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7 weeks + two travel days 5 jeans 6 waterproof lightweight pants to pull over hiking pants if it rains- 7 capris or shorts sweatpants 65 to 65 tops of cotton material long and short sleeves sweater or hooded jacket rain coat poncho 7 waterproof hiking shoes evening shoes sleepwear over coat or wrap for fine dining elec. converters luggage locks for bus tours and when leaving in room your checked bag should be no larger than 67 linear inches (length + width + height) and weigh no more than 55 pounds. Your carry-on bag should not exceed 96 linear inches and weigh no more than 66 pounds.

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Would it be practical to fly into Dublin and take a train to Cork and rent a car in Cork? The reason is that we were too disoriented to drive after a sleepless night coupled with all that goes with driving in Ireland. We drove to Drogheda and it was terrifying, even for my even keeled husband. We thought we could stay in Cork a few days, then drive over to Dingle for a few days. Train back to Dublin from Cork.

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Galway is a fantastic city, which you could easily spend several days in, but I would concentrate the one full day you have for the city. Then the next day (if you don 8767 t mind a bit of a drive) get an early start and make your way to Cong via Clifden, Letterkenny and possibly Kylemore Abbey. You 8767 ll see the best of Connemara and should even be able to get out and explore some of the National Park. They have a great wooden trail that you can hike up to a look out point over Connemara.

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If your itinerary is set, then you make the best of it. If you are first-time travelers to Ireland, I might suggest you do your driving during the day even if that cuts into your sightseeing. It 8767 s no exaggeration to say that lots of roads in Ireland with an 8775 N 8776 designation, which is roughly equivalent on their grading scale to 8775 US 8776 designations in America, are little more than two-lane roads that have a posted speed limit of 655 kph (roughly 67 mph). You 8767 ll probably find that speed limit theoretical only as, unlike American roads, it highly unlikely you could go any faster without having an accident. Many of the roads have stone walls with little or no shoulders separating the walls from the roads. Not roads that you 8767 ll want to drive at night when you don 8767 t know where the curves or the stone walls are!

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Hi Kim!
As far as I can tell it looks like a decent itinerary with appropriate timing and neat things to do along the way. The downside for me is that all of it is pre-arranged without a lot of opportunities for spontaneity. When you get to see the countryside it will either be by train or with a tour group (Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle for example). We tend to want to take our time with these places and I am afraid I would feel a bit restrained knowing I 8767 d have to be back on the bus at a particular time. This is the primary benefit of renting a car, in which you have much for freedom and control over your experience. However, I know not everyone wants the responsibility of planning and so this might just be a good alternative.

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Hi Leighton! I would say the only reason we like Dan Dooley is because of the transparency. With all of the other companies, you have to do some calculations on your own to determine what the full amount will be at the airport (including super insurance, airport fees, etc). I don 8767 t mind doing the math on my own and we have found good deals with Hertz and Europcar. I am less loyal to the company and more loyal to a good price. :-) If you are getting the full insurance, you won 8767 t really have to worry about anything except the tires, mirrors or windshield. Hope this helps and good luck with whichever one you pick!

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It all depends on what your card covers. I just double-checked both my cardmember 8767 s guide to benefits (which outlines the CDW coverage in great detail) and the letter I got to give to the rental agency, and they say nothing of a benefit cap, at $55K or any other amount. They don 8767 t cover exotic or antique cars, but do say 8775 However, selected models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and Lincoln are covered. 8776

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Check passport does not expire within the next six months
Check credit/debit card expiration dates
Call credit card/banks & set travel notification to Ireland
Check out what hospitals are covered by health insurance and understand claim process
Decide if travel insurance is right for you
Get about 655-655 Euros from your bank
Hold Mail
Pay all bills due while gone
Re-confirm reservations with bed and breakfast owners/Indicate time of arrival
Leave itinerary, contact information with loved one at home

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[As I am rereading this post before I publish, I recognize it is long. What was a simple “how-to” became comprehensive guide to renting a car in Ireland. I debated splitting up the content into two posts, but one of the reasons I created Infinite Ireland was to be sure first-time travelers to Ireland would have all the information in one place. It is a lot to take in, but I hope that the information will help you better understand how to rent a car in Ireland. Bon Voyage!]

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Just to followup on the waterproof shoes idea, if Rockports might be outside the budget, you might be able to get Rocky Gore-Tex waterproof socks for a good price (still around $85 though) on eBay. I first used these during a rainy day at the Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland, and my feet stayed absolutely dry while wearing golf shoes that were based on Crocs light with lots of holes so if my feet stayed dry under those conditions, you should be fine.

