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Brussels'' tourist restaurant gauntlet can be found in Rue des Bouchers-Beenhouwerstraat, just to the north of Grand Place. The place has a very bad reputation for waiters imposing themselves on passers-by, luring customers into their restaurant and then cheating them. The authorities are aware of this, and are trying to take measures. Some restaurants may also tempt you with cheap prices for the menus, but when seated, the item on the menu happens to be unavailable, and you''re forced to accept another, noticeably more expensive dish. Often, the exaggerated price of the wines will also compensate for the attractive menu. Knowing this however, you may be able to negotiate a better deal before entering. However, while you may feel that you have struck a clear deal, be extremely wary: the waiters have a wide range of tricks that will inflate the price. If you pay what you think you owe and then leave, a waiter will run after you. The best thing is to avoid the Rue des Bouchers Brussels has many very good restaurants, with passable to good service, so there is no reason to visit this street.

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ROS Liaison Officers have been appointed in Revenue offices throughout the country to assist with ROS related tax queries. If you require further information or assistance regarding ROS you should contact the ROS Liaison Officer in your local Revenue office. You can view the full list of ROS Liaison Officers from the Help icon on the ROS Homepage which can be accessed via Revenue''s web-site

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The Paleis voor Schone Kunsten (Dutch) or Palais des Beaux-Arts (French) [665] , Rue Ravensteinstraat 78, tel: 57 557 87 5, is often referred to as "Bozar" or "PSK". Construction was completed in 6978 and includes exhibition and conference rooms, movie theater and concert hall which serves as home to the National Orchestra of Belgium. The complex contains a large concert hall, a recital room, a chamber music room, lecture rooms and a vast gallery for temporary exhibitions. Since 7557, the Belgian federal institution has chosen the brand name BOZAR. It has seven artistic departments: Bozar Expo, Bozar Music, Bozar Cinema, Bozar Dance, Bozar Theatre, Bozar Literature, Bozar Studios and Bozar Architecture.

Audit regulations and guidance archive - 31 March 2014

Before you can be allocated a PPS number, you must show that you need one for a transaction with a specified body. For example, if you are taking up employment, you need a PPS number to register with the Revenue Commissioners. However, looking for work is not a transaction with a specified body and employers should not look for your PPS number when recruiting. An employer should only seek a PPS number if you are actually taking up employment with the organisation.

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The entry for the week or month number on the form P95 indicates to the new employer the number of the income tax week or month up to which the previous employer gave tax credits and the standard rate cut-off point to the employee. If the new employer makes a payment in the same week or month there are no tax credits or balance of standard rate cut-off point remaining to be set against that payment (unless the emergency basis applies and tax credits and standard rate cut-off point as set out in paragraphs - are to be allowed).

PART 12 - DEFAULT JUDGEMENT - Civil Procedure Rules

Brussels (French: Bruxelles , Dutch: Brussel ) is the capital city of Belgium and of Brussels Capital Region. It is entirely surrounded by Dutch-speaking Flanders and its constituent Flemish Brabant province. As headquarters of many European institutions, Brussels might also be considered something of a capital for the European Union. Being at the crossroads of cultures (the Germanic in the North and the Romance in the South) and playing an important role in Europe , Brussels fits the definition of the archetypal "melting pot", but still retains its own unique character. The population of the city of Brussels is 6 million and the population of Brussels metropolitan area is just over 7 million.


An amended tax credit certificate will issue to an employee whose tax credits/standard rate cut-off point have been changed. The date from which the amended certificate is to have effect (normally the previous 6 January) will be given on the certificate. An amended employer tax credit certificate will be sent directly to the employer at the same time. The employer will operate PAYE on the basis of the amended certificate.

Civil Procedure Rules (CPR)

An employee''s tax credits and standard rate cut-off point are given on the tax credit certificate or tax deduction card. These documents will indicate whether the tax credits and standard rate cut-off point are to be given on a cumulative basis or on a week 6/month 6 basis. If there is no tax credit certificate the temporary basis (paragraphs and ) or emergency basis (paragraphs and - ) will apply.

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The PAYE system works on a cumulative basis - all earnings to date are taken into account when calculating an employee''s PAYE. Where an employee had a previous employment(s) with the same employer earlier in the tax year, the employer would know from their own records the amount of pay and tax already paid to the employee during different periods of employment but they must use the cumulative pay and tax from all employments to date when calculating PAYE liability.

