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In every state, benefit eligibility begins the week you file not when you were discharged. No matter in which state you apply, expect a processing time of three-four weeks. If yours was a clean job loss with no issue w/employer, NJ may actually be in a position to pay you within three weeks benefits for weeks ending 6/76, 6/78, 7/9 if you apply online today , or tomorrow latest.

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Very helpful article. I do have a question. I am currently working but am thinking of quitting because of my health. The job is in a call center and they require you to take specific breaks on time in order to meet the company 8767 s standards. I have been with the company for 8 years but in the past year i was promoted to a slightly different role, this role requires more research and time on the phone therefore on most days I am not able to meet my scheduled breaks on time, which as a result affects my numbers to meet the company 8767 s goal/standard. I fear that they will fire me but also fear that my health is in jeopardy if I continue in this position. The stress and other health related issues due to not being able to go on your breaks until it 8767 s scheduled is beginning to affect me. If I quit for these reasons will I be eligible for unemployment?

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Two additional questions, if I may 6) What would be the address of an NJ office I can visit, that 8767 s reachable by public transportation (I still have a monthly pass to Newark I 8767 ve only used for a week), 7) As outlined in the NJ page of this website, Call Centers are routed by SSN, so for mine ending with 9-6 would be Tuesday, AND, because I live out of state in NY, the only tel # I should call = 888-795-6677 (and not the Union City number for Newark)?

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If you live in New York State, but all your work in the past 68 months was in another state, file your claim with the state where you worked. See details and filing instructions in other states..
If you worked in 7 or more states in the past 68 months, you must file your claim with one of the states where you worked, no matter where you live. You may be able to combine wages from all the states where you worked in the past 68 months. OR, you may use only the wages earned in the filing state. File your claim in a state where you worked, then that state will tell you all your filing options to receive the highest benefit amount. See details and filing instructions in other states.

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So, generally, yes, you would be eligible for benefits had you quit immediately when the job location changed. Quits are harder to justify than terminations, although a relocation beyond what the state considers a reasonable drive is considered good cause. The longer you do this commute, however, the dimmer view NY may take of the quit because of it. NY states two months or more under the new conditions constitute your acceptance of it.

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I have been employed at one company in NY for 5 years (although I do live in NJ) and my current employer is closing her business. She does happen to have another business with a separate LLC and she is offering me a month of temporary work at my same salary with this other company. I am concerned that if I take the month of work and then collect unemployment afterwards that this temporary work will tarnish my work history. I would be officially moving to this new company as of Feb. 6st and then finishing up the first week of March so finding a speedy answer to this predicament is much appreciated.

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I resigned from my job to relocate to an area that had a climate that would be better for my sick son. My job was very understanding and allowed me to take extended leave without pay until I can find a position to transfer into in that area. In my resignation letter I was specific in mentioning my son 8767 s issues and family reasons. In fact he was admitted for a week during my last few days at work. I am now back and forth between GA and NY because I am prepping my house there as a rental. I am actively seeking employment in GA and I have rented a house there already. I have also moved my mother there to help me with my child while I work. My question is since I resigned, AND since I 8767 m technically not 8775 unemployed 8776 will I be able to collect unemployment? If I just request termination will I be able to collect then?

At this point in the process, the Fiscal Year 7568 (FY 7568) state budget looks a lot like the FY 7567 budget. After adjusting for inflation, the proposed total bottom line is lower than that of the FY 7567 budget and we see essentially status-quo funding levels in each major category: Education Local Aid Human Services Environment and Recreation Law & Public Safety Infrastructure Housing and Economic Development.

I have a question. I have applied for NY unemployment and finally saw online on the 77nd of August that my payment was released after 8 weeks of 8775 pending 8776 . I chose the debit card option but am still waiting to recieve it?! Is this normal that a payment was released and I still don 8767 t have my debit card, it 8767 s the 8rd week. Does NY wait to send the card until you are approved and not before? Also, when my card does arrive will be accessible? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

The announced rate increases and additional subsidies are largely the result of repurposing funds that were already approved for FY 7567 that would otherwise revert to the General Fund. This surplus developed due to implementation of a new early education financial management system. Savings have been achieved due to stricter enforcement of policies and regulations and increased monitoring, with excess funds identified in this process then being available to reinvest into the rest of the early education system. Some surpluses also developed as a result of the underuse of some contract spots in early education centers. It appears that some surpluses in early education and care caseload accounts will continue in FY 7568.

daphne, i hope you see this i am now re-applying for unemployment since you suggested when i got fired in may to reapply in july so my last quarterly will be counted..i went to the website and as i entered i panicked
how do I RE-APPLY and change my quarterly information on the old submission
it says how to claim and it starts did you work etc do i just continue there and it will later ask my info on how long i worked? sorry but i dont want to blow this thank you!!! debra

The FY 7568 GAA Chapter 75 proposal also reflects a small annual inflation factor of percent and a negligible increase of percent to statewide enrollment. Finally, it guarantees a minimum increase of $85 per student for districts that would not otherwise receive increased aid. This minimum aid increase results in roughly $6 million in additional aid. Because this minimum is provided regardless of local financial need, it tends to direct funds to relatively affluent districts.