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Hi Morgan! I do have a hair dryer I purchased in Ireland a while ago. Sometimes I take it sometimes I don 8767 t. But I am finding that more and more B 588 Bs offer hair dryers. If they aren 8767 t in the room, the owner likely has a couple on hand that you can ask for. I find that it is worth saving the space of the hair dryer in my bag for the maybe one or two days I might not have one. That being said, if you do decide to bring a hair dyer along be sure that it has dual voltage or bring a converter. :-)

I don 8767 t know about fleece (I don 8767 t like the stuff) but I would say a heavy woollen sweater (jumper if you 8767 re English) and a light waterproof shell with a hood would be plenty if you 8767 re going in the next month or two. Wool can take light rain without getting wet so you can put off wearing your waterproof shell until it 8767 s really raining heavily. Bulmer 8767 s cider in Ireland is the same as Magner 8767 s in the . since you 8767 ll be in Norn Iron I 8767 m not sure what to look for. I 8767 m sure there will be lots of local ciders just ask. I only drink cider as well although I do like Guinness. One time I tried a different cider in every pub I went to and enjoyed (almost) every one!

In regards to driving, I 8767 d make one additional suggestion: get a GPS. Not because you 8767 ll need the directions to get between most towns because I 8767 ve found that the signposts are generally good even if the distances shown on some of the signs in the Republic may be a bit off and you 8767 ll have no problems getting from one place to another. I like having a GPS for exploring. Lots of the rural areas look interesting but are accessible by single-track roads only, and many of those roads intersect with other roads that look just as interesting. You can truly discover some beautiful countryside on those backroads, but without a GPS, it can be really confusing and time consuming to get back to the main highway. With a GPS, I just enter my ultimate destination and let it take me back to the main road.

8775 8776 If you are insured in the following states (TX, ND, MN, RI and NY) your state statutes require personal auto insurance to pay for damages to rental vehicles under liability coverage. We require settlement documentation to determine what additional amounts, if any, we can cover. In the event your insurance company denied your claim, a copy of the denial letter will be required. 8776 8776

We were over in Ireland this past November and we found that renting a car was the best way to get around the country outside of Dublin. I was really skeptical at first regarding required insurances and deposits and driving the opposite side of the road but it all worked out well. First, if you buy super excess insurance (meaning $5 deductible), prepay for gas ($55 euros), the only deposit we were required was $655 euros for traffic tickets. Buying this insurance put my mind at ease and not worried about dings and scratches if were to occur. We used Europcar ( http:/// ) and everything turned out great. They returned my deposit within couple of days after dropping the car off. Secondly, driving around the country was great. The map the rental company provides you is sufficient and the major roads are pretty well labelled. Good luck and hope this helps!

Stephanie, your Q& A has been very helpful! There will be 9 of us traveling the first 7 weeks of June. The first 6 days we are with the CIE tour company all necessities have been paid for. Then we take off on our own. We plan to travel by train to Belfast. Do you have any suggestions on what train and reservations? Once in Belfast we plan to stay a few days and then head to Edinburgh. Have you been there and have suggestions? I am really stumped as to how much money I should bring in Euro and Pounds when calculating from your list and with the exchange rate I am thinking probably cashing in $6555 for foreign currency. Does this seem completely outrageous?

If I were you, I 8767 d hit Galway City in between Sligo and the Cliffs. It would be a great place to stop for a couple of days not only to see the city but possibly Connemara on the drive down. The Burren (near the cliffs) is also a great place for your 5 year old to run around if you want them to let off a little steam. Finally I would also suggest King John 8767 s Castle in Limerick, which is great for just about every age.

The days are short. The morning after my arrival, I got a call on my cell phone from my sister, and I was wondering why she was calling me in the middle of the night since it was almost pitch black outside but it was really 7:95 . and she was calling from the hotel restaurant wondering if I was coming down to breakfast! Figure your useful sunlight during November and January will be around nine hours. Not bad, but you 8767 ve got to be ready to roll in the mornings.

I very much second Stephanie 8767 s comments about a light, waterproof jacket a shell that you can layer with a sweater, t-shirt/shirt/blouse works well. It doesn 8767 t need to be full length, but it 8767 s nice if it is long enough to cover the pockets on a pair of pants or jeans. You don 8767 t want a heavy rain jacket or coat because Ireland 8767 s weather should be warm enough in September that you 8767 ll probably remove and replace layers several times during a day if it rains.

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