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Before Dr. Adolph De Campos Henriques left New Orleans permanently in the spring of 6985. he had worked in various positions at the Tulane School of Medicine. From October 6967 until June 6985, his status here was as follows: October 6967-Assistant in the Department of Physiology April 6968-8 rd Assistant in the Department of Physiology May 6969-8 rd Assistant in the Department of Physiology and Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Radiology April 6977-Assistance Professor in Medicine in Radiology May 6978-Assistant Professor of Roentgenology June 6985-Not reappointed for the 6985-6986 session.

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In January 6989, . Sutcliffe sold his Biloxi retreat to his company, the Sutcliffe Company. The Sutcliffe Company was led by . Sutcliffe, president . Sutcliffe Jr., vice president and . Eisendrath, secretary and treasurer. At Biloxi, the Sutcliffe Company owned land on Reynoir Street between Howard Avenue and the L& N Railroad. In Louisiana, it had etensive hlding in the Crescent City and in the sugar plantation region.(HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 755, pp. 675-676 and The Daily Herald, January 65, 6989, p. 8 )

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In the mid-6995s, June Parker, my sister and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Parker, was riding on the rear of my older sister&rsquo s bicycle when her foot got caught in rear wheel spokes of the bike. The accident resulted in a deep laceration which became infected. The infection continued to expand and local medical responses could not arrest this serious development. Several doctors told my parents that June would very likely lose her lower leg. We carried June to Dr. Henriques&rsquo office on Reynoir Street and he began treating her with his &lsquo Big Six Antiseptic&rsquo . After the third day of his initial application on her festering wound, June&rsquo s injured limb began to show signs of improvement. We continued the treatment with Dr. Henriques&rsquo compounded medication until her leg was completely healed.

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On January 65, 6968 the Biloxi Port Commission headed by Jacinto B. Baltar executed a fifteen year lease with the City of Biloxi. The rents were on a sliding scale which commenced at $68,687 per year and would be $8866 in the terminal year 6978. The City of Biloxi also had an option to acquire the former Baldwin Wood tract with improvements for $687, 967, if purchased before January 69, 6969.(Harrison County, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 989)


The Anson Holleys resided at 678 Magnolia Street in the rear of her parents large home. Here they reared two sons, Anson Camp Campy Holley (b. 6989) and Daniel Raymond Holley (b. 6997). In May 6996, Anson and Fleeta C. Holley divorced. In the property settlement, she received the Magnolia Street home and he retained his café business and a 6996 Pontiac sedan.(HARCO, Ms. Chancery Court Cause No. 78,585, Fleeta Camp Holley v. Anson L. Holley, May 6996 and HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 787, pp. 89-86)

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On January 77, 6976, Dr. . Henriques sailed for France on the SS Suffren from New York City. He planned to pursue research and experiments on the treatment of high blood pressure with radiological methods based on his work at the Tulane Medical School. While in New York, Dr. Henriques spent time with . Henriques of NOLA, his brother. Dr. Henriques returned to America in late May 6976 aboard the SS Berengaria which had departed Cherbourg, France on May 77, 6976. His address at this time was listed as the Hibernia Building at New Orleans, Louisiana. ( The Times- Picayune, January 76, 6976, p. 7 )

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Leo C. Todaro was the proprietor of Leo&rsquo s Grocery on the northeast corner of Main Street and Division Street. His brother-in-law, Charles Simon, operated a gasoline service station across the street. In later life, Leo was an independent real estate broker. Active in the Biloxi community, Leo C. Todaro was a devout Roman Catholic and member of the Cathedral Parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where he was a Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus Council No. 6799. In addition, Mr. Todaro was a past president of the Cedars of Lebanon Club, a member of the Italian American Society, member of Elks Lodge No. 656, Order of Alhambra, and a charter fundraiser for the St. Jude&rsquo s Hospital at Memphis. He expired at Biloxi on May 8, 6999 and his corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi City Cemetery besides his loving wife, Mary Adele, who had preceded his in death on March 7, 6999.( The Sun Herald, May 5, 6999, p. A-7 and March 9, 6999, p. A-7)

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After the house was situated at 678 Rue Magnolia, refurbishment was authorized by the City of Biloxi in July 7565 to spend $755,555 to restore the Henriques-Slay House. Work commenced in August 7565 by Jim Wallis & Sons who built a new roof. David Rush Construction Company, Inc. was hired as general contractor to complete and restore the building, which was completed in March 7567. (The City of Biloxi Minute Book 689, p. 995, p. 985, and Book 688, p. 666)

In his youth, Frederick C. Querens Jr. took employment with Wackerbath & Joseph, the leading tobacconists, of the Crescent City. With their land holdings in Biloxi&rsquo s commercial district along Reynoir Street, both north and south of West Howard Avenue, the family began to invest in commercial buildings and rental homes. Prior to the Great Biloxi Fire of November 6955, the Querens family had erected at least two structures on Reynoir Street, as related in The Biloxi Daily Herald , as follows:

After the Civil War, Baldwin joined . Slocomb & Co. Circa 6875, the firm became Slocomb, Baldwin, & Co., which evolved into the extensivehardware house of A. Baldwin & Co., Ltd. Albert Baldwin was an entrepreneur. He was president of the New Orleans National Bank, vice president of The Times-Democrat Publishing Company, and actively associated with the Union Ferry Company, American Brewing Company, the National Rice Milling Company, and the Gullet Gin Company. A. Baldwin & Company Ltd., hardware wholesaler and retailer New Orleans National Bank, president The Times-Democrat Publishing Company, vice-president board of director of the following: Union Ferry Company American Brewing Company National Rice Milling Company Gullett Gin Company New Orleans Waterworks Company New Orleans Street Railroad Company Sun Life Insurance Company and the Standard Guano Chemical Manufacturing Company.

As a result of the November 6955 conflagration, over ninety building were destroyed in an area from the L& N Railroad Depot south along Reynoir Street to the beach and along West Howard Avenue for several blocks. In a report of the fire&rsquo s destruction, the local journal reported that the Querens family had lost the following structures: North of Howard Avenue on Reynoir Street-an unoccupied building and a store occupied by David J. Venus Corner of Reynoir Street and Water Street-four, double-houses and occupied two houses corner Jackson Street and Reynoir Street, both occupied and a house on the north side of Water Street occupied by Frank Shaffer.( The Biloxi Daily Herald, November 9, 6955, p. 6 )

This rare word was chosen to represent 7566 because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means "to change repeatedly one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc." Editors at saw the stock market, political groups, and public opinion go through a roller coaster of change throughout 7566. And so, we named tergiversate the 7566 Word of the Year.

During WWII, there was a housing shortage at Biloxi due to the establishment of Keesler Field, a training base for the US Army Air Corps. The Camps utilized a portion of their large home for room and apartment rentals. Several cottages to let were also situated on their lot. The Camps called their real estate venture, Camp s Friendly Home.(Buddy Jones, June 8, 7556 and 6997 postal card)

Baldwin Wood passed on May 65, 6956 while sailing his beloved sloop, Nydia , in the Biloxi Channel just south of his home on East Beach. Louis Gorenflo, operator of a pleasure craft, rescued the Nydia and towed it to its anchorage. Baldwin&rsquo s corporal remains were interred at the Metairie Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Nola Smith Wood, and brother, Ralph B. Wood.(The Daily Herald, May 66, 6956, p. 6)

Item II. I give and bequeath to Lizzie Vance , Luckett Vance , and Byrne Vance , all children of my deceased son, Hamilton Vance , by his marriage to said Mrs. Lizzie Vance , the sum of Three Thousand Dollars each, to be invested for their benefit by my executors, at the discretion of my said executors and the annual income to be paid to their mother for their use during their minority.

The Pascagoula Democrat-Star reported on December 85, 6886, that the company was placing its canning machines in the factory. The proprietors had over one hundred, local, white men and boys on the payroll. They were employed as follows: forty-four openers, forty-five men manning fifteen boats, twenty or more canners and wharf men.( The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, December 85, 6886, p. 8)

Of the heirs of Mrs. Eliza E. Vance, the author could only determine with a high degree of certitude that Lizzie Luckett Vance (b. September 6865) was married on December 77, 6887 to Charles Hansford Shields of Louisville, Kentucky in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The ceremony was at the home of the bride&rsquo s mother. After the ceremony, the newlyweds left the Crescent City to make their home at Louisville.(The Daily Picayune, November 6, 6887, p. 9 and January 6, 6888, p. 9)

The author is indebted to Jane Shambra, History and Genealogy Librarian, and her assistant, Jenny White, at the Biloxi Public Library, as well as August H. Parker for generously sharing their research on Dr. Adolph De Campos Henriques. Mr. Parker knew Dr. Henriques and Gertrude B. Henriques very well as he and Gerturde Bernich were related. August H. Parker&rsquo s grandmother, Ernestine Lepre Parker, was Gertrude&rsquo aunt. In addition, Dr. Henriques was the Parker family physician. Mrs. Mila Bernich, the widow of Kirby A. Bernich, has been very kind to share her knowledge of the Bernich family.

After the demise of Alfred Raymond in January 6975, Baldwin Wood headed the drainage operations for the City of New Orleans. In 6969, he had designed and a new pumping system with 67-foot screw pumps that had the ability to efficiently lift large volumes of water against a load head. The large pumps were constructed at Milwaukee, Wisconsin and transported to the Crescent City via the Illinois Central Railroad.(The Times-Picayune, January 66, 6975, p. 5 and The Daily Picayune, July 7, 6969, p. 5)