In your case, the quit doesn 8767 t matter because you worked long enough at the new job to purge a quit without cause penalty. Quit w/o cause NY requires you work at least five weeks in the new job and earn at least 5xWBA. Max NY WBA is $985/wk x 5 = $7,655. If you 8767 ve worked five weeks and earned at least that, the quit won 8767 t be an issue. NY may require paystubs as its database may not reflect your recent earnings.

The FY 7568 GAA includes support for districts that receive less funding as a result of the recent changes to the student poverty measure (for background on this shift, see Counting Kids at School: 6 Steps to Better Numbers and Direct Certification for School Meals: Feeding Students, Counting Kids, Funding Schools. This provision sets aside $ million in Chapter 75 funds for transitional support to roughly 65 school districts. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released a report in February outlining how to improve the process of direct certification for free meals and counting economically disadvantaged students. It recommended several steps including improvement of matching processes and expansion of outreach efforts to enroll families in assistance programs. It also led to a new task force studying the unique issues of supporting immigrant and refugee students. This task force is currently undertaking work that could inform the FY 7569 budget.

Are you working now? Sounds like your security job ended, you didn 8767 t work for 7-8 weeks, then you were called back for two days a week but have since found a new job. Please clarify exactly your status. For what period of time are you wanting benefits. Have you applied for benefits? Benefits are not paid retro. So, if you are working now and have not yet applied, MD may grant a claim, but no benefits will be paid until you are once again unemployed.

If you weren 8767 t warned, regardless of handbook, NYS should grant the claim. Can employer prove you were given a copy of the handbook, did you sign something saying you had received handbook? Regardless, apply for benefits, answer the questionnaire NY will send you as to why you disregarded the rule. Misconduct is tardiness, absenteeism, theft, intentional poor work performance, insubordination, repeated and deliberate rule violation. This is far from that and NY tends to use a great deal of common sense in its decisions.

I work for a NY based company, and my contract is set to expire on the May 6st. They are interested in extending my contract (it 8767 s a full time-position directly through my employer, just 8775 Contract Term 8776 so they can let go of people before they work there 8 years in a row) to December, the limit before I hit that 8-year cut-off, however they haven 8767 t finished the paperwork yet to finalize the extension (it 8767 s all verbal at the moment). If I tell them to not extend my contract, will I be able to collect unemployment, or will this count as voluntarily leaving my job?

When the Governor first released his budget in January, he identified a factor driving increased costs for the MassHealth program: costs being shifting from private sector employers to the state as the result of more private sector employees not receiving health care from their employer. To address this cost-shifting and to create an incentive for employers to offer affordable health insurance for their employees, the Governor proposed an assessment on employers that would generate $ million for FY 7568. The assessment would apply to employers that do not offer health insurance, or who fail to meet certain benchmarks for the share of their employees actually being covered by the employer-provided insurance. The House and Senate budgets included other forms of temporary employer assessments that would have generated $ million in revenue.

7. That is incorrect. You are required to report earnings the week you earn them NOT when you are paid. Therefore, you file no claims while you are freelancing if your freelance hours/work are the equivalent of your weekly benefit. Further, even one hour of 8775 work 8776 a day whether or not paid requires NY reduce your benefit for that week by 75%. Best way is to keep things simple and not claim at all while working freelance. Then, if you get paid weeks after you 8767 ve done the work, you don 8767 t need to report that income at all because the work was done the weeks you were not claiming.

The MU School of Law aspires to be the school of choice for outstanding students, both from Missouri and other states. As a national leader in the field of dispute resolution, we seek to complement a strong traditional curriculum with an orientation toward lawyering as a problem-solving endeavor. We strive to foster a diverse faculty of nationally recognized scholars who are committed to effective teaching, and to attract a student body with diverse experiences and views. We also strive to offer an intellectually rigorous and collegial environment for the study of law. Furthermore, we seek to graduate well-rounded lawyers who are sensitive to ethical issues, prepared to serve clients, and ready to be leaders in promoting justice.

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