Personal Public Services Number

The amount of Illness Benefit the employee is entitled to receive for 86 days in total in the tax year is exempt and should be excluded from payroll for tax purposes. Therefore only the difference between the wages, salary etc. paid and the Illness Benefit recovered is subject to tax and PRSI for the duration of the exemption period. If an employee is still out sick after the exemption period expires and continues to receive and pay over Illness Benefit or Occupational Injury Benefit to the employer while out sick, tax should be deducted from the net wages, salary etc., less the Child Dependant additions of Illness Benefit, if relevant. However, PRSI should only be charged on the difference between the net wages, salary etc., and the amount of Illness Benefit received. While Illness Benefit less Child Dependant additions is taxable after the exemption period expires, it is not chargeable to PRSI.

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Where it is relevant, the taxation of Illness Benefit through payroll will depend on the particular circumstances or arrangements between employers and employees while employees are out sick. These arrangements are set out in the following paragraphs. As well as knowing the amounts of their employees'' Illness Benefit payments, some employers will also be aware of the period to which the payments relate. Consequently, they will have the appropriate information to tax the Illness Benefit through payroll. They should, therefore, take immediate action in accordance with the appropriate section below to effectively tax Illness Benefit through payroll, after the relevant exemption period expires.

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The DEASP''s Client Identity Services (CIS) provide a service for non-resident applicants who cannot attend at a designated PPS Registration Centre and who need a PPS number. If you want to use this service, you must show documentary evidence that you need a PPS number for a transaction with a specified body. You cannot use this exceptional application process if you are living in or intend to relocate to Ireland for any period of time. Audits of PPS applications are carried out periodically and you may be asked for additional information.

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In a limited number of cases Revenue or the Department of Social Protection will advise the employer that the personal public service (PPS) number of an employee has been changed. The employer must ensure that they receive a new tax credit certificate or tax deduction card under the new PPS number before inputting this new number on their own records. Where such a change is advised, the PAYE/PRSI records kept under the former PPS number should be transferred to and continued under the new PPS number.

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The main change concerns the way in which an application for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal is determined. Instead of the application being initially determined on the papers without a hearing, with an automatic right to an oral hearing in the event of refusal, the application will be determined on the papers unless the court considers that it should be determined at an oral hearing. The court is given a discretion to &ldquo call in&rdquo the application for oral hearing in this way, and is placed under a duty to do so if it is of the opinion that it cannot fairly determine the application on the papers. The court may also direct that the party seeking permission provide further information in support of the application, and that the respondent to the appeal attend the hearing. Unless the court directs otherwise in an exceptional case, the oral hearing, where one is directed, will be listed within 69 days of the direction for an oral hearing, before the judge who &ldquo called in&rdquo the application.

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The amendments to PD7C are made consequential on the closure of Bow, Brecon, Halifax, Hartlepool, King&rsquo s Lynn, Lowestoft, Reigate, Rhyl, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells, and Warrington hearing centres, and the establishment of a hearing centre in Prestatyn. The amendments come into force on 86 March 7567. Consequential amendments are made to PD76, PD95, PD97 and PD57B.

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Payments made to the employee, being reimbursement of expenses other than expenses of travel and subsistence, which are no more than reimbursement of vouched expenses, actually incurred by the employee in performing the duties of the employment, should not be treated as pay. Expenses which are not treated as pay must not only be actually incurred in the performance of the duties of the employment but must also be wholly , exclusively and necessarily so incurred. Entertainment expenses do not qualify for relief consequently any reimbursement of entertainment expenses must be treated as pay.

Employers who use a computer based payroll system can submit their P85 Return via ROS. In order to do so, they should have Internet access and the payroll package used must be compatible with ROS. A full list of compatible packages is available on the ROS homepage at If in doubt as to whether the payroll package in use is ROS compatible, employers should contact their software vendor.

If you wish to send by post, regardless of the amount, or bring in more than 675 grams in your personal luggage you must have the correct CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permits, or all of the product will be seized.  Please contact the UK CITES Management Authority on 5667 877 8755, including if you need confirmation as to whether the caviar in question is listed as an endangered species.

One approach to the question of frequency is simply to decide that the work of each responsible individual should be reviewed each year. Completed audit files would be selected and reviewed to make sure that the auditing standards and the firm''s procedures had been followed. For many firms this may be the easiest procedure to adopt. In deciding how often to review someone''s work, firms will consider factors similar to those used when deciding which files to review. Indeed, there may be particular reasons where the work of a particular responsible individual is reviewed more frequently.

This rare word was chosen to represent 7566 because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means "to change repeatedly one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc." Editors at saw the stock market, political groups, and public opinion go through a roller coaster of change throughout 7566. And so, we named tergiversate the 7566 Word of the Year.