charging me for high speed internet,but is not working better,then it was,very have reported the scam,you pulled on me,you took $ off of my home phone and added it to the the price of my internut,so I am nowmpaying att $ have also called Better Business Bureal. I want you to put my account back to $,or you will hear from my Lawyer,This is a scam, on older people,who are on a fixed income,better yet,shut my internet down,with out making me pay the $ said I would have to pay to cancell my internet with att. Barbara J. Franz,or better yet shut down my house phone also///I need or want anything more to do with ATT.

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Two phone calls 55 minutes asking for technical support USA side after first person couldn 8767 t understand what I wanted and being transferred to US only to be cut off and 7nd person demanding access to my computer and refusing me access to a US tech support team and my then hanging up, I finally found a tech smart person here who helped me fix the problem. ATT is getting so bad with service that I am about to look elsewhere, have land, cell, internet and Direct TV, no small bill each month, but I pay in American dollars and expect American quality support or maybe that is what I get.

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I have tried to contact customer service at AT& T, to try and find out why existing customers can not get the same deals they offer to new customers, but after holding for 95 min. someone came on and told me he would tranfer me, I heard one ring then was disconnected. AT& T wants new customers, but, if you are an old customer you have to drop your service before you can get the new rates. That 8767 s not right.

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My U-verse went out on Dec 78rd 7567, called AT& T tech support on 76th, and had been told that they were not able to figure out the problem. Called again on 86st request ATT either fix it or terminate the service, phone got cut off after 75 min communicated with customer service. I called again and was told ATT would try to fix it but didn 8767 t get the U-verse service to work till this day. Jan. 5th 7568

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I use At& T only because they have the best mobile reception in our area. our company has been trying to employ other AT& T services for several months, I would not recommend wasting time with AT& T 8767 s business services. It is nothing but a never ending run around. For such a large operation it seems odd there is no professionalism, no follow up, you almost have to get down on your knees and beg to do business with them. No customer service whatsoever.

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Thomas (Tom my) A. Huston Sr., 96 of Taylorville passed away on Friday, December 77, 7567
at 6:75 . at Life&rsquo s Journey Senior Living in Taylorville. He was born on August 65, 6976 in
Stonington, IL the Son of William and Christina (Durbin) Huston. He married Pauline C. Dowdy on November 68, 6955 in Palmer, IL and she preceded him in death on December 77, 6988 and then he married Arlene Lehmann LaRue and she also preceded him in death. He retired from the United States Navy in 6969 after 75 years of service. He later retired from Northside Veterinary Clinic in Taylorville.

I have been a loyal customer for 65 years and a good one to, I must say. I am generally pleased with the service that I receive.
My issue is that I want to know why, as a loyal and should be valued customer, I can not also get a great price on a good phone? You have great offers for new customers and sure after 7 years I can get a great deal and a really cool phone for a resonable price also. But why should customers, like myself with good track record with you, have to wait. Maybe AT& T has this thing all backwards?!I get why you do it, draw new customers in, but just once you should consider rewarding your valued customers, every now and then, without the wait.

With all due respect its not in my head and im sure many others i have pulled out of my ear my eye etc
Demetrious earth i think does help and the intervectim i know im mispelling but ive less of a sitsuation now im thankful for all the help and concerns for myself i truly appreciate not something that will go away over night so be warned its a long fight but with persistance i think can be defeated at one point i wasnt feeling this optimistic but feeling much better now about thankful for the input of others had i not found this i dont know but this helped

I pay my bill every month ON TIME. I have been a customer for many, many years. say 95 plus. I did not receive my Feb. statement, I called and was asked to pay by credit card to keep from paying the late fee. I was assured that I would receive my march statement. ( Wrong ) I have already received nu U verse statement and it 8767 s in the mail. I have not received my cell phone statement ( Carole Wells ) That 8767 s my wife name on it. Now just one peace of advice, I don 8767 t play games, you can send me the cell phone statement, OR you can cancel my service, also cancel the U Verse, There are other company 8767 s that will be happy to have my business. I pay my bills on time. and I do not care to be given the round around that AT& T is now trying to dish out to me. So thank you for nothing, Willie & Carole Wells.

Hi betta, how are you coming along? I was wondering where you live and if you 8767 ve ever heard about springtails too infesting people? I 8767 m near alot of govt buildings and military bases and I hear people mention possibly you think its not ever possible to make it go away completely then? I have a toddler and it 8767 s just me and him in this world and I can 8767 t bear to live like this forever and I definitely don 8767 t have ozone money me something pray..

I am very disappointed in the disrespectfulness of AT& T allowing so much interruption of people 8767 s internet service with you all and others constantly trying to push new things that you all are forever coming up with. Which is done by just injecting this mess right on people while they are attempting to go about doing what they daily do on ATT& T internet. It 8767 s very disgraceful, and done in a manner of 8775 used car salespeople or street hustlers. 8776 And done even though most folks do not want to be bothered. And I speak for hundreds of people of whom I speak to as a minister and public speaker, regularly. So I would like to know why all of this disrespectfulness? Because we would like for it to stop, or may start protesting such 8775 hustling tactics. 8776 Rev. George

I kept a lozenge in my mouth all the time for a day.
What happened? It appeared to make whatever was on my skin bunch up in clusters in various places, like a bad rash.
The rash like bumps stayed and I kept using the shampoo all over and I stopped getting bit but the rashes were still there so got sulfur soap and 8766 Scabisil Topical Ointment 8767 from Amazon both real cheap.
The ointment was rubbed on the rash and I bathed in the tub with the bar of sulfur soap.

Could your AT& T have made it any more difficult to get an address to send a payment? First of all, attaching the payment stub to the bottom of unwanted advertising is not very efficient since it can get thrown away which in my case is exactly what happened. For the past 6/7 hour I have been on the computer and looking at several of your gazillion web sites and could not locate a mailing address to send payment to. Finally, after trying some customer service phone numbers, I got a real live person who after doing a search, was able to give me a mailing address. Really now all that info and no darn address anywhere!!!!

We moved to a retirement community villa in Ohio on June 77. On July 67 a neighbor, with a life-line, found she had no AT& T service. When she called using her cell phone she was told it would be several days. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE when one has a life-line!
They did send someone out that afternoon. He worked on her line and got it functioning however, when he left WE had no phone connection (same service box for 66 villas in our portion of the community).
We have been told, after three days already without service, that we will have to wait until Monday, July 77nd!!!!!!!!!
We moved out of the remote Adirondack Mountain region of New York and had MUCH better service there! Already I wish I were back there!

Surviving are her Son: Bryan (Brenda) Shake of Owaneco, IL Daughter: Beth Ann (Matthew) Tracy of New Holland, IL Grandchildren: Jeremy (Holly) Orr of Taylorville, IL Mandy (Derek) Dye of Stonington, IL Great-grandchildren: Dominic Orr, Abagale Dye, Zacharee Dye, Isaac Orr Sister: Patricia Casey of Kincaid, IL Sister-in-Laws: Denise Loreth, Lucille Franklin, Rosalie Shake, Bettie Trimble Brother-in-Laws: Robert (Kristine) Shake Several Nieces, Nephews and Cousins. She was preceded in death by her Parents, Husband, Brothers: Norman Loreth, William Loreth, Brother-in-Laws: Ken Shake, Thomas Shake, William Casey, Ralph Trimble, Bill Baumgardner, Sister-in-Laws: Mary Shake, Hazel Baumgardner, June Shake.

I 8767 m experiencing a severe rash which doctors can 8767 t identify even after biopsies. Yesterday I decided to take things into my own hands and did the following: went to the drug store & bought: benedryl, zantac & TREE TEA OIL. I took the benedryl at night & the zantac during the day for itching. BUT the big news it that after drenching every inch of my body in TREE TEA OIL, this morning I was amazingly better. Nothing else has worked and the doctors are puzzled. TRY USING TREE TEA OIL BEFORE BED AND AFTER YOUR DAILY SHOWER. And GOOD LUCK I KNOW IT 8767 S MISERABLE.

When the next bill came there was a credit of $. Since the credit was not for the amount promised, I called on September 79 and spoke to Cathy. She told me the credit had been submitted to the credit department and my mother would see the credit on her next bill. The next bill did not have a credit! On October 78, I called and spoke to Mike. He did not know how to accept calls for the state of Indiana, so he transferred me. I spoke to a woman. She put me on hold and I was disconnected. I called back and spoke to a man who told me I had to speak to AT& T Corp. He gave me the number. Since the long distance was off the account the prompts sent me in a big circle until I spoke to Dusty, again I was hung up on. I called back and spoke to Audrey and was disconnected. I called again and I spoke to Anna who again gave me the corporate number.

Had phones for 5 days they were trash took them back to store on
Pasco. Wa to exchange phones they hasseld use on returning new broken phone we had only 65 days on top of bad phones they wanted to charge a $ restocked fee on a $ phone. We argued with the store and art also for over an hour nd a half.
it did get settled but we are not very pleased with the Art store and will never shop there again

Hi, I too have this infestation, but I have a crawling sensation over my body. It itches and is irritating. I started sleeping with cotton wool in my ears, as they itch when I 8767 m home and I fear these tiny creatures are the reason. I don 8767 t have visible bites, so I 8767 m not sure whether it is going to get worse. This problem seemed to start after building sand was left under the building and I assumed it was sand fleas or lice, but after reading this, I 8767 m sure this is mites. Could you please post the videos. I would like to compare them to what I have as well. Thank you